"No Buildings" Petition Got Hacked!!!!

I was just checking out that "no buildings petition", which I didn’t actually start but put in the thread anyway because it was funny, and becuase it kind of underlined the fact that nobody wants this "no planes" bs at 911blogger anymore. Anyway I go to check it and my name and everyone else’s is gone, and replaced with some bullshit with names like George Bush and Clinton etc. Here's the link; 


And just in case it gets f*cked with again here's a screen shot that a took;  


Petition hack  

What this proves now is that the "no planers" or someone associated with them is a hacker, and quite possibly a paid scumbag dinsfo clown. EITHER WAY what this mainly proves is that the "no planers" are dodgy, and I would seriously like to see them all banned from this site. They’ll probably come back on different ips, and worm their way in through some other angle. But regardless from my perspective these people are damaging and distracting enough already, and with this bullshit on top I've got to say their also suspect. 

Who's the hacker Nico? 

Wow, Dem...

...this is startling, but I suppose, not surprising.
If this isn't an indication of this groups "dodginess", nothing is.

To being with I thought this

To being with I thought this shit was quite disturbing, but really its just joke, and what's funny about to me is that someone even spent the time hacking that, when it's just some stupid little petition that no one really even cared about. Kind of shows desperation I think, really pathetic.

Anyway man thanks for pointing out that mistake, I'd already noticed it actually, I made a sh!t load of typos as well lol!

of course you blame the

of course you blame the 911tvfakery guys for this hacking of your hackness - but who could easily manipulate and change this blog? maybe the blog masters here, but certainly not those of us who appreciated the attention in the first place!
911tvfakery is a reality - awareness of it can't possibly go away. if it was a bogus concept it would be easily disproven. as easily disproven as the fairytale that 4 boeings were highjacked and flown into 3 landmark buildings is disproven.

that's right, and CD would have been disproven as well

But instead the logic and science overwhelmed the silly stupidity by deniers, and everyone admitted the obvious common sense. NPT will arise in the same fashion

it should get hacked

Why? Because only an idiot would post such nonsense. Pure disinfo not based on scientific evidence. It's wasting people's time. You're attemping to confuse people by comparing the NPT (back by scientific evidence) with your nonsense (with no evidence). You must be a MSM shill undercover, as it's the same tactics! Grow up or shut up. If you can't grow up and take your blindfold off, then shut up and go back to your cartoons

It was possibly defaced by

It was possibly defaced by flagwaver script kiddies.
For our issue on 9/11 TV Fakery it put even more attention on it.
Both petition and defacement do only backfire.

Why Can't You No Planers Just Stay On Your Own Websites

Its rediculous you would even spend time to hack that comical petition and then try to justify it. Just go away Nico and Nico's underlings. No one here wants you posting. You weren't doing this BS last month and everybody was happy. Just stop. You have your own websites just stay there with your own kind. 911blogger is for rational people only, get over it and leave. You keep talking like anything you say will make people believe you. But your wrong so just leave us alone, your not wanted. Your like the kid who noone wants to be around but wont leave.

the reason I'm doing this...

I just figured out that THIS is what the government does not want to get out. If this truth was exposed, it would bring down the MSM! And as that article in Technology Review explained, people should NOT be trusting the video they seen on CNN.

You want the government to use horogram terror attacks and claim it was real? And then we could invade Iran, Syria, China, and God knows who else?

The technology exists. People must learn.

We Don't Care

What you believe. Just leave. You have your own websites, use those, not ours. Why do you insist on annoying us when we've asked you to leave?

here's the new petition...

here's the new petition... bigger and better.

Plane huggers unite!! lol



get ready for the next fake war...the war on extra-terrestrials

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