9/11 Truth + Environmental Awareness = Revolution

I am dismayed by what I see as a general lack of scope in the 9/11 movement, especially concerning environmental awareness. What is our movement more about, Truth or 9/11?

9/11 is not the end-all be-all issue and too many of us seem to get caught up in the intricacies of this one event. 9/11 Truth is a fascinating, revolutionary subject, but if it doesn't wake you up to examining larger truths and implications, it can become just another diversion.

I believe it is inevitable that the 9/11 Truth Movement will mature into a more general Truth Movement.

Deconstructing 9/11 and other deceptions (assassinations, etc.) are opportunities to wake up from a conditioned reality and start questioning things. The next steps are to figure out what's really going on in our world, get our priorities straight, and do something about it.

While Peak Oil may be a controversial topic within the movement, no rational person can deny that environmental degradation, global warming, and overpopulation are among the most critical challenges facing us as a species and planet.

I don't know about you, but to me the suicidal nature of the industrialized world economy (and the extent of the damage already done) is more shocking than the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. It is also a much bigger "deception" than 9/11.

Please check out TruthMove's page on "Mass Extinction" for a little reminder of what we've done to our world:

or see this story for another wake up call:

Now there's some truth for you! A little more important and thought provoking than "thermate" and "planehuggers," I'd say.

9/11 truthers are unique because of their passion and urgency, stemming from an awareness of how completely corrupt the government and media really are. This energy must be translated into a more general, popular context. The environment is the perfect avenue. If we bring together the immediacy/intensity of 9/11 and the scope of the environment, I think we have an unstoppable Truth Movement.

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I don't agree...

911 Truth is a subject of such vast complexity, that it needs an intense focus on it's own. Bringing in other matters will only muddy the waters at this point, and so lessen our effectiveness.

The revelation of 911 truth will not only expose
the true perpetrators of that horrific crime, but also open many sheeples' minds to the possibility we're being lied to in other areas as well.

ah, the old 'environmental' chesnut

Hey Delver,

The 'Environment' is a catch-all these days, what exactly do you mean by it?
The focus of 9/11 Truth is to uncover & expose the criminal forces at work at the higest levels of the corporate/military/industrial complex.
You imply that the 9/11 Truth movement is immature, by whose yardstick are you judging it - Democracy Now! ? Al Gore ?
Goodness me, it sure smells like it.
Here's a mature observation of whats going down - 9/11 Truth is, indeed, radical & potentially revolutionary precisely because it has exposed & proven the real politic behind state sponsored terror & the agenda that terror has set into motion.
The movement is, by its nature, non-organisational & grassroots & God help us all if 'Greenpeace' ever got their hands on it!
As for peak-oil & over-population. Peak Oil is yet another 'panic' being spread by the liberal media at the behest of the 'oiligarcy', as is the Malthussian 'too many of us' bullshit.
This beautiful planet we share is awash with oil fir at least another 200 years & the entire population of earth would fill the isle of Wight (UK) with everyone standing shoulder to shoulder.
But we'll promise to leave two spaces for you ;)

follow those links i listed

wow. this is exactly what i'm talking about.

did you follow those links? why don't you tell me about mass extinction and global warming? "panic"???

International Truth Movement

Following links = proof, a new scientific method is found !


911 Truth is about 9/11 truth.
Global warming is about ...(Global warming).
Yes you can argue that lies have led to both & that the same gang-at-the-top are responsible but that same gang will be delighted to have us all ranting about the melt at Antartica & voting for Ole Al! (he's one of 'em).
You are either hopelessly sincere or a disinfo agent & following links 'you' post proves nada.

please read my post again

and think a little harder.

International Truth Movement

Well now. It's about the

Well now.
It's about the 'hardness' of thought.
Not about the precision?
You know sir, Big Oil companies think long & hard about how to maximise profit.
Big Pharma, Big Arms, Big Media & Big Government do likewise.
The truth is, 'Peak Oil' is a classic problem-reaction-solution paradigm.
To the soft-thinking public - If we're runnning out of oil then invading countries to get theirs seems like not a bad idea.
To the same public, if the Globe is, indeed, warming then we need Big Government to solve it as we do not have the power or resources, & they're only too happy to oblige.
I submit to anyone reading this that focusing on 9/11 truth is the greatest lever we have to topple all the biggies. Big time!



I came into this blogger with a very similar notion. No one has told me to go away, but I have also modified my words to try and help 9/11 directly, BECAUSE I do see it as a keystone for unlocking a great many other things, before or after 9/11 truth anyway.

One such interest of mine, is the Arron Russo material which I have seen grow in popularity in tangential discussions.

The environment, on the same shelf in my mind like "peace for humanity".... are goals of undeniable importance to most thinking people.

What blocks the road between here and there.... is a mountain of corruption and war-mongering which must be dismantled on the road to sustainable environment with peace and relative calm breaking out on this planet.

Bang at the lies of 9/11. Enducate yourself and friends with the material in Russos' film (the ramifications will spread far beyond U.S. borders if non-Americans think they'll just get to watch the show from a safe distance)... and definitely, DEFINITELY think, write and talk about sustainable economies of consumption and recycle.

Resist the tempting allure of Al Gore.... a smooth and persuasive talker he may be.... but I won't be placing too many eggs in his basket.

I'm always interested in feed back for my own blog, maybe you'll stop by and be the first.

Take care....

BTW, I do like your site

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

We need a Firewall Amendment

We need a Firewall Amendment to the constitution, to remove the influence of out side organizations and individuals, restructure political fund raising, remove the FED, or nationalize it (that would piss off a lot of the people who are behind the scenes), demote the person hood of the corporations or elevate the rights of a natural person beyond that of the artificial person.

Once the influence and power is removed from government, then we can begin to rebuild this country.

thank you

It's good to hear some clear thinking!

Al Gore is no saviour, nor do I believe he's just another deceptive elitist and that his pet cause must be some giant diversion or "big lie." I'd much rather be fighting an Al Gore government than a Bill Frist or Arnold Schwarzenegger government!

Many 9/11 truthers seem unable to grasp that 9/11 isn't the ultimate issue, and we can't solve all our problems and "go back to our lives" by throwing the Bush admin in jail. 9/11 is a symptom of a corrupt system and a corrupt way of life, we're going to have to change this thing from the ground up, including how we fundamentally think and live our lives.

International Truth Movement

You make a mistake in thinking that's what we want.

9/11 may not be the ultimate issue, but I think a lot of us here see it as the "crux" issue. Its resolution will be much more complex than "throwing the Bush admin in jail." Substituting a Dem like Hillary for the current junta is not going to get us anywhere. Bringing the shadow "government" behind 9/11 to light will get us a lot farther.

i know i know

"throwing the bush admin in jail." was a simplification meant to demonstrate a point. i don't doubt than almost all truthers understand it's more complicated than that.

my point was more that people still seem to grasp onto the idea of a small band of "evildoers" who we can isolate and destroy in order to solve all our problems. i think we all need to think about what a just society would look like and how we are complicit in the current corrupt one.

9/11 and Truth in general are not just about expunging an external evil; they also about looking into and changing ourselves.

International Truth Movement

Meant to demonstate what

Meant to demonstate what point?
I see on your site that the Mass Extintion section references CNN.com as a source of truth.
Your site is the readers digest of truth sites.
All of the worlds problems cannot be solved by introspection.


If it's on CNN is must be disinfo! Great logic!

Ever heard of Paul Thompson?

International Truth Movement

Try not to put words in my

Try not to put words in my mouth.
You are singularly incapable of debating the issue.
So,for the very last time here it is -
9/11 truth is about uncovering, exposing &, most importantly, proving, objectively & dispassionately, the criminal military/corporate/government complex responsible for it.
It is not about -
A) Mass Extinction
B) Global Warming
C) Population Control
D) Self Introspection.
Those are Neo-Liberal Globalist Agendas.
You are one of them.
Take your misdirection elsewhere.


I for another, strongly feel that introspection will most certainly be a wise pause on our way to and at the truth. As was said above and I fully agree, We the People are not hold-harmless in this fix. We may not have tried to build this fix, but we've had a long time to see it coming and could have done more to prevent it.

Introspection, is not some wishy-washy new-ager silliness... it an admirable moment for one to take. George W. is know for his astonishing lack of empathy, most likely for refusing to critique himself..... all of us clearly haven't had an effect yet. He's likely to only respond when his balls are literally in a vice.

Turning our powers of observation, what we've been doing to the rest of the world, would be well served taking a moment or two considering our selves. I think that's where this post was going.... not down the road of Some Other New World Order.

Quite, point taken. However,

Quite, point taken.
However, self introspection as a political act, is not now, or ever, fundamentally how the world evolves or changes.
You & I are debating a point without knowledge of one another, nor how much you nor I know ourselves. That is unknowable, even to ourselves, as it is a subjective judgement.
This debate, however, is a constructive dialogue & therefore a social & political act. In the context of a wider movement.
In western liberal culture, the gratification (not knowledge) of self, is, (or perhaps was),given primacy above all else, this is a crisis quite apart from the 9/11 truth phenomenon.
The anti-war/establishment movement of the 60's was debased & castrated by the intelligence funded 'self-help group- therapy hippy' culture.
I guarantee you, if that is what takes over this movement, we are finished & the powers that be will have won having plyed us with therapy & medication.
9/11 is not a call to mass therapy, it is a call to arms & I for one will take as many of these creeps out before I go down.

Quite, counter-point taken.

I too would like to get my grapples around some neck.

I'd call it over too if made to suffer 'self-help group- therapy hippy' culture.

(this shouldn't read as a slander for hippies proper, you're cool.)

Hippies with side-arms...humm there's a thought.

Who was it who said

Who was it who said "the unexamined life is not worth living"?

Oh yeah, some hippie dude.

irreverance for bull-shit

Since he never blogged, let alone scribe, Socrates was credited by Plato for having walked that walk.

I'd say we should walk that walk too, but when it comes to the hemlock, throw it in their face.

Socrates final act, holds so much for humanity to grasp. His irreverence for bull-shit... is unmatched... and he offered us no need to repeat his last.

You seem incapable of grasping...

delver, you said: "Many 9/11 truthers seem unable to grasp that 9/11 isn't the ultimate issue, and we can't solve all our problems and "go back to our lives" by throwing the Bush admin in jail."

Frankly, delver, you're the one that doesn't seem to get the point. Laser like focus is required to expose the perpetrators of 9/11. Other individuals may rather focus on the other issues you mention. Let them. But to suggest we put a number of issues into one pot, and try to solve them as a group, is a distracting and damaging proposition.

I've seen little or no indication that many 9/11 truthers believe that exposing the crimes of 9/11 will save the world. But it is a key, if not the key, issue towards that end.


yeah, i miss the point by calling for people to examine scope and context. 9/11 is meaningless unless understood in relation to other events and concepts.

the movement will never succeed unless it learns to build alliances with more general progressive movements. the left itself has no hope unless it can unite around common values and concerns and leave behind isolated, issue-oriented activism. 9/11 is perhaps the keystone issue, but it must connect to other areas.

the 9/11 truth movement was the first "movement" i've ever been involved in. believe me, i've got love and dedication for this movement, and that's why i'm not afraid to call out its limitations.

there is room in the movement for some people to have "laser like focus" on solely the details of 9/11 and others to consider what "9/11 as an inside job" really means in a wider context(implications, related deceptions, conclusions, priorities).

9/11 truth is more about psychology, cultural corruption, and critical thinking than it is about 9/11 itself.

here, let me say something sacriligious: 9/11 is unimportant; what is important are the issues it raises.

there is a large demographic of people out there who will never be interested in the details of 9/11; they will need to be reached through more general communication and an appeal to values.

International Truth Movement

Delver, there is love in my

Delver, there is love in my heart also.
9/11 truth does not exist in a vacuum, nothing can, (except Dick Cheney, perhaps ;)
For this movement to succeed, we have to confront our enemies by directed energy, laser focus.
We may already be succeeding, as they maybe hesitating in pulling off another 9/11.
However, my guess (for what its worth), is that they probably will, & within Alex Jones's calendar, ie b4 October 25th.
This will achieve three things for them -
1/ The 'October Surprise', which will give credibility to their 'unprecedented' win at the mid-term elections despite all the polls, exit polls etc etc. (ie their going to steal the mid term election whatever happens, but, in as much as they give a shit, they need it to at least look credible).
2/ The copper-fastening of their destruction of the constitution, bill-of-rights & introduction of marshall law.
3 / The 'event' will be blamed on Iran, or proxies thereof (Hezballah), & the path to war will be set with a resulting wider world war, in all probability.
4 / 9/11 Truth will be spun by the corporate & liberal 'alternative' media as 'old news' aka JFK assassination.

So we will all witness another round of the puppets Bush/Blair/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove laughing & smirking & getting away with it.
Do not despair, we will prove that one to be state-sponsored as well, & we will prevail.

Once again, you misunderestimate

I think that here again you don't realize that many, many truthers put 9/11 in just such a context.

What you may be "wrong" about is your assertion that we need to build coalitions with other progressive groups. 9/11 Truth is unusual in that it calls for building coalitions with all sorts of groups, many of which would not want to be placed under the "progressive" umbrella. Not to mention the fact that many progressive groups have made it very clear they want nothing to do with 9/11 truth.

9/11 is not in itself unimportant, either. But then again, you and I may have very different opinions of just what 9/11 is/was.

delver, I think I see our

delver, I think I see our differences on this clearer now.

You want to start with the big picture, and narrow down to specifics. I am proposing that we start with a specific incident (911) and having exposed that, reveal the larger web of organized evil.

I maintain focus on 9/11 is the key. But as long as the job gets done, Godspeed to you and those who agree with your viewpoint.