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From FluxRostrum;

Here's the UTube post.


there is now a bit torrent available for the big phat file. You can get the torrent on my site.

I'm currently trying to enter it into Arrianna huffington's "Contagious Film Fest"
but the upload keeps crapping out...

If I can get it listed there a plug to vote for it would mean a lot...


Good Idea

Please don't underestimate the importance of things like the "Contagious Festival."

Speaking from experience, it represents a great outreach opportunity. Allowing 9/11Revisited on there was a big mistake for the gatekeepers.

Divide the Contagious Festival

The Divide is currently number 10 in the Contagious Festival.

Check it out and pass it around.
Each unique visit is a vote.


The entry page also has links to other 911 resource sites... like this one ... :~)