My religion is freedom, and a sovereigns' genuine commitment to intend no harm.

Why has it taken so long for pilots to speak? A simple question, with an old and almost forgotten answer.

A combination of two overarching things, one natural and one phenomena, might explain; We are 100 years past the first generation to personally conquer the air with exhilaration, as common place modern flight is now mostly that, dull and common.

The euphoria of those pioneering years is not totally lost, yet distant non-the-less. It can still be found in the moments of first solo, in clearing a mountain pass to expose the valley bellow and the setting Sun upon an ocean beyond, seen through towering colorful cumulous.

For fewer pilots still, but the most blessed yet.... an ascending barrel roll into ballistic spin, punching the cloud to the discountenance of all ATC, as recovery includes a celebratory loop.

The smallish percentage of most pilots today who get to exercise the extent of their wings through euphoric aerobatics... is miniscule by comparison to those first days... when most EVERY flight was an undeniable duel with death itself.

100 years now passé, leaves many pilots and even fewer new pilots to fully embody the life and death responsibility they ask for, and fully accept no matter the degree to which they comprehend.... in a way wholly irrespective the dynamics of a modern Federal Aviation Administration.

It is this later development, which grows in near perfect inverse proportion to the natural decline of spirit in the first. An Administration, with ever increasing mass which must always be left on the ground, but is ominously awaiting our return with every landing. More forms to fill and a thicker rule book to accompany every passing season. Those on the ground, endlessly complex-a-fying the simple realities of flight nearly forgotten to the "Heading-Hold" and "Auto-Land", yet inescapably in the modern rarity of engine-out, or elevator cable failure.

Pilots we may be called, but airborne book-keeping the "job" has largely become. A concept previously dominated by principals of self regulation, turned slowly into a bureaucracy of inevitable confusion and ever increasing blamelessness.

As the days and weeks following 9/11 presented pilots with few genuine disclosures and even fewer opportunities to examine the honest facts.... the choice for many was easy or simply made for them; The Administration would say to the public what happened as half/knowledge pilots provided enough internal debate to allow a cover-up to go unchallenged for many years.

The remedy, as seen by this author, exists only through the prerogative of those who accept the joys and inescapable responsibilities of driving through the air. Responsibilities which can only be eased by help from the ground, but never can be superseded by land-based directives nor its fancy badges and seals.

As a pilot, I affirm to my passengers a sincerer commitment to employ the best of my skills in returning them safely to ground, no matter the hold-harmless terms set forth in the fine print of todays' ticket sales. Yet I must ask my passengers to understand and accept with me, the insane joy and risk for taking to the air with unnatural wings of string, sticks, and cloth.

The regulations and safety measures being imposed these last five years, only represent control and limitations on freedom of movement through the small minds of domination. "For Your Safety", is the oldest and best protection racket con ever devised, if you didn't know.

This Administration, no matter it be by design or out-come, moves swiftly towards limiting freedom for all, and the inherent natural match of flight with a free humanity... thus was offered a major target to destroy on the road to subjugating the very spirit of freedom felt through fingers and toes, stick and rudder, and the wind in the hair of every willing passenger.

This freedom is not a gift from government, it is however unchecked-government which will always represent the greatest threat to it and us all.

Fuck you, George W. Bush..... every thing you represent, and every low thought played to by your handlers and handled kin.

Erin S. Myers
human, pilot, free

HG Wells?

Erin, when I read your writing about flying I always think about an HG Wells novel called When the Sleeper Awakes. In it, the hero wakes up after a coma of many years to find the world transformed into a standard-issue dystopia. He fights the Big Brother-like leader, but in addition to fighting he is desperate to learn the "new" science of flight and quickly masters the piloting of an "aeropile." In the end, his flying and his fighting merge into a single effort.

i just downloaded it from gutenberg


I haven't read it, but it does sound very appealing. I don't know if you meant to, but I delight in the idea that my writing could suggest any such thing, and would humbly accept that description to strive for.

I will not, can not, divorce my love of flying from a what I see as a natural and human right to do such things. I take this administration's clear attempt at intimidating people out of the sky through their fear mongering and selective air defense, as a personal attack on me as simple human with every free right to the sky.

Taking shoes off for them, is in my opinion nothing less than intentional humiliation. The promises that this serves any measurable level of security, is completely nullified by the rape of dignity for all. Add another to their list of crimes.

Taking to the sky filled with other pilots who fail to demand truth from administrators of aviation.... is a danger to me and my passengers I will not accept. Because the sky becomes filled with only those who "play along" with this charade, it works the very same as a foreign invader claiming dominance through air superiority. I can not see it any different. These are not friendly skys, it is enemy territory.... and intended to be so for people just like me.

I am convinced that all forms of travel, and especially the elegance and inspired nature of flight.... is one of the most powerful peace makers for humanity and this world. To trade this away for pretending that hiding under a bed and posting guards at the end of every driveway.... is a most asinine twist of logic, monumental waist of resource, and clearly the cause of vast quantities of more angst, confusion, hostility.... and more war.

The intended losers and winners in this set-up, are as distinct as night and day for anyone brave enough to open their eyes. The simplest of cons, and endlessly threatens doom for us all.

I can not accept. I will not accept. I will not relent. I will see them surrender to loving humanity, or die trying. I do not invoke images of violence, pain and death with any shortcoming of sobriety, but swinging from gallows may truly be the destiny of people who play such games with human dignity.

".....If there is a God", this agnostic says.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

More on Wells and planes

That's very cool. I hope you give it a try and if you get bogged down, skim to the second half, which is where a lot of the flying stuff is.

Wells was a very interesting (and not entirely savory) writer. Another of his works was made into the god-awful movie "The Shape of Things to Come." In that story, world war leads to a dark ages, until an international association of aeroplane pilots can assume their rightful place as leaders (and police) of the entire world. Wells obviously held the potential of human flight and its practitioners in the highest esteem!

He was also an ardent globalist, with a remarkable naivete about the potential pitfalls of a world government.

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Heavy... well at least that's one up on Wells.... no ist for me, just the globe in one piece thank you.