911 Freedom Walk - what a crock

Ok, so this is obviously my first attempt at a blog. Here in OK, it's been heavily promoted that OKC is to host a "911 Freedom Walk" on the 5-year anniversary of the 911 crime. Even the governor and ex-governor joined forces to announce the event. It is scheduled to begin at the OKC bombing memorial and will end at the Bricktown Ballpark (corporate name omitted!).

See, the thing is that I've been wanting to get a big 911 protest cooked up in OKC for years. I even went so far as to call for one a few years back, but all the people I informed about it didn't show up. So there I was, on the corner of 23rd and Classen, all by myself with my "Expose the 911 cover up" sign. It was actually kinda fun.

After doing a little digging around about this "freedom walk" they have planned, I came across this site:


One word: WOW. So the DoD and military (note the .mil in the addy) are promoting these "freedom walks" all over the country. You can even volunteer to host one in your own city. So I say to myself, "This is a great opportunity for 911 truth seekers to show up and hand out truth materials, they have basically planned our nationwide protests for us!" I tell all of my local 'truth group' and they are all pumped to go stage our own counter-march at this thing. Then, I get online and start telling people about it.

That's when the story goes a little sour. My posts weren't getting the attention I felt a development of this magnitude deserved. I started to feel like all these people running around spouting off about 'truth' and 'activism' on the forums apparently aren't willing step outside their comfort zone and take a risk at getting this information out to what must be the most sheeplized of sheeple.

If one of these events is planned for your town, I strongly URGE you to try and get down there and hand out a few leaflets. You don't have to make a spectacle of yourself, just pass some stuff around. I thought about registering for the walk (nice "freedom" there, eh?) so I can basically hand stuff out to the participants in a discreet manner.

This is a huge opportunity for the 911 truth movement to show that we mean business! Please consider showing up to one of these!

First blog = excellent blog

This is exactly the kind of thing we need, Burnice -- ideas that extend into the real world. You make a great suggestion.

You're absolutely right that a lot of people are unwilling to step out of their comfort zones into the real world. But many of them are a lot more likely to do so if they see someone else do it first. So even if you can't get anyone to join you, you are doing something of great value.

in my various adventures in

in my various adventures in okc i've told many people about the okc bombing and the 911hoax---

the regular people usually get it right off

the cops usually act totally blown away,are real skeptical at first,or are real emotional and wont shut up about it once you start talking

i told some politicians before and they usually act "powerless to do anything"---or say that they think something's coming up

anyway just remember that keating is gonna be out there and he's the one okie that sold us out so he's probably got 'issues'

everyone around here is finding out anyway so i dont even know if it's necessary to go out there---

bunch of lameass fuckers ---why mess with em?

ha ha---just kidding we

ha ha---just kidding

we already got the flyers made!!
(it appears my friends are dragging me out there)

i guess i am going to go out there and hand out flyers

this is very early in the morning and is not my style at all

hopefully they'll be a nice cool breeze a blowin

These freedom walks reminded me of the Run to Remember 9-11...

a Mark Bingham event....unfortunately, the race was cancelled, probably due to lack of people signing up.



"Run to Remember 9-11

It is with great sadness to announce that the 2006 event has been cancelled (as of June 30th).

For those of you who have previously registered, we will be contacting you directly and fully refunding your registration.

We hope to bring the event back for September 2007."

Hey Burnice! Great idea for

Hey Burnice! Great idea for those of us who can't make it to NYC this year. It's probably also a good idea for people to bring video cams with them to video tape any provocateurs that might try to start some shite.

Here's some flyers to hand out:

"Stop The 9/11 Cover-up" signs here:

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows"

Burnice! #new_world_order

#new_world_order EFNET

Ok ok, so you already know about that, I just wanted to spam it!