Petition to Reinstate Mike Malloy

To: Air America Radio
It sends a very bad signal to the growing majority of progressives in America to silence an uncompromising liberal voice such as Mike Malloy. Just as voters reach a tipping point, the credibility of Air America is seriously damaged by this action. For the sake of his current and future listeners, and all of the other hosts on Air America, reconsider this awful decision and give us Mike back.

Airamerica was our only

Airamerica was our only chance at 911 exposure---no guts no glory...tiptoeing around lihop is a far cry from screaming mihop...can em all and boycott, well all vote "R" unless you progressive posers get some balls...

What else can we boycott?


Money and profits are the bottom line to corporations. Corporations/bankers control the government with money. So how do you hurt them most - through their pocketbooks. Aaron Russo's film has the best answer. Any other ideas? They are stomping on free speech, Halliburton is building camps supposedly for illegals (bull), and Bush is talking about focusing on domestic terrorists. What do you think is next?

When the Bush crime family

When the Bush crime family walks, without a scratch (and they will) we loose- game over, and half the staff at AA know the truth and didnt say word one tells me there heart wasnt in guess what, my hearts not in it this november...

If anyone wants to contact Air America to support Mike.


Here is the contact number - have at it.
1-212-871-8290 (automated). Main number is 212-871-8100. I am sure the switchboards are lighting up.

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