Music Video: FluxRostrum - The Divide

Vlogger FluxRostrum has sent us an excellent 9/11 music video with some sweet beats and low-down truthiness. Check it out and pick up some positive inspiring vibes.


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Higher and lower resolution versions at his vlog; vlog

Ron Paul

A North American United Nations?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi


Ron Paul rules.

Ron Paul, the only

Ron Paul, the only republican that is in any way realistic. i wish he would wake up to the lies of 9/11 already, if any republican would, it would be him.

Malloy on RandiRhode time slot this week, call in take advantage

Mike Malloy is sitting in for Randi Rhodes this whole week. We need to flood his show with 9/11 calls. Since he is one of the bigger supporter in this issue on mainstream radio and I'm sure he would let you talk a bit. And Randi Rhode time slot reaches a lot more general listeners. We need to call in and give out good 9/11 truth infos and links. Forget about getting into details of each issue or try to debate, just point out all the obvious pointer that makes people think.

Randi Rhode show is live on 3pm-7pm ET daily.

and it repeat on this station from

6pm-10pm ET

One problem

When Mike gets into that time slot, he gets really tame and tells the callers to take it easy and remember that it's Randi's show and he will not be handling things like he does on his show. I heard him do this earlier this year and he was throwing softballs at guys, probably because the people he was interviewing would never come on his show. He didn't say these exact words, but I got the impression that things like 9/11 Truth were off limits for the time being.

Check this my friends:

Check this my friends:

New video by "pentagon strike" animator

check out the "false flag"

check out the "false flag" flashes during certain scenes; this video is hardcore.

One problem

We can't worry about that. If we don't try it, we won't know! We'll need to make intelligent conversations.

The most amazing truthiness video yet!!!

i liked it, its uo there with "Ministry - Lies Lies Lies"

Ministry rules.

Ministry rules.

Cool, dudes

The FluxRostrum piece is great (and I'm 58!).

Yes! Always like to see

Yes! Always like to see artist come out with 9/11 Truth..
I´ve wondered if Rage Against The Machine would have taken on the issue if they were still around. They were in my opinion the last truly "political" band that had a worldwide influence.. Nowadays it seems you got to dig deep in the underground to find people who have opinions and are not afraid to tell it like it is.

HipHop is the new Punk!

sad to say but i think rage

sad to say but i think rage against the machine is one of 'them'

a fake protest band secretly working for the beauracrats---

tom morello's new band plays gigs in cuba(!)
rage songs were about "no nations"and "going down rodeo with a shotgun" nothing

new world order wannabe shills disinfo crap

kind of excessive---like the michael moores of rock

no joy with them---but the idea seemed good

HAHAHA, your hilarious man.

HAHAHA, your hilarious man. yeah, Rage Against the Machine is bought and paid for by "the man". i usually agree with your posts but this is just laughable. tom morrellos new band is trash, and has nothing to do with the real mind and heart behind RATM, Zach Delarocha. it doesnt surprisme that they suck.Rage will always be the shit.

FluxRostrum - The Divide!

The FluxRostrum - The Divide video is basically 9/11 truth in a nutshell! Great stuff!