Homegrown Conspiracy Theories

Note the language of the latest Washington Post story about 9/11 skeptics:
U.S. Rebuts 9/11 Homegrown Conspiracy Theories.

Forget the dubious claim that the US government has "rebut" anything. The use of "homegrown" is an intentional echo of "homegrown terrorism," the White House attempt to subconsciously reinforce Bush's line that "if we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them here at home."

"Homegrown" terrorism also plants the seed of suspicion everywhere, and it justifies calls for a more "unified" intelligence response to terrorism. In other words, the terminology encourages consolidation of power. Here is what FBI director Mueller said back in June:


'There is no one person, no one agency, no one police department, indeed no one country that has all of the answers,' Mueller said.

'Our greatest weapon against terrorism is unity,' Mueller stated. 'And that unity is built on information-sharing and coordination among our partners in the law enforcement and the intelligence communities.'