World Crisis Radio - Carol Brouillet is on now.

UPDATE: Carol is on live now.

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Carol's awesome.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

Immortal Technique " The 4th Branch "

Immortal Technique " The 4th Branch "

When you post something like that...

Please say something like "Graphic Content" or something. Thanks.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

you the puritan police?

it actually says it right on the youtube site:

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Hip Hop music video by Immortal Techniqu Hip Hop music video by Immortal Technique

Great rhymes,vibe and beats

The visual pictures may offend some people,If this is YOU...Dont watch,If YOU do still decide to watch..Dont Complain...STOP and THINK why these images offend YOU and search your soul and make the changes needed to STOP ALL OF THIS ... (more) (less)

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"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

calm down man. were you

calm down man. were you really offended by anything you saw in that video? if so, im sorry, i'll try and warn next time i post something, i figured most people here wouldnt have a problem with it and didnt even think to put a warning, my fault.

No warning should be

No warning should be necessary. It should be mandatory for people to view those kind of pictures. Good post Chris.


Even for people who spend 16 hours a day reading the news of the world, and who are more than aware of what's going on, and have a hard enough time dealing with the insanity of it all without having to see bloody children?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

thanks. yes, its ashame our

thanks. yes, its ashame our media doesnt show the reality of war. some people cant take it, but it should be mandatory, especially for the people who support such wars.

Just a thought experiment

Shouldn't we acknowledge that, even though covert elements in our government most likely had a hand in it, 9/11 is to be used as a calling for collective action to both address extremism against the US and to support our government's role securing vital resources for the long term future?

That our government probably did this, we cannot change. But shouldn't we take advantage of this moment by supporting our government's attempt to change world conditions in our favor?

You must agree that our nation faces a great challenge sustaining its current energy balance -- sustaining luxury, decadence, excessive consumption. Since our habits require so much meddling of the world, shouldn't we let those in charge meddle without question?

Who are we to expose the inside operations of these transient rulers who are at the very least trying to patch the energy gap caused by our very existence?

interesting thought. sounds

interesting thought. sounds like a rationalization of the slaughter(i wont bore you with the irreversable political/geopolitical/financial etc. damage its done) of 3000 people to me. you ask-"Who are we to expose the inside operations of these transient rulers who are at the very least trying to patch the energy gap caused by our very existence?" i ask who are they to make these decisions? who elected these transient rulers? nobody. this isnt some naive simplification, this is about those transient rulers, as you put it, and how they for far too long have been making "decisions" like 9/11 and various other false flags,assassinations,propaganda,war etc. how can you sit there and make excuses for them? you believe in peak oil? fine, thats no excuse for the murder of innocent people on 9/11 and subsequent cover-up. there are better ways. you are a part of the problem for even being capable of thinking like that, for rationalizing 9/11.

Thinking like those among us who know better

I think many among us use the above thought process to justify 9/11 no matter who perpetrated the acts.

These people will likely believe this type of attack was inevitable. And so why not make it happen and be in total control. Why not make the move on our terms at the best possible time and with the greatest (ie Philip Zelikow style) impact?

those among us who know

those among us who know better? you dont know better, your making excuses not only for the crime of 9/11, but the cover-up as well, so dont act like you "know better". your a sick fuck. end of story. yeah, we need oil, that doesnt give them the right......


among us know better -- translation -- These people know about the evidence, they know about the oddities of WTC 7, they know about the military stand down. They know better, but they continue to follow the lead of the government and mainstream media.

I know better too, but I personally don't go around pretending 19 hijackers and a man living in a cave staged the event.

My point here is to try to think like those who willfully avoid acknowledging the likelihood that 9/11 was a self inflicted wound.

if 9/11 is ever exposed,

if 9/11 is ever exposed, like it rightly should be, the man you seem to look up to so much, Philip Zelikow, will no doubt fry. i cant wait, i can only hope that smypathizers and excuse makers like yourself also get roundly exposed.

You got to be kidding?

Why don't you tell that to the families of the 3,000 victums of the 9/11 attacks or the parents of the dead solders who lost their lives in Iraq and Afganistan? You have got to be kidding? It is that kind of thinking that got us in the mess we are in now. Wake up and smell the roses pal. As far as Carol being on the Tarpley show, she will do just fine. She is an excellent public speaker and a true patriot. It blows my mind but Carol was once a Republican and comes from a well-to-do Republican family. Amazing!


We are in this mess because in American history we have been so manipulative. And today, we are in a mess because we consume and we demand so much. Twenty million barrels of oil per day is just a proxy.

To grasp the enomrity is almost to much to bear.

BTW, 'Soldiers die in Irap to protect our right it drive SUVs' Jeff Goodell author of 'Big Coal'

We are in this because

We are in this mess because we allowed the federal reserve to take over the money supply. He who makes the money makes the rules. Every dollar you pay in taxes goes to pay off the INTEREST on the national debt. The federal reserve is owned by the world bankers. That is where your money goes. They own this country, we don't. The world bankers are the puppet masters. They call the shots. They put puppets like Bush into power. Without their backing and approval 9/11 never would have happened. This mess has very little to do with oil. Wake up anonymous. Follow the money.

That is

BTW, 'Soldiers die in Iraq to protect our right to drive SUVs' Jeff Goodell author of 'Big Coal'

They're not doing it to save

They're not doing it to save my lifestyle. The globalist's plan is to crush the middle classes of richer nations like USA, Europe, AU etc; and reorganize the world into a neo-feudal high tech police state. The debt bubble in the US is caving in presently, real estate is in free fall. 1, 2, 3 years out this is going to look like a very different country, economy. It's happening around us now.

No, they don't give a flying F about you. Here, let George Carlin explain it to you:

Big New York Times article: 2 U.S. Reports.....About 9/11

2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11

Why did a demolition monitoring service have seismographs....?

From the NY Times article^:

"The report brought to light one little-known detail about the morning: a private demolition monitoring firm, Protec Documentation Services, had seismographs at several construction sites in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Those machines documented the tremors of the falling towers, but captured no ground vibrations before the collapses from demolition charges or bombs, according to a separate report by Brent Blanchard, the director of field operations for Protec. It is available online at"

Why did Protec demolition monitoring have seismographs at several construction sites in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn on 9/11?

official line is weak!!

classic!! Wow! ... how weak!!

But yous can rest assured that THEY WILL DEFEND THE ABOVE POINTS...

Someone should make a debunking the debunk - page. Fantastic!! These guys are loosing it.


To the "thought

To the "thought experiment"person-Uh,no we should not just allow the exploitation of the crime of 911.If we were as immoral as you,we would not be on this TRUTH website,discussing ways in which to get the truth out.The entire modern world has life styles to maintain.This doesn't mean that we should look the other way while organised crime runs the country.Nice try.

thank you Layla, i cant

thank you Layla, i cant believe this friggin guy is for real.......

Tarpley's Show on 9/2/06 is a Repeat

Hey -

I went away week before this last one on vacation and when I came back, I downloaded Tarpley's shows for 9/19 and 9/26 which I'd missed. When I started listening to the show for 9/26, it was the identical show from the week before, so I sent an e-mail to see if this was in error.

The reply I got stated that Tarpley was in the Netherlands and ran a rebroadcast on 9/26. The note also added that his show would be repeat this week as well - in fact, they went as far as to mention that they'd be rebroadcasting the 8/12 show on 9/2.

Are you sure that this info isn't for 9/9?

I mean, I hope you're right, I'd rather have Tarpley do a new program.

Anyway, cheers...


New York Times article

In the NY Times article here:
it says: "few proponents of the explosives theory are willing to venture explanations of how daunting logistical problems would be overcome, such as planting thousands of pounds of explosives in busy office towers."

This sentence could (and should) have been rephrased something like: "few proponents of the official theory are willing to venture explanations of how daunting logistical problems would be overcome, such as violating the laws of physics and achieving the impossible, three times in the same day."

If only!

I just want to say that

I just want to say that TARPLEY IS THE BEST. (PERIOD)

You're welcome Chris

Yes this guy is un-believable.
To Thought Experiment, no we can't "change"the fact that our government did this, but you don't "change" crimes, you catch the criminals and prevent them from committing more crimes.You don't go along with them.These criminals are not going to "adress extremism or "patch" anything, they are going to destroy the country.
Is this a new tactic they're trying out? Okay, yeah we did it but it was for a good reason... What a nightmare.

It was great to hear Carol

It was great to hear Carol Brouillet. I agree with her and Tarpley wholeheartedly.

What was amazing to me was hearing about her husband. When Carol asked her husband to watch 911 tapes or read 911 books (for example D.R.Griffin's books) that he won't even watch any of the tape or read any of the book. That is beyond astounding to me. Why doesn't he at
least look to see if there is anything valid on the tape. Read one page. Look for 30 seconds. Isn't he the slightest bit curious why his wife is nearly turning the entire bay area upside down to proclaim the 911 Commission report was a pack of lies. For 4 years he has seen his wife doing this. How can it be that he won't even look at one piece of evidence. Her husband does not realize this about life and death. We are not playing a game here !!!

Can't Carol say that building 7 collapsed and there is not even a mention of it in the 911 Commission report.
Or that the day Paul ONeil (resigned deputy director of the FBI who wasn't liked by the neo-cons) started his first day on the job at WTC 1 on 911, he died in the collapse.
Or "pull it" by Silverstein.
Or how can a 127x44 foot 757 go into a 13x26 foot hole in the pentagon. How come no engines were found.
Or how can a newbie pilot fly 10 feet off the ground without touching the lawn in front of the pentagon going 500 miles an hour.
Or flight 93 engines or bodies not being found at the supposed crash site.
Or Bush's folly in Sarasota.
Or Rumsfield's going to a second meeting after he heard about the first plane hitting WTC 1, not doing anything.
Or the loss of 2.2 trillion dollars announced by Rumsfield on 9.10.2001, the pentagon can't find it.
Or the False flag operations.
OR why is there this coverup and that coverup if the evidence clearly shows that it was the 19 hijackers.

Could anyone be in a better position to become aware of the truth than Carol's husband and yet after 4 years he is convinced of nothing ?

What can we do to get this people to at least get to the fence (They are not sitting on it yet) ?

What can we say to them about listening to the tapes. Maybe some of the following things:

1. Aren't you open to the truth ? Maybe you can help me understand where I have gotten off on the wrong path ?

2. Have you read the 911 commission report ? Then how can you know if it's true or not.

3. How can 36% of the population be wrong about thinking LIHOP and MIHOP. Why are the public convinced of this ? What facts do they know ?

4. There are 300,000 INNOCENT Iraqis murdered in the Iraq War up to this day (quote taken from Helen Caldicott). Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and did not have any WMD. So, WHY ARE WE THERE ??? Can you trust your government after these lies ?

5. Eisenhower warned of the MIComplex. If there is 500 Billion a year at stake then can you trust there won't be lying going on.

6. Did you know about Operation Northwoods. Do you know about false flag incidents ? Do you know about the Bay of Tonkin ? Do you know about the Reichstag ?

7. how could 2.2 trillion dollars be missing at the pentagon. How could the media not cover this.

8. If I am wrong then all that happens is that I have egg on my face and you wasted a little of your time.
If you are wrong then we get 911 TWO and 911 THREE and 911 FOUR ... and we get World War 3.
4.5 Billion years is the half life of Uranium.

9. This administration contemplates using atomic weapons on Iran. No one in their right mind would ever contemplate releasing such terrible things on the earth !!!! Can you afford to not to look at what we are showing you.
Listen to Helen Caldicott. She has nothing to do with 911. She is a scientist and doctor and is scared to death of what will happen in case of a war with IRAN.



Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott stated that she does not believe the world will survive four more years of Bush. She has been an anti-nuke activist for years. I have no idea what her stance is on 9/11. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Where can I listen to MP3 of

Where can I listen to MP3 of Carol B?

Stadtmiller's on from 4-6 central, but no sign of Carol B hosting, or guesting. ????

Carol Brouliett with Tarpley link.

you can hear Tarpley with guest Carol Brouliett at this url

Choose the Hr2 link.

I believe the Hr1 link is a rerun.

You cant hear Tarpley

You cant hear Tarpley interview Brouliett there, or anywhere slse since Tarpley has'ne recorded a show for weeks for some reason!
Here's what you will get -
Sat., September 2, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )
Rebroadcast of Saturday, August 12, 2006

Carol B. interview

Correct, the first hour is from last week. The second hour is the Carol B. interview.