Additional NTSB - FOIA docs.

Along with the recently released Flight 77 video, there were some documents released by the NTSB that I haven't seen before. Perhaps there are some researchers out there who haven't seen the attachments below either;

(Note: The following documents are in PDF format. You will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

Debris Trajectory Study--UA175 - 5.12 MB

Radar Data Impact Speed Study--AA11, UA175 - 9.14 MB

Recorded Radar Data Study--all four aircraft - 8.17 MB

Video Data Impact Speed Study--UA175 - 7.99 MB

How 'bout the 80+ Pentagon videos???

I don't suppose they released those..... ???

Keep checking with

Keep checking with

These guys have submitted a FOIA requesting these videos.

Yeah and...

For someone who supposedly couldn't even fly a small engine plane....we're supposed to believe that he flew a plane into the Pentagon leaving only a 16ft hole and no wreckage on an untouched lawn. WHATALOADOFCRAP! There were at least 5 to 6 security cameras if not more facing towards the approaching threat. Where are those videos?

Kristen Breitweiser's Wake Up Call

Kristen Breitweiser, one of the "Jersey Girls" is releasing her book titled "Wake Up Call"

AA77 & UA93 are taken so far away from their targets....

If you were a terrorist with dubious flying skills (at best), why wouldn't you let the real pilots bring the aircraft back to within 20 miles or so of your target for you? AA77 & UA93 were hundreds of miles away in Ohio when the "terrorists" struck.

IMO, real terrorists would've told the pilots that they were hijacking them back to D.C. to make further demands there or something. Then, the terrorist could make their deadly move on the pilots as the aircraft was nearing D.C.

Mike Malloy Fired by Air

Mike Malloy Fired by Air America Radio What A Shame, he was the best FUCK AIR AMERICA

super weak

super weak

Mike Malloy

I just got the news. I am shocked and appaled. Fuck Air America. Malloy announced it on his web site. I am sure it is because of his stance on 9/11 among other things. Lets e-mail Air America in protest. I am mad as a hornet. They won't get away with this. That is a promise. This means war!

My condolences to Malloy

But I look at this as a good thing.

They just bought themselves another activist for 9/11 Truth and all his listeners are going to know why he thinks he was fired.

These are all good signs (the failing PM Campaign, the NIST response, etc).

Send him letters of support and start hitting Air America.

Apparently he won't be able

Apparently he won't be able to comment on it.

Pilots & cockpits are safe & secure now???

OTTAWA, Ontario (Reuters) -- The pilot of a Canadian airliner who went to the washroom during a flight found himself locked out of the cockpit, forcing the crew to remove the door from its hinges to let him back in, the airline said on Wednesday...

1. Pilots still open the door & leave the cockpit to go to washrooms.
2. The door can be removed from its hinges.

How much safer is this than before 9/11?

Bush blurts out "conspiricy theory"

At 2:48 of the Brian Williams interview from New Orleans(29/8/06) on C&L, Bush blurts out "conspiricy Theory" during an answer to a question about his relationship with Bush senior. Classic Freudian slip under pressure. He is practically incoherent looks drunk with fear. Rumsfelds speech also suggests fear and defensiveness taking hold.

previous post from BMAC

sorry, previous post from BMAC

Squirm Dubya squirm

Brian Williams even introduced the interview as being sometimes strange or something. And it was. I didn't see the whole thing on MSNBC though.

"That's an interesting question,"

"Kinda conspiracy theory at it's most rampant"

Yeah it seemed pretty inappropriate but I think he didn't really understand the question and he thought Brian Williams was hinting at something that Bush thought was a secret and it confused him. He got hit with Bin Laden, His father, Iraq and the the Gulf War all at once. He probably had to struggle to keep all the lies straight in his head before thinking about the question. When he finally answered it he couldn't remember what the question was, just that it accused him of something to do with his father, bin laden, iraq and the gulf war. Might sound like a stretch to you but he seemed to have an irrationally paranoid reaction to the question.

If Bush ever testifies under oath don't you think he'll break down really quickly?

Flight paths all change over Airports

At least 3 of the planes radically change direction over an airport. I think Hoffman's site has this map. In light of Operation Northwoods, this is a HUGE ANOMALY to me.