On the Sacking of Malloy

UPDATE: This from the co-founder of AAR;

Mike Malloy and Andy Rooney

"...I suspect Malloy's termination was more about personality than performance. It certainly was not about money. My suggestion to those who love Mike Malloy is to do what the audience of 60 Minutes did when they terminated Andy Rooney several years ago. Email or write them about your feelings and we may still have a chance to get him back. I have already vigorously registered my complaint directly to the board and I understand that Sam Sedar also did on the air yesterday. Go to the AAR web site at http://www.airamericaradio.com and let them know how you feel. Register on line free and click "About Us" on the right side of the top and "Contact us" will appear. I talked to Mike Malloy and he would be open to coming back if too much time does not pass."

Here's the phone number to call: 212-871-8290 or email to: comments@airamericaradio.com


This is from Malloy's home page. Malloy has been the only AAR jock to air full, uncensored interviews with David Ray Griffin and Webster Griffin Tarpley, among others. Show him some support;

Mike Malloy.com

Hey Truthseekers, Malloy here. My good friend Peter Werbe will be temporarily broadcasting on Air America Radio at night in my old time slot. He's a good guy, a true left-liberal, and now finds himself in an awkward position. He cannot comment about the circumstances of my termination on the air, which I completely understand and support. I have been in Peter's exact position in the past.

So I have a request: Please treat Peter with the respect he truly deserves. Please keep in mind he did not ask to be in this position. The righteous anger and frustration felt right now by so many supporters of our program should be expressed to Air America Radio directly.

Here's the phone number to call: 212-871-8290 or email to: comments@airamericaradio.com

Again, we will keep you updated as more details develop and thanks as always for your incredible support.


....A little lost here?

He's telling us not to

He's telling us not to harass the new guy with questions about Malloy because the guy will get fired if he answers them.

Instead, email and call Air America and harass them.

Calling the new guy and talking about 9/11 is not off limits tho :)


Thanks for posting the Air America phone number and e-mail address Reprehensor. It is time to go to work truth seekers. Malloy is one of us. Be sure to call and e-mail Air America and let them know in no uncertain terms how we feel about Malloy's firing. By firing Malloy, Air America has declared a war on truth and has trashed the First Amendment. They will pay dearly for this transgression. Also e-mail Mike and Kathy and give them some encouragement and love. We MUST take care of our own.

Glad Malloy's Gone... hope he never shows up again

Mike Malloy is a vile, vicious attack dog that seems to have a vendetta against anyone or any thing remotely connected to Christianity. Why on earth Air America, which should be striving for legitimacy, would let him go on for so long befuddles me.
His show seemed a platform for him to vent his personal hostility. It featured just raving anger directed frequently at "christians", with no reporting, apparently no thinking, no real point other than, I suppose, to incite other people to hate and spew venom toward non-pagan religions [who, which ones mike? all of them? just Jesus alone? were you molested by Catholics? what's the real reason Mike? I can only imagine that mike is cursing and blaspheming and somehow blaming the God of the Jews for his demise. Go sacrifice a chicken or something Mike, maybe it will do you some good.
Good riddance.


So defensive about Christianity. It appears at least one person did not listen closely to what MM has said in the past. But there are 'Christians' (many, many of whom act in ways that deserve no respect) and then there are folks who try to be 'Christ-like' - who I respect.

If one looks at the history of 'Christian' behavior, you don't have to look very deeply to see the hypocrisy, despotism, and cruelty. And Mike Malloy consistently spoke truth to that history of, and current expression of the 'evil' of those who call themselves Christians but who actually are fascists. I would bet my salary for a year that the vast majority of those who planned and implemented the false flag of 9/11 call themselves 'Christians'.

what a load of shit. Mike

what a load of shit. Mike Malloy is a hero for having the courage to speak honestly about ALL subjects including religion. RCB, how do you feel about Islam?


I have no clue who Mike Malloy is but I will support him as long as he spreading the real truth about 9/11. For those who want to support our government that is just fine. Just look at all the websites that propose that our government was responsible for 9/11 and is involved in covering it up. Get smart and make your own decisions. don't let the Government controlled news media make your own decisions. In fact turn off your radio and TV and discover some of the other alternative news sites on this Web site. I spent 4 years after 9/11 believing what the government said about 9/11. One day I was bored and looked at prisonplanet.com Alex Jones has the balls to spread the real truth. If you want to know the real story behind christianity read The Bible Faud by Tony Bushby or go to the web site "jesuschristneverexisted.com"
Have a good day, Ron


RCB... Who is spewing the venom now? You sound like such an idiot! If you
EVER really "listened" to MM... you would know that everybody "you" say Mike is bashing is a LIE!!! He personally is not a Christian... but NOT ONCE has he said he hated Jews and/or Christian people, just THEIR beliefs! The people he DOES hate are people like you who take information and twist it to fit YOUR own agenda. I have listened to MM religiously for years and you are totally clueless.
What are you doing on this site anyway?? Did you know that Alex Jones was on MM?? Go back and crawl into the neo-con hole you came out of... at least until you can get all your facts straight!!!

Mike Malloy Supporter

Mike Malloy

For some reason, my computer won't let me e-mail Mike Malloy or Cathy. It sends it back and tells me that I'm not equipped with the right thing-a-ma-jig...Whatever. If you can get this to him that would be good. I feel like I got kicked in the stomach and lost my best friend all in the same day. Mike and Cathy have been my lifeline. I lost everything in the Calif. flood on New Years Eve and his show is what keeps me going. He and Cathy are family...I'm crying as I write this. This just cannot be. We have to get him back. Is AAR selling out, too? does everything eventually sell out to the Machine??? I'm a subversive artist and I show all around the country and by now I'm "On the list" if you know what I mean. To keep fighting the fight we need our public voice and that's Mike. Sam, too. I hope you can foreward this to him. We love you, Mike and Cathy. Jo Ann Sollecito


Mike Malloy has always been hammering for the truth. Even 9/11 truth, which must be why he was fired.

I thought he just got a new contract? Mike was being set up, I guess.

Please bomb comments@airamericaradio.com with as many angry comments as we can muster. If we don't, will Randi Rhodes be the next to go?

Randi Rhodes

Air America will not fire Randi Rhodes. She is LIHOP not MIHOP. Malloy is MIHOP. We are at war with the media truth seekers. It is a war we must and will win.

Randi Rhodes LIHOP not MIHOP?

This sounds a lot like MIHOP to me:

I can’t forget 9/11. I think it was exactly what it was written up to be before it happened. It was a “new Pearl Harbor”. For those of you who really like history, it was the Reichstag and the burning of it -- so that everyone would rally around the war President.

- Randi Rhodes, August 2, 2006

Comments were made by Randi Rhodes during her August 2nd, 2006 broadcast @ 129:13:

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Dylan

Randi Rhodes

I hope your right. It would be nice to have Randi in our corner but every time I have listened to her she pushed the Osama myth. Malloy, on the other hand always stated that the Bush administration was complicit in the attacks. I am sure that is why he was fired.

"I am sure that is why he

"I am sure that is why he was fired."

I'm sure you're right about that. Someone just reminded me that Alex Jones was on his show about a week ago, so maybe that had something to do with it too?

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Dylan

Malloy was straight shooter in serving the awful truth

I like Randi alot, but Mike is unapologetic and totally forthright in his take on the bush administration & their oily warmongers. One need only to do some research (and plenty is available) on the bush family, cheney, rumsfeld and the AIPAC/Cheney run wing of the "WHIG" group that planned the Iraq invasion to embrace valid suspicions.


Randi has said on the show that she will only comment on those things which are documented, and which she has proof of. I think she doesn't believe the official story and I definitely think she is in LIHOP, but she wants to be really careful in this. She doesn't dismiss the 9/11 truth movement, in the least, she is just very careful, she focuses on things like why was NORAD told to stand down, and the lack of response of the Bush Administration even though they were warned.

She is on our side though, I'm sure of it.

I have a different hit on why Mike was fired though.

First of all, his last broadcast was when he was subbing for Randi, during a time of day when WH staff might have been listening and tuned in.

He had interviewed Greg Palast, and Greg had a breaking story about Katrina that the Bush administration was aware of the levees breaking long before anyone else did, because the Corp of Army engineers had seen multiple leaks along the levees, when they flew over them a day before the levees broke and flooded New Orleans. In fact, the leading Hurricane expert at LSU explained to Greg that he had been threatened that he would loose his job if he revealed that the Bush adminsitration was aware of the leaks in the levees before the flood and that they just LET THE LEVEES break. WHY? Because that would show this administration had willfully allowed the deaths of all those people. Now this expert told Greg anyway, and Greg revealed this on Mike's show.

As far as I'm concerned, what the Bush administration did, ignoring the levees immanent threat and allowing all those people to die is murder. And the Bush administration knows it was murder. You can see this story at http://gregpalast.com/section/articles

I have the feeling that AAR got a call from the White House that day and they said to AAR, it's either Mike, or you lose your license (because they control the FCC), and Greg must never be on AAR again.

That's what's up. Conspiracy? Yes, but when did that stop any of us? :)

It's sad, and infuriating, I love Mike, and I hope that he will return.


Here is the letter I sent Air America

This is the message I sent to the comments desk:


SOMEONE has bought you guys off. You fired Mike Malloy not for financial reasons, but because of his MIHOP position on 9/11. He was the only Air America jock to give the 9/11 Truth Movement serious airtime, with meaty interviews with David Griffin and Webster Tarpley.

SOMEONE has infiltrated AAR to make sure it doesn't take on the Inside Job fight.


A true American Patriot

I don't know,

It's very possible there were financial reasons, advertisers might have threatened to back out from not only his show but probably other AA shows in retribution. I'm not familiar with who buys the most ad time on AA but if you look at the list of companies implicated in 9-11 insider trading you could see how most businesses would be afraid of 9-11 truth. Even if they're not implicated themselves the stock market could collapse. But that's already on the verge of happening anyway and sooner or later we're gonna have to eat that bitter pill.

The Stock Market

I hope the stock market does collapse. What we need to do is get rid of the Federal Reserve. The world bankers own this country thanks to the Federal Reserve. Whoever makes the money makes the rules. Plain and simple. Who do you think put Bush in power and pulls the strings?

Mike Malloy

I've noticed a lot of GEICO ads over the past 6 months or so. Owned by Warren Buffet.

A True Left Liberal

I don't want a "True Left Liberal". These days that's not a good thing. What I want is a True 9/11 Truther. This is not a left/right issue and ideaology will not get us out of this miss. Bring back Malloy and stop trying to squash the truth!

Mike is a true left liberal

Mike is a true left liberal in his political stances, i dont see the problem in saying as much, as most, not all, but most of his listeners are as well.

Mike's fans

I dig the sentiment, but to take over Mike's show, you need a "true left liberal." Granted, there are inherant problems with people who see 9/11 through ideological sunglasses, but... it's what Peter Werbe has to work with.

On the bright side, Peter has done some fill-in work for Mike that entertained 9/11 issues. On the dark side, it's likely that the AAR brass have deemed 9/11 to be VERBOTEN, and it may slip into oblivion there.

So... unless Randi Rhodes decides to ratchet up the 9/11 stuff quite a few notches, I've done my last tuning in of that station. I've been a huge Al Franken fan most of my life, but in terms of 9/11 Truth, he's tits on a bull. Useless at best and a complicit corporate whore at worst.

Infiltration Begins at Home

SOMEONE has infiltrated AAR to make sure it doesn't take on the Inside Job fight.

A true American Patriot
Someone has infiltrated Air America? Yeah, I'll say. His name is George Soros, and he infiltrated it when he financed the whole she-bang. Nothing does a better job of infiltration than initial finanacing.

Soros is a direct agent of the Rothschi|ds, so... do the math. When we say the MEDIA is corporately owned by the globalists, that means ALL the mainstream media. There are NO exceptions. Anyone who thinks Air America was this shining beacon of alternative news that didn't have to play the game is fooling themselves.

I don't know if we don't quite grasp the situation fully, but this is what we're up against. If something is mainstream, it's on a very short leash, period. That's just been dramatically proven, again.


Your right Herr PI. The media is controlled by the world bankers. (Rothschild's ect) But we must try. Here is a petition I found for the re-instatement of Malloy's show. Please sign it. http://www.petitiononline.com/Malloy/petition-sign.html?

Sheldon Drobny Blog at HuffPo


Mike Malloy and Andy Rooney. (18 comments )
I am a good friend of Mike Malloy and when I started Air America Radio, I wanted him, Randi Rhodes, and Al Franken. I thought that would be a good start. And I got them. When I got a call from Mike Malloy yesterday I was shocked that the AAR board had not offered him a contract.

He is the lowest paid of all the regular hosts on AAR and they put him in an awful time slot, 10pm-1am ET. As I stated before, I am a minority owner of AAR and I am not on the board of directors. I do run 2 AAR affiliates in Phoenix and Little Rock. However, the AAR board does not seem to want my advice. It is a shame because I could really help. I have lots of experience in business and I understand good talk radio.

AAR is the most branded name in talk radio primarily because the MSM gave them all that free publicity and the right wing talk show hosts always bring up AAR. While I was involved in AAR operations, I recognized that the free publicity we got was wonderful. I also know that you do not have to like your talent and in fact most radio hosts are a bit egocentric and at times difficult to deal with. Howard Stern is the best example of that. Does anyone really like Stern? But, he does create controversy and get lots of listeners. Isn't that what talk radio is about? And Mike Malloy is extremely controversial, but he is knowledgeable and lots of people enjoy his show.

I suspect Malloy's termination was more about personality than performance. It certainly was not about money. My suggestion to those who love Mike Malloy is to do what the audience of 60 Minutes did when they terminated Andy Rooney several years ago. Email or write them about your feelings and we may still have a chance to get him back. I have already vigorously registered my complaint directly to the board and I understand that Sam Sedar also did on the air yesterday. Go to the AAR web site at http://www.airamericaradio.com and let them know how you feel. Register on line free and click "About Us" on the right side of the top and "Contact us" will appear. I talked to Mike Malloy and he would be open to coming back if too much time does not pass.


Rooney Schmooney

Yeah... I'll never forget when Andy Rooney got fired for delving too deep in the JFK assassination.

This is apples and oranges, guys. If AAR axed Mike for his 9/11 MIHOP stance, no amount of petitioning and emails is going to change that. "He was fired for his personality" is an nice-sounding euphamism for "He was dragging our harmless ideological, psy-op'd Democrat audience into the 9/11 cover-up."

I won't encourage defeatism - do what you think will work, I'll chip in as well. Just don't get your hopes up. Stay focused, and pay attention to everything, and never assume anything is as it looks at first glance.

Besides pursuing 9/11 Truth, the best thing you can do is refuse to buy this left-right pro wrestling sham they use to control you. 9/11 is a symptom of a corrupted system, a purchased government. Stop thinking Liberal and Conservative - start thinking like an American.

Drobny's blog didn't stay up

Drobny's blog didn't stay up for very long at HuffPo. Someone must have informed him that this termination was political, not personal.

I like the one he replaced it with, though:

Appeasement Of The Nazis: A History Of The Bush Family (31 comments )


One good quote: "If you still have any doubts about the accuracy of this information, Google "Vesting order 248." I guess the Bush Family must have learned their lesson about appeasement of the Nazis because they participated in it."

It's still there.

Just bumped down a notch.

Air America has lost another premium radio listener...

Here's my email to the failing Air America Radio business...

I am appalled that you have dropped Mike Malloy from your lineup.

Malloy had become the only show to which I would listen. He was the ONLY host who would legitimately question the outrageous "official story" of 9/11 that criminals in our government are demanding citizens to believe.

Please bring Mike Malloy back. It seems your company is fast losing steam. If you go the way of the Democratic Party of standing for nothing and having no backbone, you might as well hang it all up now. Former listeners can better spend time elsewhere when searching for the truth.

...And Another

Here's mine also:

I have been an avid listener and supporter of Air America since they started over two years ago. Mike Malloy was the best show you had going, brave and cutting edge. The idea that you would terminate Malloy based on a financial decision only a couple of weeks after he won the A.I.R. Award for Best Talk Radio Show in NYC sounds like a lie to me. It sure sounded like you were about to renew his contract right before this termination or firing or whatever it is.
As a supporter of the 9-11 Truth Movement, I was pleased and excited to hear Mike's shows on the unanswered questions surrounding that day. He didn't even sign off on the theory that the government was complicit. He let people like Alex Jones speak, asked questions and encouraged his audience to do the same. Since his shows aired only recently, I assume his termination was actually due to some Air America policy regarding 9-11 theories. That policy appears to instruct on-air personalities to do hatchet job interviews and support the official government theory, as Springer did a couple of weeks ago, labeling those of us who question as "crazies" (that name right from your website touting the show).
I would appreciate a response explaining why Mike was let go, as you are about to lose a good number of listeners over this.

fired right after he won the

fired right after he won the award for best nyc disk jockey....

oh that's rich

the fake left vs right wing
(hegelian dialect)

just used to keep people divided and conquered

Letter to Air "America"

Air "America",

I am writing you regarding your stations recent firing of Mike Malloy.

Simply put, Mike Malloy was by far the finest your station had to offer. Do to your arrogance, I can assure you, your ratings will most defiantly suffer from his unwarranted dismissal. Your station has been exposed as a hypocritical farce not worthy of containing the word "America" within it's name.

It is painfully obvious that you terminated him due to his desire to give voice to those who investigate the events of 9/11. I hate to tell you this, but the gig is up on 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming. A six-year old can see that 9/11 was an orchestrated attack staged by criminal elements within our own government. When it is all said an done, your station will be considered complicit in this crime. Your desire to shelter the "official" account of 9/11 and the 9/11 Omission Commission makes your station guilty by association. True history will not hold you in high regard.

I shall never listen to your station again, nor purchase the products of your advertisers.

Boycott Air America!

And my reply....

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a clinical psychologist who practices in NC. I have become knowledgable about the catastropic changes our country has been compelled to undergo during the last five years (+)due to the existence of a criminal cabal in our government. I have many colleagues in this area who are of like mind. (We are not unaware simply because we live out in the rural Bible Belt.) Mr. Malloy was one of the very few radio commentators who actually addressed the issues and also expressed for us the outrage we feel. Please reconsider your decision - [which I believe is incredibly wrong-headed and worse, potentially supportive of the worst forces in our country]
I called as well to respond to your organization. I stated then that I was and I continue to feel betrayed by AAR. Please rise above any petty personality issues (if that was the problem) or, if you are succumbing to pressure from some group, then get some balls and resist it. Have some respect, please, for Mr. Malloy AND for all the listeners who regard him and his viewpoint so highly AND who are truly patriots of our Republic. We have to have a voice. And he is ours.
Clinical Psychologist

edited to retain 'some' anonymity....... from the watchers..... yeh, I know, fat chance. How many camps have they created.....?

haha seriously... i believe

haha seriously...

i believe it was 400 internment camps ready to go!

How about this: Dear

How about this:

Dear AAR:

WTF are you doing firing one of the only good talk show hosts you have? As it stands, I stopped listening to Al Franken & Springer (at all) because they refuse to discuss the real issues surrounding 911.


Until we address the real unanswered questions surrounding that day (which Malloy, Seder, & Rhandy do) no other issues matter.

Unfire him now!

I signed up for Air

I signed up for Air America's website just so I could tell them I no longer have any interest in their network. They force you to register, to leave a comment.

The jist of my comment: Piss off.

Firing Malloy was beyond contempt.

Malloy sacking, my email to AAR

Your purging of Mike Malloy, for clearly political reasons, is beneath contempt.

He is the only host you have who is not, at base, a shill for the Democratic Party. Must not be pleasing to Mr Soros at all.

I imagine his advocacy for open-minded skepticism about 9-11 was the nail in his coffin.

The only upside is that I will get some sleep now in the wee hours. You have lost a listener.


Albuquerque, NM

My letter to Air America, for what it's worth

Subject: Firing Mike Malloy--Nice Going, Dumbasses

Well well well,

Your instincts are perfect. Maybe you should fire Randi Rhodes next, since she occasionally hints at the truth too.

Once she's also gone, maybe Sam Sedar will be next. Sometimes he steps out of line with the DLC's agenda.

Maybe once all these people are gone there will be enough room in the studio for fat Ed Shultz. He seems more up your alley than people like Malloy, who have not sold out. I'm
sure you could get him for a price. Maybe Joe Lieberman could be his sidekick for the afternoon drive.

Well done. One less reason to listen to your lame network.

Frank Beaty, Los Angeles

This could be a blessing.

This could be a blessing. It's time for Malloy to branch out on his own, maybe pickup a few independant affiliates and launch his own show on Sirius
or XM.

Just sent several comments

Just sent several comments from different email addresses. AAR is dead to me.

Censorship. let the advertisers know you don't approve

This is my letter to AAR.

Dear AAR,

This letter is in regards to the recent firing of Mike Malloy.

I'm a writer for several on-line publications.
I also run a website and a newsgroup.
My colleagues and I all agree that Mike Malloy was
arguably one of the best radio pundits on AAR.
(Or the airwaves for that matter.)

We also agree the firing seems to be more than
it appears on its' surface.

As loyal listeners, we are dismayed by this decision.

In order to contribute to the continued success of AAR,
we have supported your advertisers.

However, since it seems highly likely that this sudden
firing may be censorship by AAR, we feel compelled,
should Mike Malloy not return to the airwaves,
that we inform your advertisers that we do not support censorship,
nor will we support advertisers who condone this behavior.

On behalf of myself and the many correspondents I work with,
we implore you to return Mike Malloy to the airwaves.

Thank you.


Mike Malloy's firing

I was listening to Malloy's program on August 29th when he was filling in for Randi. A rightie' called in and really got Mike's dander up. The rightie was talking about how we need to kill all the Muslim's. Mike challenged the guy by asking him, "...why don't you go out and shoot a Muslim...". Mike said this twice. I'm no FCC expert, but I believe this is a violation of a FCC regulation which says bascially that DJ's cannot incite the public and tell them to shoot each other. I believe the FCC just multiplied the fine 10-fold from like, $37,500. to $375,000. I'm a huge fan of Mike's, and I can't believe that he or Kathy didn't catch Mike's misspeak and back peddle. I think that this is the real reason that he was sacked. I emailed Mike & Randi about this, but got no personal reply. Hopefully this isn't the straw that will break AirAmerica's back. I'd rather see Franken go than Malloy.