The Road Behind, The Road Ahead.

Smart and ingenious, offers no implied distinction between benevolent and diabolical.

The blurring of the line between church and state, was the strongest signal to many people (not enough at the time) that George was a piece of shit from day one, if only for his willingness to blur that very line. He demonstrated his willingness to burn the constitution, before he was even elected by so publicly flaunting his faith "respecting one form of religion, at the loss of another". He sent this message to the people who forgot why this was a dangerous thing, and also to the very people who knew how this could be played to financial gain. A piece of scum, no matter how you try to clean it up.

9/11 was a bet, a bet played by a group of very calculating people. Beyond calculating the necessary demolition techniques, the DoD foil, and the extent of media and every other manipulated complicity possible.... their BIGGEST gamble was most likely; What level of gullibility had the populous attained?

My suspicion, is that the timing of 9/11 was narrowed into a window of opportunity, "just before it will be too late to get away with it." Gullibility through heavy mass media addiction, debit loading, mental distance between the concepts of possible vs. plausible, the growing popularity of Religiosity, and the emerging global decline of American respectability in general.... all of that, vs. an America waking up on her own, facing her GDP slack-y-ness, and a re-emergence of secular pragmatism.

Time was running out fast, between the ability to pull it off vs the likelihood of getting caught. I think they bet wrong. But that's also because I would never have made such a stupid bet to begin with, and a bet I still can't see where Binny Boy would have calculated. 9/11 wasn't an act of outside influence.... It was an act of desperation at the last minute, by thugs due to lose their reign one way, or the other.

All that American's need do is come to terms with the very same reality that existed before 9/11, of which 9/11 was a simple attempt to obfuscate for just a few more years of elite profits. Our re-invention and subsequent welcome-back in the community of planet Earth has been waiting patiently... oh so patiently. We have only been delayed... and now owe a few more apologies than we did before 9/11 anyway. The world awaits, she always has.

Much of our culture, uniqueness, pride, and individuality will surely remain.... it's the hegemony, racism, hubris and selfishness that we must, WE MUST leave behind.

God speed, America... God speed.

Great write up!

Great write up!