This is why NPT zealots are a problem RIGHT HERE

From a random blog I stumbled across.

Talking to a buddy about my new hobby involving conspiracy theorists at ground zero, he asked, "Now, why are you doing this again?"

My answer is three fold.

1. I think it's extremely distasteful for people to go to a grave site of 3000 and imply that some of the passengers in the plane and members of the FDNY were "in on it". That's like believing that only 200,000 Jews died during World War II and preaching outside of the Holocaust Museum.

2. I hate bad science. If there were a bunch of intelligent design advocates that protested once a week in front of the Natural History Museum, I'd go bug them. Unfortunately, New York City has a dearth of creationist nut jobs.

3. These people are a comedy goldmine. Not a minute goes by down there when I don't think, "I can't believe that just came out of your mouth."

Some gems from last Saturday:

I had been speaking to a man who was late to work at Windows of the World at the top of the World Trade Center that day and was there when the planes hit. The poor guy was mobbed by nuts asking if "he really saw the second plane." For those not in the know, apparantly United Flight 175 was CGI'ed. I shit you not.

keep up the good work morons! You really bring credibility to the table for us.