Jim Hoffman in Kansas City - 9/2/2006


9/11 Researcher Jim Hoffman Speaking to Kansas City
Saturday Sept. 2, at The Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City
Times: 1:00-2:30 AND 7-9 PM, Admission $8.00 (two differing presentations)
Information, flyers and publicity resources can be found here.

On September 2, Kansas City's Uptown Theater is proud to be presenting Science Applied to the WTC Collapses by independent research scientist Jim Hoffman. This event will examine the official explanations of the collapses of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7, with special attention to the NIST Final Report on the collapses of the World Trade Center Towers. There will be a moderated Q&A period.

Jim Hoffman is a research scientist, mathematician, author and inventor. Hoffman's work has been featured in articles in Science News, Scientific American, and Nature, and he has co-authored papers in Science and Macromolecules. Hoffman's work in applying scientific visualization to minimal surface geometry was instrumental in the discovery of the first new examples of complete, finite, embedded minimal surfaces in over two hundred years. Hofffman is the creator of websites 911Review.com, Science911.org, 911Research.com, WTC7.net, and co-author of Waking Up from Our Nightmare.

Hoffman's work is cited repeatedly by respected 9/11 authors such as Professor David Ray Griffin and physicist Steven E. Jones. Hoffman is referred to by some leaders as specifically having the most credible independent analysis of the three WTC building collapses on 9/11. As evidence of massive growing public interest in the scientific issues surrounding the events of 9/11, Hoffman's most popular website, 9-11 Research, is currently averaging more than 14,000 daily visitors.

At the Science Applied to the WTC Collapses event, Hoffman's scientific and common sense approach will largly be concentrated on the physical issues involved in the WTC towers' collapses.

Our goal is for all Kansas Citian's to attend this event. As the anniversary of the horrific September 11th attacks draws near, it is our belief that a speaker who presents independent and credible analysis related to the deaths of 2,980 of our fellow American citizens is a a rarity worthy of attention.

There will be tabling literature available from 911Truth.org, the Sierra Club, Democracy For the Heart of America and other groups.

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Jim Hoffman IS 911 TRUTH

Jim Hoffman is the Michael Jordan of 911 Truth and Research.

He is the only 911 person I really respect.

Him and Jon Gold are my heroes....plus Jon is from the Philly area :)

Wow, a 9/11 truth event that

Wow, a 9/11 truth event that I can actually go to! Wahoo for me! I'll give a synopsis if I get the chance to head out there.


Jim Hoffman agreed to appear on 'Hardfire.' At the last minute, he ducked out on us without giving a reason and said he didn't know when, if ever, he'd be available. At the time, I knew significantly less about the 9-11 fantasy movement than I do today. Hoffman, however, didn't care for the idea that the interview would challenge his views. Like all frauds, he wants uncritical rubes to swallow his codswallop unquestioningly. Let's see him appear with Dr. Frank Greening, who thoroughly demolished his pseudo-science (check Greening's paper on 911myths.com).