Save Mike Malloy video!!

Here's a copy of the email I sent to AAR:

To whom it may concern,

This e-mail is submitted in support of Mike Malloy.

I was stunned to learn that Mike has been fired from AAR. As a listener, it's really important to me that you know how disappointed I am with
your decision.

I believe you will come to regret letting Mike go. He is the only AAR radio host that has demonstrated true courage and righteous outrage over what has taken place in our country. I place the events of 9/11 at the very top of that list.

Not even Randi Rhodes has shown the level of true patriotism we need now, in order to expose the depth of corruption, to which the Bush administration has sunk.

Your termination of Mike Malloy has the effect of condoning the actions of this corrupt administration in as much as it is apparent that you are censoring the views expressed by Mike.

True progressives are not blind to the fact that this action qualifies AAR as being nothing more than a left-wing gatekeeper.

The fact that you would take this action so close to the mid-term elections only intensifies the utter contempt I now hold for AAR and it's affiliate stations.

To say that you should feel shame is not only an understatement, but an obvious waste of text. Your organization clearly has no shame.

To HELL with Air America Radio!!!


Here's a new Save Mike Malloy Video! Classic Mike!!! Well, it's not really a video, it's more of an audio clip, but if you like Mike, you'll like it.

More Mike talking about Chuckle Nuts!

Hot Air

I want the truth about 911 as much as you do, but ranting about this to Air America Radio will acheive nothing. The whole letter is therefore a waste of text. Sadly you are not helping Mike at all.

Cibel, Chris Rose was


Chris Rose was responding to a request from Mike Malloy and one of the co-founders of AAR to contact AAR as posted on this website. A copy of that request is posted below...

At least Chris is taking action. On the other hand, what are you doing?


UPDATE: This from the co-founder of AAR;

Mike Malloy and Andy Rooney

"...I suspect Malloy's termination was more about personality than performance. It certainly was not about money. My suggestion to those who love Mike Malloy is to do what the audience of 60 Minutes did when they terminated Andy Rooney several years ago. Email or write them about your feelings and we may still have a chance to get him back. I have already vigorously registered my complaint directly to the board and I understand that Sam Sedar also did on the air yesterday. Go to the AAR web site at and let them know how you feel. Register on line free and click "About Us" on the right side of the top and "Contact us" will appear. I talked to Mike Malloy and he would be open to coming back if too much time does not pass."

Here's the phone number to call: 212-871-8290 or email to: