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Folly: Defect of Understanding.


Despite the Propaganda, proof of demolitions of the Towers on 9/11 does not require specialized knowledge, nor proof (or attempted disproof) argued from authority, but is overwhelming.

What can expose the all-pervasive, widespread and shocking folly of the Public and Society, as can Morgan Reynolds latest writing?

I am, for the most part, ignoring Reynolds' Jones discussion, but am just happy that, in outing the problems with Jones, Reynolds has found the opportunity to detail a wonderful summary of the issue, with pictures.

Folly: Who is worse?

The public, media personalities, left writers, right writers, all of those who scoff at "those wacky conspiracy theorists" and buy the official story, even to the point of vehemently defending it.

Or the stupid perps themselves, to waste their lives contriving such evil? To what purpose?

And a normal person can only guess at their motivation. But someone who thinks about it, and studies it, can only contemplate the infinity of a fool. At least with those who are simply deliberately harmful, there is an end to it somewhere. But with foolishness, it just looks to be infinite, when you contemplate these bastards.

You can find Reynolds' complete article here:

Morgan Reynolds'
The trouble with Steven Jones' 9/11 research

Also worth looking to for more discussion of the logic of the previous and easily visible proofs of demolition:

Gerard Holmgren's

on Steven Jones and the already existing, pre-2006 proofs of controlled demolition.

All below was cribbed entirely from Morgan Reynolds.

According to Steven Jones, none of the 16 points below prove demolition (however, perhaps some of them he is not aware of -ed.).

Jones has stated that demolition of the Towers was only proved to him by his own experiment, which purportedly found thermite/thermate residue on a metal sample from the site. All other evidence he wrote about in his 35 page paper, (which includes other perfect air-tight evidences, not listed below -ed.) only complimented Jones' definitive proof, but did not, in themselves, prove demolition.

All these points below, we can infer, according to him, didn't add up to proof:

1. Disintegration of 99% of concrete into ultra-fine dust (50% of particles under 100 microns in samples from three locations, Dr. Thomas Cahill and his group measured concentrations of particles in ranges from 0.09 to 2.5 microns).

2. Superheated steels ablating-vaporizing continuously as they fall-as seen in video clips of the towers collapsing. This requires uniform temperatures roughly twice that of thermate (see Figure 17a below).

3. The North Tower spire stood for 20-30 seconds, evaporated, went down, and turned to steel dust.

4. 330-ton section of outer wall columns ripped off side of tower.

5. Sharp spikes of Richter 2.1 and 2.3 in seismograph readings occurred at the START of both tower collapses. Short duration and high power indicate explosive event, as illustrated by the audio track recorded in Rick Seigel video, 911EYEWITNESS. The abrupt cessation of movement implies no collapse but sudden termination of shifting of debris.

6. Electrical outage over a wide area with repairs taking over three months, suggesting EM pulses.

7. Fires took 100 days to extinguish despite continuous spraying of water and huge rainstorms.

8. Brown shades of color in the air suggest sulfuric acid. Air had pH levels of 12 of a maximum 14. TV and documentary footage changed the color balance to blue to disguise this fact according to Rick Siegel, indicating complicity in the cover-up.

(The explosion plume bears an eerie resemblence to that of a nuclear blast in Nevada.

There are reputedly exotic weapons which do not carry the long-term radioactive effects of a fisson nuclear explosion, but do leave residue of tritium. Tritium was found at the site. And where does that come from?)

9. Elevated tritium levels measured in the WTC area, according to Siegel, but not elsewhere in New York.

10. Pyroclastic flow observed in concrete-based clouds must have resulted from explosives, not thermite. Huge expanding dust clouds multiples times the volume of the building, indicating extreme levels of heat in excess of traditional demolition explosives.

11. Some rescue workers and 14 rescue dogs died too soon afterward to be attributed to asbestos or dust toxins.

12. Decontamination procedures used at Ground Zero (hi-pressure water spraying) continuously for all steel removed from site. Constant scrubbing of the site made it look like it was clean enough to eat off of. Officials plainly did not want any outsider to find something.

13. No bodies, furniture or computers found in the rubble, but intact sheets of paper littered the dust-covered streets. Material with significant mass may have absorbed energy and were vaporized while paper did not.

14. 200,000 gallon sprinkler and water supply systems were in WTC1 and WTC2, but there was no water in the ruins.

15. Many cars and trucks exploded around the WTC and caused burned out wrecks that were not hit by debris. A group of police cars on the FDR Drive had parts roasted. EM pulses may have caused electrical components to explode and burn vehicles far from the WTC site (see Figure 4 above).

In closing,

If the buildings "pancaked," the rubble should've look like this:

or like this:


Open mind

Your post is persuasive and open, I especially appreciate your caution for people to not discount "unbelievably" strange and exotic weapons. Radar stealth, a basic form of fantasy startrek "cloaking", is 40 years OLD. Hand-waving image projection, optical illusions, crowd-whisperers.... high energy blasts which tap deep into to the power of nuclear bonds, to destroy them while emitting few of the "known" radio active signatures.... 2 Trillion dollars (how did KAF say it?) lost.

People.... especially the good people who have the most difficulty understanding (comprehending by any means) the depravity that other people can sink to.... We are fighting for our lives. We need the good people, the largest majority EVER... to understand, to understand the depravity currently running unchecked by your own lack of action.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Several of these points untrue

The case for demolitions is not helped by advancing untruth on the details.

1) 99% of the concrete disintegrated? Who measured this? This is a myth. There were concrete fragments all over the site. 99% of the concrete would have produced a dust cloud many times the size observed. (The actual cloud was comparable given the relative proportions, if by a small round factor larger, to the dust clouds produced by conventional demolitions of other buildings). Large masses of concrete (and all other materials) were in fact compressed into "composite", rather than disintegrated. And loads of still-identifiable concrete was recovered at the site.

2) Is the one immediately below this text "Figure 17 a"? What is the proof that the sparks coming out of the building constitute melting or even evaporating steel?! This could be other material on fire. And I see nothing "melting," I see large sparks or heated material flying out in a very limited area, and it could be PVC for all anyone knows.

3) The pictures do not show the spire - the left-over core columns of the North Tower still standing after the rest has collapsed - "evaporating"! It collapses, with dust coming off it as it does.

4) Where is this 330-ton section?

5) All footage shows collapse initiation at impact zone, far above earth. Supposed underground explosions look like smoke from fires below. Supposed detonations as recorded in Hoboken sound just like wind hitting a video camera microphone. Seismic "spike" at beginning not as pronounced as spikes at end. Consistent with entire tower vibrating as collapse initiates from impact zone.

6) Electrical outage requiring months to repair likely thanks to destruction of large Con Ed transformer (mini power plant) at WTC 7.

7) Underground fires could have begun after collapse due to pooling of liquid flammable material under pressure; with tunnels feeding in oxygen. Could also be caused by steel and other material still smoking from use of explosives. Proves nothing "nuclear."

8) Brown shades of dust could suggest anything, including brown shade of material having been turned to dust. Ludicrous argument.

"Eerie resemblance" to nuclear mushroom cloud meaningless. Plumes of tower clearly being spewed out from within tower.

Why introduce hypothetical exotic weapons into this discussion at all? Standard explosives can produce same effects?

9) Where are Siegel's measurements of elevated tritium levels? How was fusion induced without fission reaction (and resultant radioactive debris)?

10) Yes, pyroclastic flows indicate explosives. There are also thermite-based explosives. Ergo can go either way.

11) What is "too soon" to be attributed to breathing in toxins? Some people have more radical and immediate reactions than others. Exposure to toxins can exacerbate pre-existing conditions. At any rate, even if this were an argument against death from breathing toxins, it is not an argument for death from radiation sickness!

12) Show me that any non-heated steel was being doused under high-pressure water as in a decontamination procedure. Show me that this mirrors decontamination procedures for radioactivity. Where did the water end up?

13) Based on pure fabrication or out-of-context quotes. Bodies, furniture, computer parts, body parts were found from the beginning... and are still being found.

14) Interesting. Still, water would have flowed away fastest once fallen in the pit. Would have evaporated faster from fire.

15) Show me locations of these cars in the pictures. Were they not hit by rubble or burning material? Do the pictures show the cars in their original positions, or after being towed to a lot?

The two typical "pancake" pictures (both obviously of the same building) show a structure that had stood 6-10 stories high, and in which each concrete floor was a structural element holding up the mass above. The Trade Towers were 110 stories high. There is no knowing what a "pancake" or progressive collapse should have looked like, but the structural elements holding everything up were in the two sets of vertical columns (core and perimeter). These failing, there is no reason to expect the floors of concrete poured over the steel brackets (which hold up only themselves) to stack up neatly at the bottom. Also, what about the 7-10 stories underground?

A destruction by bombs would have used gravity to drop the floors and higher elements on to the lower elements, just like the "pancake" collapse. It's ludicrous to think the result of a full collapse by any means, whether fire failure or explosives, would ever produce a stack of 110 identifiable floors at the bottom.

In short, every single specific point made in this list, unclear whether it's by Reynolds or Holmgren (the men also advancing the no-planes theory, do note) is either wrong, disingenuous, or inconsequential.

With 9/11 as a whole, people have trouble conceiving that "our government" would "do such a thing," contrary to ample historical evidence showing that elements within the military-industrial covert networks have done such things, many times. Come at them with faulty and false arguments for mini-nukes (or anything less than impeccable arguments for bombs in the buildings) and you reinforce their resistance.

WTC remains

Actually no, every single point here is true. And that is devastating to the official lie.

You don't read carefully either. I never suggested exotic weapons. What made you think that? Do you think for some reason that the evidence suggests that conclusion?

Do you work for "Popular Science?" You lie as bad as they do.

A few quick comments. There were very few intact bodies found. Reverend Frank Morales worked down there. And many others have told me the story of what the reamins looked like. You can see it for yourself in many pics. Though photographers were banned from the site. We've studied it. We live in NYC. The first responders had the DNA of the victims in their blood. There was not intact *anything.* That's why the responders were shocked when the FBI announced they had found the passport of one of the reputed perps. Because it was so absurd for those who saw the wreckage first hand. Furniture and computer parts were *not* found. Heat came out of the gound for months.

"Haven't seen a phone. Haven't seen a Door. Haven't seen a computer."

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

Quoting your post...

"There are reputedly exotic weapons which do not carry the long-term radioactive effects of a fisson nuclear explosion, but do leave residue of tritium. Tritium was found at the site. And where does that come from?)"

Then there is the comparison of the explosion at WTC with a nuclear weapon.

One wonders who is reading what, exactly.

And tritium was found by whom? "According to Rick Siegel"? Where's the study?

Thank you for your question.

I will look farther into the Tritium issue and report back.

As far as the speculation about exotic weaponry, I used the word "reputedly" and did not contend that was what happened. You infered it from the evidence. But I didn't say it.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle


From the entire 1,000,000 square ft + office building. ONE.

Here is a clip showing the remains of the
only filing cabinet found
. And it's explained how one was even able to ID it as a filing cabinet. It's not easy.

Here's a larger version of the flim clip

Here's a clip of a fused metal mass

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle