Kevin Barrett - UW Fundraiser continues...

(FYI, has confirmed that the lady collecting the money is who she says she is, and fully intends to do exactly what she claims, that is, support Mr. Barrett.)


Cathy Garger

As many following the rapidly growing “explosive” movement of truth surrounding the events of 9/11 already know, Dr. Kevin Barrett, lecturer at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, had what many would describe as a most challenging summer. As I wrote last month in “Churchill’s ashes still hot; Barrett next to be burned at stake” , Wisconsin state Representative Steven Nass and Governor Jim Doyle were both after UW-Madison’s Provost Patrick Farrell to remove Barrett from his part-time job at the University this fall.

Many defenders of free speech, while not actually going as far as to say that they agree with Dr. Barrett’s belief that the federal government orchestrated the attacks of 9/11, at least presented the issue in a fair manner. Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive was one such rare writer who covered the Barrett story with unbiased handling and refreshing fairness.

Unfortunately, not all others were so objective concerning Barrett’s political stance. Wisconsin’s Ozaukee County Supervisor Joseph Sopko is one such example. In an unfathomably low-blow move, Sopko became so unglued with Provost Farrell’s decision to retain Dr. Barrett’s as instructor for the fall that he actually convinced his County Board to cut funding for next year's University of Wisconsin Extension program by $8,472 - which is, not coincidentally, the exact amount being paid to Dr. Barrett.

Apparently Sopko and 17 others on the 29 Ozaukee County Board who voted to subtract the amount of Barrett’s salary from the Extension Program thought that they would teach the University a lesson for political dissent from Sopko‘s version of “truth” . Any thinking person, however, is hard-pressed to find any connection whatsoever to the reduction in budget of an Extension program (that funds the likes of the 4-H Clubs and agricultural programs) that has nothing whatsoever to do with a University instructor’s presentation of the events of 9/11 in an Islam studies class.

Cait Burgess, an activist for truth regarding 9/11, was outraged by the Ozaukee County Board’s decision to cut funding for agricultural programs. Immediately upon hearing of the injustice being done to the agricultural community members of Ozaukee County, the Texan mother sprung into action in order to collect the equivalent of Dr. Barrett’s salary to prevent services to that rural Wisconsin community from suffering. Taking a self-taught crash course in web design, Burgess quickly set up a website in order to accept donations.

In the past few weeks, Ms. Burgess’s efforts have already raised slightly better than $2,000 of the $8,472 goal. If all goes well and the monies can be collected, a check in that amount will soon be made payable to the University of Wisconsin for its Extension program and will be presented by Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. James Fetzer , founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, of which Dr. Barrett is a member. The check will be personally delivered by both Drs. Barrett and Fetzer to the University of Wisconsin administration in a highly publicized media event.

Ms. Burgess is still looking to raise a little over $6,000 and asks every defender of freedom of speech and the right of academics to present differing political viewpoints to contribute any amount, no matter how small. As stated on her website, “The 9/11 Truth movement will not stand for such acts of "wrist slapping" by local elected leaders, nor will we bow down to their warnings of "say what we want you to say or there will be consequences!" It is for that reason - and for the preservation of free speech in this country - that the 9/11 Truth movement is now collecting donations to reimburse the U.W. Extension program in the amount that was stolen from them by a politically biased board of uninformed leaders.”

This issue looms larger, however, than one’s own personal beliefs about who actually carried out the attacks of 9/11. The critical matter of monumental implication for America’s future is whether citizens will allow the rights of freedom of speech for academics - or for any other group or individual - to be silenced by government employees who wish to teach a lesson to university officials or others who refuse to silence opposing viewpoints.

To make this point in a strong and powerful way, please join me in supporting this effort. Let’s send a loud and clear public message that the American people will not tolerate the actions of those at any level of government who seek to silence our Constitutional right to freedom of speech. Whether you can contribute $50 or $1, or can help support this effort in any way, please visit:

What Alexander Hamilton said so many years ago still rings true today. “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” If we want to keep our rights, we are going to have to stand up together against tyrants who will stop at nothing to keep our voices of opposition and dissent silenced.

By replenishing the monies taken away from one Wisconsin farming community we will also be sending a distinctly loud and clear message to others who think that they can get away with squashing freedom of speech. Kindly visit and do what you can to help defenders of free speech and truth take a visible public stand.

I thank you for your support in this matter and encourage you to please distribute this widely.

Cathy Garger
Associate Member Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Founding Auxiliary Member Veterans for 9/11 Truth

I donated to Prof. Barrett

I donated to Prof Barrett via the link. I suggest others who can to do the same.

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barrett is just some dumbass

he needs to get severely publicly humiliated for 911 truth

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so barrett should be like a kind of bitch ass punching bag for the overall good of 911truth.-----he is subconsciously asking for it

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That isn't either worthy of a comment. Get lost.

yet you still

yet you still commented


why don't you go and fight

why don't you go and fight the war for Mr. Bush. It would be better even if you died in the name of freedom.

Randkiller, wtf are you talking about?

Why are you talking out your ass about Barrett? STFU

C'mon Reprehensor...

Hasn't Kevin been through enough without having to see his name spelled incorrectly? :)

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

My check is on the way

Anyone who fights for this cause should be supported by the cause. Maybe more brave souls will come forward if they know that there is a solid block of constituents standing with them.

While the 9/11 reality

While the 9/11 reality movement has many dynamic speakers, Kevin Barrett is especially exciting. His brain is a predator to his intellectual enemies. What an asset!

Total donated so far is

Total donated so far is 4,675.00, even though the site meter reads $2000. She's working on getting it updated.

oh good!

I was kinda depressed to see that it was still the same as when I donated a few weeks back... Glad to hear it!!! I hope the full amount is raised soon!