Le Monde diplomatique, Scandinavian edition Publish a Special Issue about the 5-year anniversary of 9/11

Le Monde Diplomatique, Scandinavian edition has now published a 5-year anniversary issue about September 11.

The issue contain:
- an article on Webster Tarpley's MIHOP-theory
- a duel of facts between Dr. Steven E.Jones and Dr. James Quintiere
- a lengthy interview with Daniele Ganser on the topic of false flag terrorism on 9/11
- and many other articles.

Click on links below, and you will find all the articles .

Article on why terror is not a serious threat against humanity (continues on the link which leads to article on Tarpley)


A 5-year timeline of the war against terror


An article which asks the question if United 93 was shot down


A duel of facts between Professor Steven E.Jones and Dr. James Quintiere


An article about the MIHOP Theory of Webster Griffin Tarpley


Interview with Dr. Daniele Ganser on the topic of false flag terrorism and September 11, 2001


are they in english?

are they in english?

New articles from Le Monde Diplomatique

No they are in Norwegian, no in English, but the newspaper usually translate their articles in the following days after publication, I will post translations immediatly if I see them.

Two translations

Here are two translations, one of the interview with daniele ganser, and the other one of the article about United 93.


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