Mary Maxwell, 9/11 Truth Candidate

Republican Congressional Candidate, Author and Political Scientist, Dr. Mary Maxwell has responded to my earlier post

"I doubt that Sen Gregg actually said that. No New Hampshire Republican would take such a position against the Constitution. More likely, the words were supplied by the editor of The Union Leader (also known locally as The Management Follower). I believe many quotes in newspapers are written without benefit of a telephone call to the speaker. In any case I suspect that the episode of the professor would not have made the news (after all it is not an event) but for the fact that I am running for Congress here in New Hampshire, and on Thursday another paper came out with the jaw-dropper that I had labeled 9/11 a false flag operation. I am indeed proud of the Nashua Telegraph for letting me say my piece..."

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911 What we heard in Australia

Well when it happened we had heard one plane had been shot down and it toook along time for that story to be changed. Also how could a passport of one of the supposed pilots be found in perfect condition 2 streets from the trade centre after it fell? Sounds bullshit to me. You put enough bullshit on a tv for long enough and people of course start believing it.Makes you wonder about what was really going on and who was covering whose arse?