9/11: Press For Truth Clip: Kissinger Vs. The 9/11 Families

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After fighting the White House for a year, the 9/11 families learned in November 2002 they would finally get their independent investigation. President Bush's first act was to name former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to chair the 9/11 Commission.

The families would soon confront Kissinger about some disturbing skeletons they had discovered in his closet.

I don't know...

Monica Gabrielle, but I have a feeling I would like her very much.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Alert: Big NYC tabloid has a decent article incl. Loose Change!

Tomorrow's Ed. (9/1/06) of New York Newsday has a decent 9/11 truth article! (This newspaper is big in NYC/Long Island.)

Small NYC neighborhood newspaper has good 9/11 article too!

5 years later, 9/11 skeptics feel they’re close to truth

Loose Change in Turkish Newspaper--"Highly Appreciated"

Loose Change in Turkish Newspaper--"Highly Appreciated" http://www.zaman.com/?bl=national&alt=&trh=20060818&hn=35775

From the Villager article:

One 9/11 Truth member, Nico Haupt, believes the conspiracy behind 9/11 extends beyond the government. At the Aug. 6 St. Mark’s meeting, Haupt criticized the mainstream 9/11 Truth movement, saying it has “oppressed” his questions and research.


“I believe that Cleveland is the final smoking gun for the passengers [of United 93]. I believe the conspiracy theory that the F.B.I. and the NASA together killed these passengers, either there or they got already killed on board,” Haupt said, waving several crumpled sheets of paper as evidence. “I don’t need to prove anymore what happens to passengers. I don’t need to prove anymore what happens to planes. All I can bring is fact.”

Missiles, not planes, hit the Twin Towers, Haupt added, and all the footage on television and in newspapers has been edited.


Yes, but it could be NIST

Yes, but it could be NIST being ordered to try and find any way to cover-up, further suppress a WTC 7 controlled demolition.

I wouldn't rush so quickly to think that NIST is going to all of a sudden flip to being the good guys.

I Agree with Ø®£Z

I agree with Ø®£Z. No matter what one may think, NIST is not an independent agency. It is a government agency. One must operate under the assumption that they are not interested in finding any evidence that would contradict the official lie.

If I am wrong, and they find the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition, and they actually have the nerve to report it, great. I will be the happiest person in several states.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is a joke!
If not, anyone that reads this will do exactly what Nico always intended - laugh it off and group truthers with Area 51 and Moon Hoaxing.

Nico Haupt a/k/a ewing a/k/a Nazi-like propagandist!

I have been around the block more than a few times in my life. I have absolutely no doubt that Nico Haupt has an agenda to deliberately spread disinfo! Since he is apparently here in the U.S. illegally, he needs to be deported back to Germany a.s.a.p.!!! Let the German truthers decide what to do with his Nazi-like propaganda that is designed to protect our Bush-Hitler! I think they've had enough of people like him ever since WWII.

Jon Albanese,

Jon Albanese,
why don't you finally use your real handle? -:)

NY Villager mentions Haupt and TV Fakery

Good idea

If he's here illegally though, he's probably being protected. Maybe there's a yellow sticky over his picture at the INS office. Couldn't hurt to follow up on it though.


I've seen Nico at some of these 9/11 truth meetings.

He comes across as incoherent, and he's always talking out of turn.

He wants his unproven pet theories to be up front and center, instead of relying on established proven theories that debunk the official 9/11 myth (http://911research.wtc7.net)

I came up with two more 9/11

I came up with two more 9/11 Truth posters done in corporate ad spoofs:



along with:






Today marks the ten days til 9/11, I think we all need to make a massive concerted effort to really get the word out, in any way we can.


The Mastercard one is great!!! I think I might have to use this one.

these people have the

these people have the chance to honor their loved ones --

by making it impossible for govts to ever be able to do this again

these are the people that should be standing right in front of bush on 9-11-06