The BlackJade Files

Some here may know ARG researcher "BlackJade" from LibertyForum, but for those that don't, she is is a very informative resource who is of the opinion that "al-Qadea" is an asset of US and Western Intelligence.

I'd like to share some of her recent posts - in reverse chronological order to see what you guys think. BE SURE and scroll down past the article for the commentary.

Omar Sheikh's Boss, JEM Chief Maulana Masood Azhar, Was Recruiter in UK During Bosnian War

TRIPLE CROSS: Did Ali Mohammed "infiltrate" CIA, FBI, & Green Berets? Or Was He Hired By CIA?

How Fitzgerald & Chertoff Obstructed Justice in 1993 WTC Attack & Rahman Case

Suspects in UK "Bojinka-type" Plots Were From "Al-Muhajiroon Splinter Group" of UK-US "Assets"?

Jill Carroll's Captors in Iraq Demanded Release of CIA's "Valuable Asset" Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman

UK Terrorist Suspects "Visited" Omar Sheikh in Jail, Conduit for $100,000 From ISI to Mohammed Atta

Unraveling Mystery of Altered FBI Affidavits & Coverup of Pakistani Military at Balakot in Lodi Case

On Al-Jazeera Video Zawahiri "Welcomes" Hakayma "Loyal" to CIA "Asset" Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman

Classified Motion in Case of Ptech Investor & Manager Muhamed Mubayyid "Not Available To the Public"

Padilla case said to lack evidence
What Happened to the Evidence of Padilla & Global Relief Foundation in Kosovo?

Why Did Treasury Dept. Only Freeze Assets of Philippines & Indonesian Branches of IIRO?

More US Intelligence Ties to Moussaoui - Moussaoui's Notebook Had Blackwater's Phone Number

Did FBI Try to Recruit CIA Operative Jose Padilla as an FBI "Informant" in 2002?

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Asks US Embassy to Admit Osama's “Top Deputy” Khalil Deek's Family to US

The Curious Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, VA & CIA, Saudi, & Muslim Brotherhoods Fronts

Abdurahman Khadr on CIA Payroll & Trained at Khalden Training Camp, May Get Canadian Passport

Former BCCI & "Al Qaeda" Financiers in Bin Mahfouz SEDCO Invest in Saudi Real Estate Conglomerate

CNN Deletes Article on Malvo Testimony on What "DC Sniper" Said About Osama Bin Laden

How Much Did NSA Chief Hayden Know About Nawaf al Hazmi & Khalid al Mihdhar in Bosnia Operation?

Michael Hayden Used TWRA in Bosnia Arms Smuggling, TWRA Sent $40,000 to Plotters of 1993 WTC Attack

Kingdom of Ptech Investors Sets Up New Charity Fronts In Virginia to "Help Hispanic immigrants"

Buffalo Business Fronts Laundered Funds to Derwish in Yemen, Who Was Bumped Off by CIA Pedator

Why Taliban Has Never Been on State Dept's List of "Foreign Terrorist Organizations"

Foundation for Appropriate & Immediate Temporary Help Got $150,000 From Ptech Director's Charity

Accused London Bomber Khan Was UK Official in Dept. of Trade & Industry, Had Pakistan Jihad Training

Ex-CIA Official Was NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence During Al Farooq Mosque Investigation


"Or were there hijackers?" - A rebuttal

Able Danger found Mohammed Atta connection to CIA network in Brooklyn

The American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, The Caucasus, and The Grand Chessboard

Plucked from the Database: 'Al-Qaeda' boogeymen all share a common past, hidden in plain sight

The Clinton & Bush Coverups: Bojinka, Ramzi Yousef, Bin Laden, & 9-11



This is, by no means an exaustive list. For more by BlackJade, you can click here:


BlackJade's work must be checked out!

Especially if you are new to all of this covert ops stuff.

Amazing resource.