Another AP Hit Piece on David Ray Griffin

I was astounded and amazed to see this Associated Press hit-piece article on David Ray Griffin in my local "see-no-truth, hear-no-truth, report-only-conservative-lies" newspaper this morning (not the one at the link, by the way). This newspaper never publishes any sort of controversial news -- ever -- not even in the form of hit pieces.

Furthermore, not only is it a hit piece, but the author, Richard N. Ostling, just plain lies or blatantly misleads in a couple of places. For instance:

1.) "Griffin is unable to provide hard evidence and connects few dots."

2.) "Such 9/11 conspiracy theories have heretofore been spread abroad by Internet sites and Muslim extremists (some of those theories have blamed Jews, something Griffin goes out of his way to avoid)."

Yeah, Ostling. Leave out the two nationwide polls that show that anywhere from 36 percent to 40-some percent of Americans believe there was a conspiracy too.

In this next sentence, the author does his best to make it appear that there are only two members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

3.) "He's a member of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" along with Kevin Barrett, a Muslim instructor at the University of Wisconsin who's under fire for making similar accusations."