Pilots for 9/11 Truth - Flight 77 animation analysis

Further analysis of the puzzling NTSB Pentagon data available at Pilots for 9/11 Truth;

We have determined based on the Flight Data Recorder information that has been analyzed thus far provided by the NTSB, that it is impossible for this aircraft to have struck down the light poles.

We have an animation of the entire flight provided by the NTSB. I have sat through the whole flight from taxi out at Dulles... to the impact at the Pentagon in real time.

The screenshot below shows the very last frame of the recorded data. Its stops at 9:37:44 AM EDT (Official Impact Time is 09:37:45). You will notice in the right margin the altitude of the aircraft on the middle instrument. It shows 180 feet. This altitude has been determined to reflect Pressure altitude as set by 29.92 inHg on the Altimeter. The actual local pressure for DCA at impact time was 30.22 inHg. The error for this discrepancy is 300 feet. Meaning, the actual aircraft altitude was 300 feet higher than indicated at that moment in time. Which means aircraft altitude was 480 feet above sea level (MSL, 75 foot margin for error according to Federal Aviation Regulations). You can clearly see the highway in the below screenshot directly under the aircraft. The elevation for that highway is ~40 feet according to Google Earth. The light poles would have had to been 440 feet tall (+/- 75 feet) for this aircraft to bring them down. Which you can clearly see in the below picture, the aircraft is too high, even for the official released video of the 5 frames where you see something cross the Pentagon Lawn at level attitude. The 5 frames of video captured by the parking gate cam is in direct conflict with the Aircraft Flight Data Recorder information released by the NTSB. More information will be forthcoming as we come to our conclusions on each issue. We have contacted the NTSB regarding the conflict between the official story and the FDR. They refuse to comment...

Curioser, and curioser.

Pilots for 911 truth? Rock

Pilots for 911 truth? Rock on!

Do you actually believe it?

Do you think before accepting things?

Let me answer for you: a resounding "NO".

Poor JDX, wants to be a good

Poor JDX, wants to be a good pilot but he just piles it on with BS.

Must not be a current pilot with such dumb statements made in his junk video of dumb statements.

Lets just point at the runway from 7000 feet and do 25 degree approach, darn I do not care if it is 10 times greater than a normal descent gradient, I am the pilot, I am a pilot, I am the pilot!

He is nuts guys, just plain nuts. Hi JDX, how much of dolt are you really?

Thanks for posting that.

For anyone wishing to get a more comprehensive analysis of the altimeter settings.. please visit here...

You will have to register for the site in order to see this blog. It the Pilots for Truth Forum.

Also visit here for the Hijacker timeline according to the NTSB Flight Data Recorder.

pilots for 911 truth----ha

pilots for 911 truth----ha ha it's about freaking time

these guys could definitely make some definitive smoking gun statements and help out debunking.

Pilots For Truth

I only started "waking up" in May 2006. Just started Pilots For Truth last week. Give it time my friend. We'll have good information as already displayed.

Please visit the credentials page..

Thank you, johndoeXLC...

For your great contribution. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

but your pilots for truth

but your pilots for truth are the same old not telling the whole story

the FDR did not have all the data recorded, it is missing seconds

plus your video is full of doltish comments, like why did he turn to loose altitude? What a stupid question, make sure we do not fly with you who dives at 20 to 30 degrees to try to make a landing

Explain all the tech properties of the FDR before you start your conclusions of lies

once again no comment

It's not surprising that they comment on this, after all, what explanation could they offer for it? What we have here is another inexplicable anomaly about 9/11. To anyone who still believes the official story they need to realize the most damning thing about 9/11 itself has not been the work of conspiracy theorists but the fact that 5 years after the fact nothing is explained or makes any more sense than the day it happened.

To you flight experts I ask you to figure out what the trajectory is on the NTSB data and show if it was or wasn’t possible to hit the pentagon or what the actual trajectory should have looked like.

Another thing you have to wonder is why would they release data that contradicts itself, couldn’t they have forged better flight data? Or was this simply left at the pentagon to be discovered by unknowing groups like NTSB while someone else’s job was to leak some pentagon videos.

Pilots for truth

All I can say is -- about bloody time. I remember a couple of years ago members from another board trying to engage pilots on their own board - most were downright abusive when confronted with facts. Who can blame them? The first thing
the evil empire did after 9/11 was to hand the airlines a big fat check to offset their projected losses. They were quite happy to go along with this particular charade. IMO.

just curious

just curious, since it looks like it was not the plane that hit the light poles, does anybody have an opinion as to what might of?

An A3 SkyWarrior or something similar?

Perhaps an An A3 SkyWarrior or something similar? Especially if it were painted to look like American Airlines 77.


The screenname adoucette immediately comes to mind...

The best explanation I've

The best explanation I've seen so far is Eric Hufschmidt's idea that it was a global hawk drone fitted with a bunker-busting warhead. This would explain the lack of plane debris and the deep penetration. This would fit also to the fact that a single small engine fan that was found.

Probably nothing. of all

Probably nothing. of all the "Impact" sites on 9/11, the pentagon is literally in the backyard of those whom most likely played a significant part in its execution.

Remember, they were do

Remember, they were doing 'drills' of an airplane hitting the Pentagon that day. Any and all evidence of an airplane, including the famous sheet metal and knocked over light poles may have been part of the drill.

Pilots for truth...

Get your head out of the clouds, or recapture the spirit of it.

Thank you johndoeXLC, it's an unparalleled pleasure to have made your acquaintance.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth???

Welcome aboard!!!

"Remember, they were doing

"Remember, they were doing 'drills' of an airplane hitting the Pentagon that day. Any and all evidence of an airplane, including the famous sheet metal and knocked over light poles may have been part of the drill."

that would make sense. Are there any witnesses of a plane hitting the poles?


No wonder gullible suckers run this site. Sheesh.


"The mistaken belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies can undermine a well-established theory lies at the heart of all conspiratorial thinking (as well as creationism, Holocaust denial and the various crank theories of physics). All the "evidence" for a 9/11 conspiracy falls under the rubric of this fallacy. Such notions are easily refuted by noting that scientific theories are not built on single facts alone but on a convergence of evidence assembled from multiple lines of inquiry."

9/11 Denial explained


tell me something... how do they explain you?

Pilots For Truth Mission Statement on home page

please review...

"We do not offer theory or point blame. However, we are focused on determining the truth of that fateful day since the US Government doesnt seem to be very forthcoming with answering questions."

Pilots for 9/11 Truth only deal in the facts. We will offer opinion based on pure speculation, however, we do NOT corner ourselves with any theory. We ask questions and DEMAND answers based on the facts.

Not quite

They have ignore all the facts they don't like.

Typical 9/11 Denial explained

lol...So have you ...

lol...So have you ...

That very same article you

That very same article you use as evidence for your arguement is in direct conflict with the NIST report which says it wasnt in fact pancaking. So which is it? LOL this dude cant even decide which lie to argue for. Duh.

How about a scenario where

How about a scenario where Flight 77 DID do what is claimed it did, but, as the altimeter information provided above seems to indicate, overflew the Pentagon on approach to the NW/SE runway at the nearby airport, the start of which lies just 1.13 miles to the SE of the Pentagon.

The calculated height of 440 feet might be about the right height for an approach to a runway 1.13 miles away - a pilot might comment.

Then, at exactly the moment that Flight 77 was flying over the Pentagon, another plane, or missile, flying on a low flat trajectory hit the building causing the explosion that eye-witnesses understandably thought was caused by Flight 77 hitting the building.

This scenario could explain quite a few aspects of the observed experience.

I agree that we must base

I agree that we must base simply on fact and not speculate theories. When I debate or introduce people to 9-11 truth I always keep with facts, only recently have I included Controlled demolition in my arguement because of Jones actually being able to test steel, though I still keep it to a minimum.
However, I see no harm in diserning what may have hit those poles or other oddities.
Now if it was a military plane, I just don't see the people carrying out 9-11 taking the chance of downing the plane before it hits its main target (pentagon).
If it was a missile I would think, and I am certainly not an expert, that hitting the poles would cause a very low likelihood of the missile making it to the target.

I think that is a brilliant

I think that is a brilliant idea worthy of further investigation. I would add that they wouldn't have needed to land the plane, they may have flown over the Pentagon and then flown off somewhere else, possibly to ditch the plane in the sea, as some have suggested. The explosion from the impact of whatever it was that did hit the Pentagon would have created the diversion needed to mask the flight 77 fly-by.

That they don't release the remaining approach data makes no sense if 77 did hit the Pentagon. Further, if they had forged this flight data, they would have released data of the flight path through to impact and made it low enough to account for the damage to the poles.

Hard to believe they could have made such a blunder by releasing something they could have kept hidden since it challenges their position.


Notice how all "evidence" released is always tantalizingly incomplete - just enough info to cause more controversy and discussion. I think the whole point of this "data" ending at the point it does is to simply resurrect that "fly-by" scenario, wherein the "real" Flight 77 overflew the building. That was an early concept that had fallen into disuse the past few years.

Not that I put credence in any testimony that comes out of a town like Washington, DC, but I really think you'd have some eyewitnesses noticing a 757 powering back up and roaring off to continue it's trajectory if that happened. That's no simple feat in a large jet, and you'd introduce the danger of the plane ploughing into the Pentagon for real, closer to Rumsfeld's office.

Remember - all they have to do to make this go essentially nowhere is keep us debating the details. Bringing back the old fly-by thing just throws more crap on the pile.

tantalizingly incomplete

the old fly-by thing just throws more crap on the pile.

I sooner reject the FDR data outright on grounds of such a delayed release, long before trying to fit ideas on top of it.

does not challenge but the

does not challenge but the dolts who are missing the fact; not all the data was recorded, it was interrupted by a collision before it finished, the FDR did not finish recording data, you guys need an FDR expert before you act like lemmings and follow Alex Jones, Dr Thermite Jones or some pilots for 9/11 truth spouting more lies with incomplete data, and an incomplete rest of the story

take the tape and other evidence and you have it fitting in with everything

unless you believe countless people made up the DNA, the FDR found deep in the pentagon, etc, etc,

Does this mean you think this is overwhelming evidence?

Amazing how inconvenient evidence rules your lives. You will take this as reliable evidence that AA77 did NOT hit the Pentagon over all the other evidence that AA77 DID?


It just proves dozens of suckers are born every day.


Anonymous wrote: Amazing how inconvenient evidence rules your lives. You will take this as reliable evidence that AA77 did NOT hit the Pentagon over all the other evidence that AA77 DID?

No, this seems to prove that the trajectory of this aircraft was not sufficiently low enough to have knocked over the lamp posts. Therefore, either the NTSB data is totally wrong, or the govt is lying about it's explanation of what happened there. Therefore: one way or the other, the govt is lying. And that can only be because the truth is a large problem for them to have out there.

It just proves dozens of suckers are born every day.

The only 'suckers' involved here are those who continually dismiss this seemingly endless stream of contradictory data without the slightest thought to the implications involving it's govt's honesty. That's textbook suckerism.

But I agree - suckers are born every day. And that's the biggest reason that the govt continues to get away with false-flag attacks, decade after decade.


As the stories come out from the left and the right or even from the people that are in between. There are thousands of mothers children fighting a war that we must generate our energies to bringing them home to safe grounds. There are thousands of famlies caught in the cross fire of a war that does not belong to them. I'm glad with people who have extensive knowledge of this subject are stepping forward. It makes you seem a little less nuts when you ask the question why?

not a passenger jet at all?

is the any possibility this data is actually from a fighter aircraft and not a passenger airliner? because it seems to me,where the tape ends would be about where a missle would be fired at the pentagon right before the pilot would climbout? I am not a pilot and therefore am unfamiliar with data recorders on certain types of aircraft, so please dont ridicule if this seems like a dumb thought.

It doesn't matter

NOTHING should have hit the Pentagon and NOTHING would have unless someone in charge wanted it to.

Updated info on Jack Blood/Mike Chambers show

Please visit http://www.pilotsfor911truth.org/ for latest interviews. Downloads available on top of home page.

Questions for the not so

Questions for the not so truthful pilot for T on 9/11

FDR did not present any information on location, this is just the best fit video, or ?

Does the FDR present data on location?

Why are seconds missing on the FDR? And how many seconds are missing?

Gee, this guy was pointing –10 degrees in pitch on descent, he was going over 6000 feet per minute down, and only pulled 1.3 to 1.7 gs. Not very top gun like. Did you see his real bad turn, not stable at all. Looks exactly like a terrorist flying! You ain't pulling gs until you grunt up to 7.333 and hit your aircraft limit. Now do not try this is a 757, 7 gs will be the last thing you do as the wing go their merry way! Now you may get away with 4 gs, but the company is going to be upset!

As most real pilots know, any idiot can fly into a building, only CT pilots get lost in a paper sack or the traffic pattern (767 and 757 are real easy). Bet most of the pilots over at the truth sites are mentally challenged, cause they say you can't fly a plane, but then maybe they can not ride a bike.

Back to DATA. Could it be due to processing and compression of the data, that it had not been stored before the FDR and flight 77 with real people on board slammed into the Pentagon?

Before joining the idiots of 9/11 junk science and going off the deep end you should get the whole story. And you will not get it listening to anyone, who like the NAZIs call themselves with a name containing truth.

Faulty Government Reports

The US Government has issued numerous reports that have time and time again been proven to be misleading. How will we ever know if ANY of the information that they release is accurate.

I have listened (and downloaded) the telephone call to NTSB from what I heard the person who signed the report did not have the guts to say no, I won't sign it. I have to stand behind what I sign and I can't find any grounds to support that report.

Maybe they promised him a book in five years like the Chairman of the 9-11 Official Commission Report. BTW his son, who is also a Rebublican, is running as "an Independent Reformer" for the Republican party in next weeks Senetorial election for the State of New Jersey.
They condemmed a study that Princeton University, also in New Jersey, released that stated that the electronic voting booths are easily hackable.
The laughable FEMA report - and they were deployed to NYC on September 10, 2001 to take part in a large military exercise.
The NIST Report that took 5 years to complete and they still didn't get it right.

They should all be fired.

Could someone get me up to speed on this, please?

I'm familiar with the physical evidence, the pictures, what they do and don't show and a number of the theories put forth as to what hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

It always leads me back to the same question:

"If something other than flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, what happened to the 64 people who boarded that plane that day"?