Kentucky Plane Crash

I couldnt help noticing how cagey all the reports about the aircrash in Kentucky appeared. All I saw were some helicopter shots, which showed nothing but a bunch of trees. There were reports that the plane came down virtually intact. Others said that the "hot fires" caused the deaths. But the reports we saw here showed NO wreckage. Is this to become a common feature in US aircrashes?

Then yesterday two men with Black Boxes appeared on the tV - still no wreckage though.

Did anyone else notice anything strange?

There's no plane...

Most plane crashes that I've seen photo's of are a mess of tangled metal, strewn luggae and seats...Where is all of that stuff from this crash? Did they clean it up already?

No conspiracy....

In one of the CNN videos I watched this morning, there was a lot of wreckage. In fact, much of the plane was still intact.

YesI saw one story where they showed the burnt hulk of the plane

there was wreckage, just pics of it have been hard to find

Plane Crash

I don't think the plane crash site was even shown to the public until this morning?..I could be wrong but I wonder why everything is gathered and whisked away so quickly? It looks like propaganda leading into the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 to me. It does seem like the media wants to say that all planes disinegrate and disappear.
Question: Do we build planes that poorly that the whole thing disappears into thin air after a crash?


A Pilot for twenty years. Do this little test. Take a soda can. Drive your car down a highway and throw it into a tree. Then take the same can and put it into a bucket of Avaition fuel. Now see what happens..........Have you ever tried to stand on an empty soda can? Well I have. It will hold my weight and I am 225LBS. But when you touch the side, it will crush. That is called structure. That is where a plane is strong. Once you damage it with a tree, building, or the ground, you take away its strength. Put a few thousand pounds of AV-Gas on the thing and bingo.............NO Plane.

Do we build planes poorly...............Dude! Go back to high school....this time, listen in science class............

Before I forget.....Lets hope your dead Mother, Father, Sister or brothers body is not sitting in the wreckage of a plane with every news channel showing it to the world a thousand times a night..........You wonder why the authorities wont allow these news teams to show this..........It is called "RESPECT". But maby you dont have any for your family!

Oh, so theres NO Plane Fred?

Oh, so theres NO Plane Fred?

Thats what happened the "plane" at the Pentagon then. It burned up.

I guess thats what happened to the plane in Shanksville then - it burned up.

My dead mother has nothing to do with it you fucking moron.

Respect my ass!

Thanks for your comments

Thanks for your comments guys!