Just checking in..

I've been out the majority of this weekend, so I just wanted to check in..

First, on Friday I fixed the RSS feeds, they should be working fine now..

Second, despite higher than average usage this weekend we managed to only have 1 CPU quota error since Friday at 2PM.. Looks like a few changes I made actually made a difference.. The one CPU quota error we did have occurred because of a backup I was doing while the site was running.. I also tracked down a pretty big cause of the CPU overhead, I will try to get that taken care of this week just in case.. Basically the code I wrote to insert date headers on the main page is wasting a good bit of CPU, so worse comes to worse we can loose the date headers and that will get rid of a lot of the CPU overhead..

I hope this week to get into researching an appropriate ratings/voting/user points/karma system.. Maybe I can get that done in a week or two if things go well.. Also, we have gotten an incredibly nice offer for a site theme redesign, and from what I have seen so far I am very very impressed. Hopefully we can unveil this in a month or so..

I've been having some serious back issues this weekend - probably from working on this site so much last week - so I may be in and out depending on how that goes..

And finally, I have had to back out of my plans to go to NYC this year.. I had been planning on going for several months, but I will not be able to, and unfortunately that is just the way it is.. If you are going and wouldn't mind being our eyes and ears please let me know, and I hugely apologize that we won't be there to grab any video footage this year..

In any event, I was out most of the weekend, but I will be back for this week until I head out of town next weekend yet again, luckily SBG and Reprehensor have been pulling their weight around here ;)

Best wishes..

welcome back

wish I could go to GZ

Seems very important...

"...ratings/voting/user points/karma system..."

....if there is anything I can do to help.... you'll let me know.

The karma points I most want to see, are for participants who consistently, or too often, fail to update, improve.... evolve essentially... their material and focus. They are doing the truth a disservice by innocent shortcoming, or malicious intent.

"Pretending to forget", or having such a limited capacity for natural memory, is an insidious handy-cap for truth. Those who haven't practiced and IMPROVED their memory... need to be told.

Those who habitually "forget", need to be pointed out as suspect.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.