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Loose Change articles printed here:

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Also, Loose Change will be shown on the History Channel in Australia on September 11 at 9PM.

Finally, Loose Change 2 will be seen on:

Planete France,
BNN Holland and Zembla Holland
VRT Belgium
TV2 Norway
TV4 Fakta Sweden
Canal Plus Poland
History Channel Australia
RTP Portugal
Exa TV Mexico
Noga TV Israel
Geo TV Pakistan
MBC Middle East

Hopefully more information on dates and times to follow. Here is a quick message from the Loose Change foreign distributor:

And that anybody who lives in these countries should tell all their friends and promote the show to them, and talk to their local media outlets..news organisations, newspapers, blogs, etc..we need the message to go out to the world that a potential audience of 100 million is out there, which will in itself become part of the story.

We need maximum exposure for Loose Change now ahead of the broadcast and you must call on your army of supporters to communicate that it is on tv to every one who could watch it. Just as 9/11 traumatised the world, so too can Loose Change 2.

Loose Change

Sounds like good news to me. Loose Change is by far the best 9/11 truth video out there. Just the other day my brother-in-law came by the house. He knows I am a truther but he is (was)a skeptic. While we were talking he asked me if I had seen the video "Loose Change." He had heard about it from friends. That is all he needed to say. I cranked up my computer and started playing it on my big screen TV which is wired to my computer. It blew his mind! While watching the towers come down he shouted "Mike, you can see the bombs going off! My God!!". Needless to say he is no longer a skeptic........To all you NWO boys who monitor this site, Your days are numbered thanks to Dylan and truthers like him. My advice to you is to cop a plea and go out peacefully. That way you may avoid the gallows. When the entire world wakes up to what you people have done it won't be pretty.

Wait till the Final Cut

Think about the impact the new, irrefutable Final Cut will have.  LC already has such momentum that the new version will spread like wildfire, overnight.


I do hope it will be shown EVERYWHERE around the world.
Everyone MUST see this !!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

Greetings to all from NEW YORK !

I agree -- Loose Change is

I agree -- Loose Change is head and shoulders above all the other 9/11 films. Hufschmid's is the second best film imo.....but as Michael Collins Piper revealed this week, Eric's half-sister is married to Rupert Murdoch's son.

Maybe that explains his going off the rails more than a bit recently.

holy shit, is that true? can

holy shit, is that true? can you verify the Murdoch-Hufschmid connection with a link?

It was Piper's show on

It was Piper's show on Thursday, Chris, on which he claimed/revealed Hufschmid's relationship with Murdoch. It is being repeated again on Monday night.

You can listen to Thurday's
show here..


thanks. this is kind of

thanks. this is kind of ironic. Hufschmid always makes such big leaps of logic to the point that if anyone was ever in the same room together, they must be in on the grand Zionist plot he obbsesses over and connects everything to. dont get me wrong, his book Painful Questions was the very first 9/11 book i ever bought and it really opened my eyes, but this will be useful to use against Hufschmid when he gets on his little anti-semitic rants. im sure hes been at some family parties or something with Murdoch. i guess by his standards that makes him a part of the "plot",haha.

This is great news.

This is great news.

If LC will be shown on all these channels, it will be close to a MSM break in Europe.

TV4 is the biggest channel in Sweden.

LC in scandinavia ...

Hi all

Just verified that TV4 Fakta is indeed airing LC (http://www.tv4.se/tv4/tvguide/tvguide.aspx?date=2006-09-11) - yes, on september 11th.

I couldn't verify that Norways NRK2 is airing it (anyone have the exact date?)

But I will, regardless, use this info to tell the major Danish networks to get off their asses.

Wish me luck ...

Martin, Denmark

Hello! TV2 Norway will be


TV2 Norway will be airing "9/11 press for truth" on 11 September.


I'll have to tune in for

I'll have to tune in for that. Atleast add some rating to the program and keep an eye out for different swedish forum topics on this and guide the ignorant masses to 7+ more documentaries.


TV2 and NRK2 are two different channels. I haven't found any schedules containing LC. However, TV2 will air "9/11: Press for truth" on their main channel at 22:30 CET on September 11th. NRK1 on the other hand will air "9/11 – The day the world changed", a BBC documentary which looks like another whitewash to me.

Norway - 9/11 truth website

LC2 euro shows = inconsequential

Don't kid yourselves.

The only place where 911 truth counts is in the
US of Angst.

USA citizens fall into categories, all of which involve
some cognitive dissonance

- happy to benefit from US corporate/military/government

- indifferent towards others suffering and happy about
secure oil supplies

- enraged but powerless

- activist, but unorganised

Lets imagine a CONSEQUENTIAL world:

- Jurisdiction people ordering arrests
- organised people paralysing the system, consumer boycott
- people stand off against weapons and violence (police)

911 Truth counts worldwide

"The only place where 911 truth counts is in the
US of Angst." is naive. NATO INVOLVEMENT INDICATED. NATO's own website goes on and on about how Al-Qaida were behind the attacks and that we should all be afraid and give up our rights. Do you seriously think the US could have carried out 9/11 without the plan being endorsed by NATO? Who's troops are currently in Afghanistan and Iraq? NATO troops. The Norwegian government, by means of local police departments, covertly sabotage and torture 9/11 activist. Think about that. 7-7-2005, "britans 9/11", happened in.. Britan. 9/11 is just one of many inside-job terrorist plots who are regularly carried out throughout the world. 9/11 truth counts EVERYWHERE.

I can confirm for Planete France

I've just been on Planete's site and it's true, they are going to broadcast it!!!
It's on their homepage (http://www.planete.tm.fr/) and you can see that it will be multi-broadcasted 5 times.

I can't believe it's hitting the mainstream media in Europe!

Planete is one of the oldest and most RESPECTABLE documentary channel in Europe.
Here in France, it is on cable TV (maybe, one third of the people have access to it)

Great news! It will be a shock for most of the people since here there are not a lot of people aware of the truth...

They're going to show Loose

They're going to show Loose change next Friday night (8 of Sept) on RTP2 in Portugal(State-controled second, more artsy, channel), when I saw the commercial showing I couldn't believe it, I just started grinning.

Anyways... I've seen Loose Change and frankly I don't think it's the best one, there are a lot of things which are wrong.. What do you guys think?

Do you seriously think the

Do you seriously think the US could have carried out 9/11 without the plan being endorsed by NATO?


I go one further.

911 was possible because it was ONLY in the USA.. and nowhere else.

If you are talking about the aftermath, now THAT is done with the full agreement of every arsehole wannabe dictator in the world. Once the US-americans had done their thing, its sooo easy for others to follow and feign to react to terrorism, while they are in fact reacting to the power structure, kissing arse.

i HOPE everyone who reads this will go to new york. I wish I could

Listening to STADTMILLER SHOW (loose change guys) is a great positive vibe of US americans "waking up" to the elites' game.


Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut

Be sure to check Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut here:

It has some additions from the original 2nd edition version.

Loose Change = LIES

I can´t believe this... all you people. So gullible. I saw the ad on RTP2 and immediatly emailed them warning of copyright violation. Yes, you see, besides the lies within this 'documentary' (created by young pricks with a laptop), this wreck of a show displays copyrighted images.

So, not only Loose Change is a pack of lies, it is violating a number of copyright laws. If tv stations are showing this crap in your country i advise you to contact them, contact your local copyrigh protection bureau (like I did) and act against this.

If you want to know the truth about Loose Change, I advise you to dig deeper than just sitting in your couch, swallowing every bit of lies Dylan Avery & Co. throw at you.

And, if you still believe a 20 year old and his lies my advice is keep at it, you´re doing just great, this world really need you... and yes I´m being ironic here.

One last thought, Loose change started out has a fictional story. Read about it and you will learn.

Loose Change = excellent

Loose Change = excellent footage to decide for yourself. Independent citizens then decide 9/11=inside job

Debunk this.

What constitutional

What constitutional provision prevails when it comes to something as politically important as 9/11?

The First Amendment


The Copyright Clause

No contest here. Trust me, this is a court battle you shills don't want to fight.

So, your concern is about

So, your concern is about copyright rights?

We are busy breaking the news that the US gov't are using false-flag terror against its own population.