9/11 Truth on Vancouver's #1 MSM Talk Show

Barrie Zwicker talking 9/11 Truth on CKNW 98, Vancouver's 50,000 Watt Blow torch

This is from the Bill Good Show, heard daily from 9am til Noon on CKNW 98 www.CKNW.com

Mr. Good hosts the biggest talk show in Vancouver, one of the biggest in Canada.

Barrie talks about his new book "The Media Cover-up of 9/11" tells how 9/11 was a 'False Flag Operation'.

Calls were welcomed and most agreed with Barry and were allowed to add more info regarding 9/11 anomalies. The only two naysayers said he could not beleive it as he felt that "the Bush and neocons were simply too stupid to carry such an operation out." And other said he Barry was "out to make money" and told him he "should leave the country!"

Kudos to Bill Good for this show, for being openminded and 'fair and balanced'! I hope he will entertain other guests on this topic.

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This is from the archives which are available for a limited time only !

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(A one hour show which contains commercials and news, but you can skip through them)

Barrie Zwicker will be speaking tonight in Vancouver (Wed. Aug 30th, 2006) at St. Andrew's Wesley United Church on Nelson at Burrard, on Wednesday, Aug. 30 at 7:30 PM

I will be there!



that is huge---the canadians

that is huge---the canadians are getting all this pretty easy

GJ I'm going to reblog this in my news blog


Way to go Mr. Good!!!

Its hard to take the medicine that Zwicker serves up, but it is necessary.

People, don't shut this information out. Before you dismiss what Zwicker has to say, give it honest and critical thought.

Anyone who honestly evaluates what Zwicker and others such as David Ray Griffin, will doubt the official 911 story!

And when that happens, you are morally bound to get demand the truth!

It is absolutely imperative that we get the full story about this historical and world changing event which is proving to be the justification for spying on citizens, torture, murder, resource theft and countless other small cuts depriving the world of democracy and justice.

X-Files “The Smoking Man” William B. Davis introduces Barrie Zwi

X-Files “The Smoking Man” William B. Davis introduces Barrie Zwicker author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11

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