Dr. David Ray Griffin on Hannity & Colmes Tomorrow Night

According to Scholars for 9/11 Truth Dr. David Ray Griffin will be appearing on the Hannity & Colmes show tomorrow night - September 1st.

1 September 2006
Interview: David Ray Griffin will be the guest
discussing 9/11 on "Hannity & Colmes"
6-7:00 PM/PT (9-10:00 PM/ET) FOX TV

Be sure to check it out!

Go David

Go get 'em!

Hannity - Griffin

Hannity is making a huge mistake having Griffin on his show. If I was a right-wing Bush-lover Griffin is one man I would stay clear of. Griffin does not get rattled and will make Hannity look the fool. It's all good for the truth movement.

Me confused...

DRG on "Hannity & Colmes"????? I almost had a heart attack when DRG was on Tucker (don't I look pretty in my bowtie?) Carlson's show. DRG did a great job on that show. I would bet that Colmes (the closet 9/11 Truther) will be asking most of the questions. Hannity, of course, will throw in his trademark "You hate America" line a couple of times. Will be an interesting watch.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

I wonder what their motives

I wonder what their motives are? Are Hannity & Colmes some kind of masochists?

They are shooting themselves in the foot every time. Well, I'm not complaining.

they are deathly afraid that

they are deathly afraid that some of their rightwing zombie followers will start to wake up to the lies of 9/11, so they are trying to stop the little zombies from looking closer at it. "oh, well Hannity said your traitors that hate america, and thats why you think Bush did 9/11. good enough for me!".

I think that they have to

I think that they have to have people on to take the hit for the rest of the mainstream media. Because if they let people like Griffin on a CNN show (not Glen Beck, you know what I mean) and actually talk, it may really sway people that now feel safe in the left gate-keepers' line about Bush and Iraq and 9/11.

They figure not too much damage done to letting Bushites hear at this point.

Supernova Alert

Well... if Sean Hannity is in the house, then this should be quite Star Trekkian - akin to matter vs. anti-matter.

It will certainly be interesting to see what Hannity uses in place of his psuedo-religious indignation when confronted with an intelligent, ordained minister who has the facts and knows how to debate with a calm, rational demeanor.


yeah, why do they keep doing this?

do hannitys attacks really convince anyone?
david ray griffin is very rational, what do they think they can do about it?
bitch and moan, thats all.

or do they think they have some new gimick? crying, maybe.
but is anyone seriously watching hannity and colmes anyway
except to find out how not to think.

goes without saying that

goes without saying that hannity will smear as much as he can, but nothing but good can come from this interview. they will be plugging DRG's newest book, which is a MUST READ.


everyone vote here now.

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Yes. Bin Laden and others are the Hitlers and Stalins of our times.

Maybe. But I'm going to need some more convincing one way or the other.

No. This is just dishonest, warmongering designed to scare voters about national security in time for this fall's elections.
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dont let them frame the debate.


if that Hannity character dares to attack Dr Griffin

we need to bombard him with email, phone calls, faxes, and letters, with the simple words "SHUT UP!"


Let's think about this for a second. The last time I have heard anything in the MSM with Kevin Barrett, Hannity pinned him on naming names...and I have not heard a peap from Barrent since.

Call me a nut, but if Hannity tries this crap on Griffin, it may be that FOX is trying to splap something on anyone who names names. A FOX trap sort of speak.

Naming Names

As far as I'm concerned, we should all be naming names and accusing Cheney and Rumsfeld of murder on 9/11.

What are they going to do, bring a libel or defamations suit? The crimes of Libel or defamation both hinge on whether the ACCUSATION IS TRUE, which would mean whoever got accused and dragged into court would then have the full power of discovery, subpoena etc. to prove their case.

Of course, they realize that. Haven't you wondered why noone in the administration with its cadre of high-powered lawyers that were ready at a moment's notice in 2000 with the election, has NEVER retalliated legally to 9/11 truth people.

"with the simple words "SHUT

"with the simple words "SHUT UP!" yea just like O'Reilly would say, how lame. You don’t say “Shut up”, you layout an intelligent argument.

look in a mirror

and see who won't shut up

I dont get it...why go

I dont get it...why go throught this over and over when you know whats going to happen---dont give them the power by even getting near fox....remember this--- "Rummy could go on the factor and fess to the jackings..., and Oreally would talk over him and cut his mic"

Why is it always FOX that...

...seems to be most willing to step up to the plate? I don't get it.

only Fox trusts its viewers

Not to catch on to the obvious fact that their 9/11 truth guests are telling the truth!
other networks' audiences are too sophisticated (i.e. not brain dead) to fail to grasp the enormity of what is being discussed. my take on it anyway, since it IS weird that they seem so keen to cover it when no one else will...


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

if you call attacking your

if you call attacking your guests and calling them "nutjobs" and shit for rightly calling 9/11 an inside job stepping up to the plate then i guess you could say Fox is stepping up to the plate.




Not like we know anyway, but don't let Sean try and get you to speculate on who was specifically involved. Just a thought. The only reason I bring this up is because last time I heard a scholar on Hannity, it was obvious that he was fishing, and I mean fishing for him to name names.

Remember, this is FOX we're talking about.

Dispelling the truth always

Dispelling the truth always looks better than avoiding the truth...they are laying the groundwork to deflect the movement for decades to come. The more the brainwashed right sees the 911 nutjobs beaten down and swept away, the harder it will be to break through with the truth once it goes mainstream...wake up leftie---dont feed their fire, stay clear of fox...they need these victories for later...just try talking to your righty friends about 911 after theyve seen one of these smackdowns...NOW DO YOU SEE IT...




is going to own some fools. :0 )

These two clowns must have

These two clowns must have finally realized that they were shooting themselves in the foot.

I wonder, who is the worst piece of shit ever appearing in a television studio? O'Reilly or Hannity?

David Ray Griffin

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Anyone know...

If he'll be discussing the NORAD tapes?


I don't have Fox....Please post this video link asap.
I sure hope that butthead Hannity treats Griffen with respect,but i doubt it.
Another 4 minute interveiw with Hannity being sarcastic,and constantly interupting.


Another 4 min interveiw with the all-star republican butt kisser Hannity.
I will hate to see Dr. Griffen treated with disrespect.
Put him in his spot!

if naming names causes

if naming names causes controversy then i hope he says

"building 7 proves the pnac (bush) did 911"

every soundbyte on every station after that

Well none of this matters because...

the DRG appearance has been cancelled!!?!?!?!?

You didn't see the notice on 9/11 truth.org?

DRG CANCELLED--"Due to hurricane"...

whatever that means....


Hurricane of truth

The cancellation . . .

David emailed to tell me that it was "cancelled because of the hurricane"! You can believe that if you want. Better reasons can be found on this thread. Sorry not to have announced its cancellation earlier. But that's the score.

if it was cancelled from the hurricane

must be because Hannity opened his big mouth




"I'm a member of the Hurricanes, Alice "

-Jackie Gleason