Reynolds and Wood Reply to Jones

Disturbed about the content and quality of physicist Steven E. Jones' 9/11 work, Drs. Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood presented a critique. It covered ten major issues like demolition of WTC 7, demolitions of WTC 1&2, evidence for high-energy explosives, thermite, glowing aluminum, No Airliner Crash Theory (NACT instead of NPT) and other issues. Jones responded on two issues and Reynolds/Wood found it so unsatisfactory that they reply here, which incorporates Jones' response.

The above submission comes from Judy Wood.

This is likely to be the last in our coverage of this inner-fued due to an incredibly divisive email we have received regarding our coverage. Users who wish to continue to follow this spat are more than welcome to follow it on their own, or discuss further in their personal user blogs, but we will no longer treat this feud as news worthy of promoting to our front page.

"This is likely to be the last"

Let's fucking hope.

really. friggin traitors

really. friggin traitors should be ashamed of themselves.

incredibly divisive email

from who?

yeah, that's a good question

if that's the best way you can put it, 'incredibly divisive', it must have been something. has been has been using a shitload of stuff lately. does Alex or the Infowars crew have to ask permission or anything? how does that work? just wondering......

Do You...

Have examples?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

this is just one

Confessions of a Controlled Demolition Convert

9/11 Blogger / John Albanese | August 29 2006

Crisis In America

i've noticed how alex has

i've noticed how alex has been using a lot of 911 blogger stuff recently, it started with the showbiz tonight show on CNN. Ever since that very positive broadcast event the stars of that show; tarpley, alex, and 911blogger itself have appeared to join forces to some extent. Mentioning eachothers works frequently and never speaking badly about eachother.

i hope i don't sense a

i hope i don't sense a suggestion of conspiracy in your tone..

i personally have only talked to Alex Jones once for a matter of seconds when I saw him on a bus at the Chicago conference.

I'm glad he is picking up our articles, it makes me happy to see that they appreciate our postings here. We post links to their articles as we do with everything else, based on user submissions. If we post a lot of links to their work it is because their work is frequent and often submitted to us as news.

"i hope i don't sense a

"i hope i don't sense a suggestion of conspiracy in your tone.."

hehe, no i'm not *that* paranoid, i love alex jones

also..i didn't mean to imply

also..i didn't mean to imply the consistency between prison planet and 911blogger was intentional. The team up i am seeing could just be non conscious mutual ideology, which is a great thing. My 3 favorite 911 truth people arent fighting amongst eachother, and i am thankful for it.

sorry, im a bit defensive

sorry, im a bit defensive today, best wishes!

"sorry, im a bit defensive

"sorry, im a bit defensive today, best wishes!"

i don't blame you man, stuff is getting REALLY strange & intense in the 911 truth movement, tensions are high everywhere. I'd really like to hear more about this divisive e-mail you got. Would you mind telling us a little about it?

ps: i keep trying to register on the forums but the confirmation e-mail doesnt come through. sorry i keep shifting between anonymous/robbie, although most people here probably didnt notice.

contact me directly through

contact me directly through the 'contact us' link on the left panel.. ill make sure you get your login straight.

I met Alex on Saturday.

First time.

I asked him about ticket sales for the show, exchanged some small talk with him about the crowd etc., he said we're doing "good work" here...

And that was about it.

If you read the Reynolds/Woods 'paper'

You realize how absurd this thing is getting.

1) At one point Reynolds calls Jones 'retarded'.
2) Their reasoning that aluminum can't pierce steel is insane.
3) They show a picture of a bird going through a planes wing and then claim that this is proof that aluminum can't go through steel. By their reasoning birds are stronger than planes.
4) Oh yeah, and kinetic energy = mass * velocity (squared).
5) The timing of their press conference (Sept 6) is very very disturbing

I've never known what to think about Stephen Jones especially after he kept claiming that some woman sent him WTC steel and it contained evidence of thermate (absurdly flawed method).

This movement DOESN'T NEED scientists or leaders. We don't need scientists to tell us that WTC 7 was demolished. We don't need scientists to tell us NORAD stood down.

Everyone keep their cool and don't panic. If we do that, we lose.

my wood is wrapped in reynolds

i still want to see one of the "5 or 6 amateur videos" that support this absurd theory. there are amateur videos on google video with the planes just as they appeared on cnn, fox, nbc, etc. where are the videos judy and morgan? and is it five or six? this is bs, plain and simple.

Divisiveness is not needed...

Good idea about putting this story aside...

The majority of people really do not care about 9/11. People are moving on and carrying on with their lives, taking care of themselves, their loved ones, and their own well-being.

Sad to say but most Americans just aren't interested in 9/11. And, when ugly friction exists like this, it is even more of a turn-off for the masses.

I have to say I agree. After

I have to say I agree. After bashing my brains out for 4 years, passing out thousands of dvd's, spending god knows how much money to push this, the bottom line is that it will never amount to jack shit.

They won.

Even if they los and eventually, they will, it won't have anything to do with 911 truth.

I disagree completely with the quitters

Putting in all your effort & saying that you are going to quit now sounds very shilly to me. I just got a huge boost of inspiration watching Alex Jones’ “Terror Storm” free on Google video!

I got through half of it,

I got through half of it, and have a total dislike for Reynolds. He misquotes SJ, and then makes up a fairytale about the picture that SJ provides.
MR will never make any headways on this kind of thinking because under his logic, all evidence is doctored or atleast most pictures are. That kind of BS will get you nowhere, just make you look bad. I am not mad at Reynolds for asking questions, he is purely debating and asking questions that can never be answered. He intentionally asks questions and so many of them, that you would have to research a picture for months just to get to the bottom of it, and then he'll have more questions. It gets nowhere, and it seems like MR is not helping anyone, just casting a ton of useless doubt

Reynolds/Wood paper is a joke.

Judy, your last two "papers" written with Reynolds and regarding Jones are a joke. These papers of yours are anything but scientific, professional or even logical. After publishing this junk, you and Reynolds have just lost all credibility in my mind.

I agree, and I'm not looking

I agree, and I'm not looking forward to the subsequent paper that is going to put forward a new theory, called the No Airliner Theory, that CB_Brooklyn said is in the works.

the No Airliner Theory? LOL!

Is Nico going to be one of their expert researchers?

there is something wrong with them... really

Normal or stupid ppl don't behave like that.
Stupid ppl wouldn't craft their answers in a such way.
Normal ppl wouldn't write such rubbish at all,
they would go on with investigation.

Goverment insiders (but how?)... or they
had a chip implanted in their heads :-)

i hope

alex jones cuts morgan reynolds out of terrorstorm. Alex jones has remained relatively quiet about Morgan's recent plunge into psychosis. Although i have heard him indirectly attacking people like Nico on many ocassions, and calling the no-plane theories (including the pentagon one) a "honey-pot" by design

No plane at Pentagon is different from no planes @ WTC

Two very different animals. Please don't deliberately confuse them. Thank you.

Yeah definitely different

Yeah definitely different since there is video and eyewitness footage of the planes hitting the towers, as is not the case with the Pentagon.

Also, it is clear that SOMETHING hit the pentagon, it's just a question of what.

Disinfo agents

Are Dr. Woods and Reynolds seriously parading as Cold Fusion experts? Dr. Jones results in cold fusion have already been established by other experts in his own field. This is just plain white-wash.

I have read both of Dr. Woods and Reynolds papers and they are terrible and contribute nothing to finding the truth. They are just bent on trying to discredit Dr. Jones.

Most importantly however they know that if they tried to submit either of their papers to the Journal for 9/11 Studies they would get ripped to shreds. Thanks for nothing Dr. Woods and Reynolds.

You're not convincing anyone here.

Did to, did not, did to, did not, did to

Stop the bickering please...

DZ, I'm very glad to hear that you will no longer publish this spat between Jones and the 'tag-team' of Reynolds & Wood. You are right. This crap does NOT belong on the front pages of 911blogger.

This kind of divisiveness can only harm the entire 911 Truth Movement. If a person newly exposed to this kind of childish behavior comes here looking for 9/11 Truth, they will certainly leave thinking poorly of all involved in the search.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

After reading Wood/Reynolds

After reading Wood/Reynolds last reply above. They are completly discredited in my book.

I concur - that's it for me.

I concur - that's it for me. I'll be tuning them out forever now.

Reynolds is lying

Look folks, Reynolds is a Bush tool. How can we tell? Simple. First off, consider the tone of his screed against Jones. It sound's like some junior high girl's ripping up a romantic rival, not a scholarly paper. Jones does not in fact work bizarre religious beliefs into his presentations as Reynolds insinuates. Second, consider his going on and on about "high energy" explosives which apparently vaporized all the steel. Where oh where is all the steel? I guess Reynolds assumes everyone else who reads his stuff is completely stupid. Remember how the WTC buildings had many stories of parking deck below them? How about all the steel collapsing down into the basement structures? Note in how many different videos of the search and rescue phase it's almost all below street level. Third, consider the no planes theory. How many different pairs of eyes and cameras were focused on the towers after the first plane hit to catch the second plane hitting? There must have been some hundreds of thousands that saw the second plane.

Reynolds is trying to slow Jones down. He's also trying to advance the most absurd, easily debunked crap about 9/11 to taint everything else in the eyes of the science/academic community. I don't know what Wood's problem is but you can read the comments on this link to get some interesting perspective on her:

How Reynolds is even allowed to be a member of the Scholars is beyond me. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and it's easily proven.

resorting to insults

too right about the tone of these critiques. they accuse jones of being unethical and of useing 'mind control'? jones republished a letter in his response and they say 'this is not admissable in a court of law', was it supposed to be? i felt it was clearly presented spontaniously as an anicdote. they take issue with him providing links and calling his webpage a journal. what does that have to do with the price of biscuts on a tuesday?
is this truth seeking or slander?

All that needs to be shown

"consider his going on and on about "high energy" explosives which apparently vaporized all the steel."

To which you would only need to present these satellite images showing lengths of the WTC towers' central steel support columns atop -- and throughout -- the rubble of Ground Zero.

- Wide

- Closer

- Closest

But of course, don't show them to Reynolds, he would only say that they're fake LOL I meant, show them to anyone who attempts to pump Reynolds' "all central steel support columns vaporized" nonsense.

Wide shot is really interesting

WTF happened to the buildings between 1&2 and 7? Obviously they were hit by a lot of debris and burned. But what accounts for crater-like damage?

Well it is interesting.

Well it is interesting. There is what appears to be steel sections from the exterior wall of the North tower inside Building 6's crater. I would say that a significant chunk -- or portion -- of the North tower smashed through Building 6. What part exactly? no idea.

Some more zoomed pics from that large satellite image

- Crater > Close

- Crater > Closer

- Vesey Street in between Building 6 & 7

- WTC 7

- Building 5

- Steel Core Columns > Close with jumbo sized excavators showing how huge the steel was

I find this interesting to look at. On the left side of the picture, what appears to be a lot of steel sections from the eastside exterior wall of the South tower, stretched all the way to Church Street. Building 5 is the building to the far-right.

- Exterior Steel

The large picture is good for looking around Ground Zero from satellite because it's high-resolution. Approximately 9400x9400 pixels! It's a big file lol Like 14 mb. I don't remember where I downloaded it from. But if you want to download it, you can grab it from this upload site and look around for yourself. A word of warning, though. It's a LARGE file. So don't be surprised when it takes a few seconds to reload and start scrolling or zooming when you do stuff. And it's the first time that I've used Mega Upload to send files. So hopefully it works. The file is also clean on my computer.


I downloaded the huge pic. Unfortunately, my computer really does not like it. What do you view it in?

Thanks for the links!

Reply for casseia

Well, it's a .jpg or .jpeg image so basically any computer that is older than 1994 should be able to open it lol

With my computer's operating system, Mac OS X, the default image viewing program is called Preview. I could open the image in other applications, but all standard images open automatically in Preview, unless changed to open in a different application in that Information Box in the screen capture.

I have no idea what kind of computer or operating system you're using. I am going to guess that you're using Windows.

You could try changing the extenion in the files name, from .jpg or .jpeg, to .pdf or .png

PDF is pretty widely used also, so maybe if you change the extension to from .jpg to .pdf, it'll open in a default .pdf viewer your computer may use or have installed. If you don't have any PDF reading file installed for looking at PDF images or documents, you can download a free version from Adobe.

But the .jpg version should have opened fine. What do you normally view images downloaded to your computer with? Like if you are looking at a picture online with a web browser, and you right-click-save an image to your computer, what do you normally use to view it?

Maybe your computer doesn't like the pic because of its LARGE size. My computer is pretty fast but even it starts out slowly with the pic because of its size.

And you're welcome.

do we have to agree on everything?

we can all work together without having a party line to tow. anyone who wants to find out the truth about 9/11 should be welcome in the movement, thats what its all about. beware of anyone saying they KNOW the truth, and anyone accuseing others of being an agent. why fight about details when all we do KNOW is that it was a set up, and thats whats important. if steven jones thinks he might be able to prove that thermate was used, then he should stay focused on that. dont bother with bickering, we're on the move...

well said

Cut the crap.

They can extend a hand to shake, or leave the stage.

I have no vested interest in

I have no vested interest in any of the players in this battle, but Reynolds and Wood come off badly - personally insulting Jones many times while parsing sentences and whining. They're sounding like a couple of assholes, and I'm glad you're leaving the pissing match to them.

And, personally, the NPT sounds ridiculous and pointless. Why take the chance with pulling off no planes over Manhattan during morning rush hour, especially after the first impact while the whole friggin world is watching?? Occam's Razor tell me they go with simple, existing remote control technology.

No planes @ WTC is ridiculous, pointless & risky

And, personally, the NPT sounds ridiculous and pointless. Why take the chance with pulling off no planes over Manhattan during morning rush hour, especially after the first impact while the whole friggin world is watching?? Occam's Razor tell me they go with simple, existing remote control technology.

Exactly!!! Either remote control the airliners or swapped drones. Either way is far, far less risky that "cartoon" planes!

DZ for the sake of being balanced on this

It's gone




if jones does a final response you that should be the last post on it, as you can't let an attack go unchallenged, IMHO.

Sure Ya Can...

Just walk away, and continue working. I do it all the time.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Until your paper comes out, please STFU

The response from Morgan and Woods, which I unhappily slogged through, is transparent, ad hominem crap.

These two are on a mission to subvert the efforts of the 9/11 movement.

Thumbs down to Reynolds/Wood

Any supposed truthers who go out of their way to bash someone like Dr. Jones is extremely suspect. Add to this the fact that they also promote cartoon planes at the WTC, and it's a no brainer who the frauds are.


People NEED to go to that Nattional Press Club meeting and protest these asses.

Doubt Casters

It seems clear Reynolds & Wood are doing nothing more than casting doubt on the entire 9/11 truth movement by insinuating there is division in the 9/11 Truth community with the creation of false debates.

It is their intention, as they draw Steven Jones into their debate, to make him look equally involved in the divisive argument while they make underlying cheap shots and subversive character assassinations.

These two even go so far as to question the professor's intentions when Jones has been nothing but polite in his responses.

Very imcompetent or corrupt behavior.

Quotefrom Student

But Woods...

"Like others said, she had good intentions and when she wasn't trying to convince us Bush blew up the WTC she was actually nice, but she wasn't a great teacher."

From above link to her college.

Two issues with Woods:

She is spending time in the classroom with this issue. GOOD, right?

The student seems unconvinced. Are the college crowds "tuning out" to this?? BAD, right?


There is going around poeple that claim to be part of the truth movement, and distracting by making us distrust Jones and the site and Alex Jone for example.
Look this is all that join claims of the fall of the twin towers:
I've seen many David Ray grifin documentaries
Judge griffin for yourself in that video, ive seen wild claims that grifin, Steven jones is misleading the truth movement, when they have focused on the points that have been ommited on the official truth, they have been wild claims that those authors have spoken things that are out of norm.
Please do not waste your time in the disinfo that is being thrown out at this moment.
I say that we really dont know how the towers came down. We know for sure that they didn't come down because of the planes(wheter it was hit or not hit by any planes) why waste our time argueing about no planes.
We are wasting to much time about Profesor Jones and Grifin, when they all have lay out what has been omitted by the commision report. Jones suggest that thermite might have been used, but not by itself as other types of explosives might have been used along with what profesor Jones suggest.
Lets focus on the facts that according to the structural design of the towers and the steel graded to resist fires of 2000F for 6 hours, therefore making it a silly idea that 50 minutes to 1 hour of jet fuel fire, which by the way burned in the fireballs of the impacts that couldn't have weaken the steel. We dont really know what kind of method of wiring(wired or wireless), or what kind of explosive was used, But we certainly know that fire and the planes crashing couldn't have made the towers collapse in around 10 seconds.
The tapes that never where realase around the pentagon. We only got 5 frames of video at 1 frame per second. Give me a break a 20 dollar webcam that I bought films video at 30 FPS, i dont believe that the most protected building in the world had cheaper camaras than that.
Lets focus in the removal of evidence and the complete denial of the attacks, which shows clear negligence by the bush administration, like when they come in public and state that they had no idea they would use hijack planes to attack us, when there is clear proof they had knownledge that those kinds of attack might happen.
Lets focus on how they rushed to claim to know the identities of the hijackers, when they dont even have the DNA from where to match it. Lets focus on the lie from where they assured us that Bin Laden was the mastermind of 911 when not even the website charge him with the 911 crime. When they never has given us proof that al qaeda
was behind the attacks, all those boldface lies, that launch us into 2 wars, the deaths of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Iraq and afganistan, all because of faulty inteligence, but rather more like deliverate actions of letting a terrorist attack happen or even worst making it happen, would launch the country in total confusion, so they could launch they agenda that included the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security and the invasion of Afganistan, Iraq and probably Iran.
All those facts of negligence are just enough to Impeach and Jailed them for treason and negligency by acting withouth concrete proof. Such grave errors are not to be allowed by the United States and so we should protect our constitution and get competent leaders in our government by removing the failure of Administration we have now.
There is no proof that Bin Laden did it, but they claim with certainty that he did, they claim al qaeda did it, the cannot prove it, they cannot find traces of any terrorist cells that could have sponsor the would be hijackers, other than thier claims that have so far been lies or so they blame on faulty inteligence.
If there was no proof that Afganistan and Iraq did it therefore the Bush Administration entered us into 2 illigal wars
I agree that Afganistan and Iraq had terrorist that hated us and our freedoms, and sooner or later we had to take them out like we already did but with solid proof and not paranoid beliefs like the Bush administration, but what angers me are the lies that made us enter those wars. What I despise about all this is the sacrifice of more than 3000 thousand people that the bush administration used to enter a war for Oil and not for freedoms.

Gustavo, To your comments

Gustavo, To your comments regarding the FPS of your webcam vs the FPS of the images captured on 9/11 of the pentagon,

have you ever realized how much it costs in data storage for a camera running 24/7 survelliance over a building vs a person running his webcam for 20 minutes while he jacks off to some hermaphrodite he's looking at on Yahoo chat?

Think about that.

Woods and Reynolds have been

Woods and Reynolds have been removed from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth members page...


reynolds & wood withdrew from st911 - they weren't removed. they aren't the only ones either.
it doesn't seem to be much of a feud between them and jones really, but all 3 are 9/11 illuminaries and it would be a shame if 9/11blogger failed to keep on that until it's played out - the divisiveness amongst bloggers is a minor thing in the scheme of things.