Free Postcards & French publishing news.

  • 9/11 Truth publisher Progressive Press has printed up 5,000 postcards for the 5th anniversary of 9/11, see

    We are offering them free of charge to activists who can distribute them.

    Please reply to me to get a bunch right away to hand out if you are going to demonstrate in NYC or Washington in September:

    Also please forward this message to your 9/11 activist lists!

  • A small French publisher, Arno Mansour of Editions Demilune, Paris is bringing out five 911 Truth books in French translation for the 5th anniversary of 9/11.

    It's a remarkable achievement for a small press: 5 translations in the record time of 6 months -- believe me, I know from translating just one book, Broeckers' Conspiracies, Theories, Secrets of 9/11, from the German.

    Here's nominating Arno Mansour for most valuable overseas 9/11 activist of 2006!

    The titles are Tarpley's 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Griffin's New Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Report Omissions and Distortions, Ahmed's War on Truth, and Thorn's 9/11 on Trial.

    You can see the cover art at his website, . He is also working on a French mirror site for Thompson's online Terror Timeline.

  • Barnes & Noble finally placed an order for 9/11 Synthetic Terror today, which they have been promising since June. One or two copies each for their top stores to start. It appears Borders may also have placed a similar order.

Bad news (for Germans)

A very polemic hit piece against the truth movement. SpiegelTV - a very popular tv program - is airing a story about the "bizarre conspiracy stories" tonight.,1518,434908,00.html,1518,434032,00.html

Sorry, but I have to puke!

Der Spewgle

Not only SpiegelTV, but their magazine has also drifted so far Right over the past 6 - maybe 8 - years, it's nauseating.

Another one bites the pulverized dust.

Truth about SpiegelTV

In January 2006, the US media company "Discovery Communication" bought 98 per cent of XXP (SpiegelTV, DCTP, now DMAX). Discovery Communication is the producer of "93 - The Flight That Fought Back".

That means that almost all of the documentaries that we see in Germany are made by a US media company.