9/11 Reinvestigation Starts By Voting

We are not interested in electing officials of the Republican, Democrat or Independent Parties this November or in the future. None of that matters anymore. What matters is that we have the reinvestigation into the events and crimes of 9/11 and this starts by voting our conscious. We need to look at what elected officials in Congress are not pushing for the reinvestigation of 9/11 and vote against them to make examples in order to instill what ''We The People'' demand. We must restructure Congress with members who will represent the American people and not members who are invested in war defense and oil corporations.

The perfect example is Senator Hillary Clinton from New York who.....

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That would be

a fine idea IF we lived in a Democratic Republic still.

We are under the despotic rule of a half wit that believes his little invisible friend put him on the throne to rule the world.

Until electronic voting machines are all smashed to bits and replaced by paper ballots counted by hand then voting in this country is worthless.

So then...

the removal of Lieberman who supported the occupation of Iraq was the act of this invisible friend as well? We can't stop voting all together. Starting at the local levels on up. They can't fix EVERY election of every official. If this were to be then we would be wasting our time in EVERYTHING and crawling under our homes to remain in the fetal position.

The Removal of Lieberman: Little Friend?

Little Friend, Big Brother, whatever--yes.
That's strictly a set-up. Not some manifestation of the will of the people. It's all party politics, and he has clearly lost the support of his party. The people's opinion on that issue, as always, is just a by-product of whatever internecine struggles are going on behind the great velvet curtain of the Politics Show.

According to King George

twas Jaheeesuusahh that placed him on the throne not the American people.

Leiberman may or may not be removed just yet they still have one more chance to steal it.
No we cant stop voting altogether Im saying we need to stop the blatant election fraud so that we can vote and have them counted which in my view should also include abolishing the Electorial College.
The EC takes millions of votes and throws them in the trash and makes stealing elections just that much easier.
They dont have to fix every election, just the Presidential elections and just enough of the Congressional ones to remain in total power.