The Truth about Jonathon Moseley-My Article on

Want to know who this evasive character who attacked Professor Steve Jones, Professor Emeritus Fetzer, and Scholars For 911 Truth really is? I researched for a week after he posted that hit piece on World Net Daily. Check my article on

I've learned even more about him since this article posted, but check this for starters. I'll post more info later in this blog.

GREAT job. i love when these

GREAT job. i love when these cowards get exposed. sounds like CIA to me........

Holy flippin' cow!

So now we know, good job Deb.

Nice work....

However, one thing in particular stood out in my mind and that is this quote: "Our Constitution, which establishes us as a sovereign and independent nation grants every citizen individual rights and liberties and freedoms and our rights stand and cannot be infringed upon no matter what is going on in the rest of the world and no matter who or where our enemies are." (emphasis added)

I now refer to the Declaration of Independence, our most precious of founding documents when it says:

"WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness- That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed...." (emphasis added)

The idea that our rights come from our creator was a new one in history and a very important to understand. If our rights come from a man, or a piece of paper, or a government, they can then be taken away for whatever reasons, in this case to protect us. The Declaration of Independence then goes on to define governments job, which is to protect our rights! Rights that come from a creator, are not subject to to the whim of any man, and are therefore innate in all of us.

While some may regard this as "nit-picking", I submit that this idea has been programmed into all of us through the use of semantic deception which would erase this idea from the minds of Americans. God given rights are a big stumbling block to the powers that be and must be eliminated in their minds in order to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These important pieces of paper merely enumerate our rights for the rest of the world to see, but do not "grant" us our rights.

Before we can defend our rights, we must first understand where these rights come from, and in the minds of our founding fathers, that source is certainly not a piece of paper.

Thanks for your work here Deborah!


I realize that

Forgive my incorrect syntax here by cutting-corners in phrasing so to speak, I absolutely realize that these rights are God-given. I have not been programmed into thinking that a piece of paper actually grants us these rights, I realize that it really only reiterates what God has already granted us. I was mainly trying to make the point that Moseley totally disregards the Constitution in general and I was cutting some corners in some paragraphs toward the end of the article because it was getting very long, but I realize now I shouldn't have left that point out.

I actually have been studying Moseley's emails and posts to a great extent and I have come to the conclusion that he is some sort of mind-bender trained in psy-ops. His whole show of acting like an idiot teenager with a high squeeky voice and immature blogging and debating style seems to be all part of some disarming technique to confuse people into underestimating him so he can hide his true devious nature. He uses very calculated false logic techniques to instill incorrect and faulty reasoning patterns into the thought processes of unsuspecting persons. The goal appears that through the use repetitive statements using incorrect, confusing (but not to me) logic techniques along with coercive and bizzarre grammar, font styles, bolding, spaces between every line, writing certain words in all caps, etc, to try convince a person that they actually believe something they don't, or that they actually said something they didn't, or that something doesn't exist that does, or that something exists that doesn't. These are typical, time-tested, textbook-style mind bending, mind controlling psy-op techniques that have been used for a long time by various cults and secretive military ops over the decades and longer. As a mathematician and logician, I have been presented with the study of these techniques in certain courses for the purpose of debunking them as an exercise, and I recognize these techniques when I see them and I know how to refute them.

In particular it has become evident that the way he always trys to twist constitutional arguments and tie it into foreign policy that he is actually trying to convince people in some round-about way that our sovereignty does not exist and that our God-given rights as stated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independance don't exist, and to actually try to remove those concepts from our normal brain reasoning processes and replace those fundamentals with false logic instead. I believe it is all part of some grand scheme to passively coerce and trick the public into accepting regional and ultimately global government by getting people to believe that we're not sovereign, and perhaps never really were. The globalists are realizing that their technique of "scaring" people into giving up their rights and sovereignty by false-flag terror attacks isn't working anymore because we are on to that scam. So they are taking it to a more subtle psy-op level now. I strongly urge everyone to stay away from any media this man disseminates from his "death media" websites. He admits his media is death media. What more proof can anyone want?

He actually said toward the end of the debate with Alex Jones and Dr. Steven Jones that if someone recites the preamble of the Declaration of Independance that that equals calling for violent revolution against the current government. This man is trying to convince everyone that if you believe in the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution that you are a terrorist,and treasonous, and that you wish to leave your country defenseless if you don't support "Bush's" foreign policy, which I believe is actually formulated by the Center For Security Policy and the Council on Foreign Relations.

This guy is a very dangerous person, and I'm not exaggerating. His emails to me have been extremely deadly psychopathic and threatening. I didn't want to push this point too much in the article because I didn't want to sound sensationalist, but it is true. He may very well try to hurt me or worse for telling the truth about him, but I have to stand up for my God and my country.


Correction to my last post. In the 4th paragraph I meant the debate between Moseley, Alex Jones, and Dr. Fetzer.

Very Interesting Psy-Op Deconstruction

Deborah, your analysis of this guy's technique is at least as interesting than the substance of your article at st911. Thanks.

Here's some more info on Moseley:

Mr. Moseley has apparently called for more fear-based American intervention in foreign affairs by his novel "Cold Peace". According to the, warns that "many dangers that America is ignoring may erupt to drastically change our world. Cold Peace dramatically illustrates what our future could be." This appears to be a call for more American intervention in foreign affairs overseas.

Mr. Moseley has expressed great concern over needing the Patriot Act, and one of the main services his company Transguard provides is keeping other companies in the gem and jewelry industry compliant to the Patriot Act. In addition to all the other information in my article, the concern he expressed over the severe economic problems in Latvia in the same 1995 email to Senator Connie Mack mentioned in my article as well as his donation of a website promoting tourism in Latvia , as well as teaching business in Eastern Europe for the management and marketing consultant firm, International Trendsetters, whose offices are in Riga, Latvia and St. Petersburg, Russia, tends to lead one to question where this man's loyalties really stand.