911 Explosion caught on tape

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcRs1fv8i3I of a video of an explosion caught on tape along with the firefighters reactions. This happened at approximately 10.15am.


Where in the world did this come from? If you have originals please contact HardEvidence (at) gmail.com.

Here's the first place I saw

Here's the first place I saw it, from the folks at 9/11 Eyewitness. Thie clip has a couple more seconds;


so this is a post production

so this is a post production clip from the group that is claiming it is a mini-nuke... oh well...

Great clip! Thanx.

Great clip! Thanx.

Interesting. What was this


What was this taken from? Because there's the music sound at the beginning of some sort.

Do you know where that phone was located? That was pretty loud and explosive sounding. I don't know how it could be explained as anything but a secondary explosion.

More information, please.

Check out this too!

At around the 2 second mark...pause it and notice the street level smoke cloud billowing!



You can also clearly see the squibs.

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wow, nice find.. ill

wow, nice find..

ill suggest this get promoted to the front page.. just need to add an image from the video..

the explosion sound could easily have been edited in--be careful

even if there was a sound that they reacted to, I would categorize this as needs corroboration, i.e. make sure tehre isn't the same video somewhere without the explosion sound. remember the popular tactic of sexing up existing evidence to then discredit it as sexed up, like the "fake" Bush service records that were frauds but accurate.

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Careful, I agree

I could swear I saw this clip about a month ago, purporting to show the firefighters reaction to an explosion, but minus explosion sound. That is, I played it a bunch of times and could never hear an explosion. They do seem to cringe, though.

My hunch

My hunch: Its fake. Otherwise, this would have made the rounds in 2001 or 2002.

Setting the record straight

I recorded this on Sept 11
2002 from a program on SBS. The program
was about a French team documenting
NY firefighters. I have waited four
years thinking someone would have
put it out on the net and all the
time seeing numerous eyewitness
videos talking about explosions with
nothing to back it up.

Get it out there, do some homework,
those officers must appear in other
footage. At least one must be
willing to come forward.

After seeing the Google video now I
know why Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero and
Alex Jones don't want to touch it.

Katie Kouric on cellphone on 9/11 Ground Zero

On the news the other night, there was a report about CBS altering a picture of Katie Kouric to make her look slimmer. During the broadcast it showed pictures of her in NYC on 9/11. One showed her on the sidewalk covered with dust, and another (Get this!) she is the lobby of some building and she is TALKING on her cellphone! I thought all communications were disrupted at ground zero? Is that true?


sound fakery

one thing i have noticed in a large percentage of 911 truth movies and video clips is that the sound is overdubbed to make it sound more impacting or movie-like.

Its probably done for cinematic effect but its result is not helpful for accuracy.

I am a sound engineer and i recall cringing in the theatre while watching Farenhiet 9/11 because all of the iraq war explosions and bomb sounds were faked, overdubbed or enhanced.

according to the poster on youtube

this came from a doc on the 1 year anniversary that aired on the SBS in AU, and has been verified, what we need to do is get a copy of that airing.


Can you write to that media outlet to verify?