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  • 9/11 Truth Table at Labor Picnic

    Join Kevin Barrett and other 9/11 truth-seekers this Monday, Labor Day, from noon to whenever it ends, at the annual Labor Day picnic, Madison Labor Temple, 1602 S. Park St., otherwise known as LaborFest. There will be a 9/11 truth table with buttons, bumper-stickers, deception dollars and DVDs.

    Organized (get it?) by the South Central Labor Federation, LaborFest is a "day of solidarity and fun for the whole family." The music starts at 12:30 p.m. with Andy Linderman – Mel Ford Band. They will be followed by the jazz/funk sounds of Phat Phunktion at 2:30 p.m.

  • 9/11 Truth-Seekers to Reimburse UW Extension Ozaukee County Board Cut Backfires

    Texas mother and 9/11 truth seeker Cait Burgess was outraged when she heard that the Ozaukee County Board had cut $8,472 from the local University Extension budget to punish the university for employing Kevin Barrett. So she took a crash course in web design, set up a fund-raiser, and is well on the way to raising the money necessary to reimburse the university! Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth will host a press conference at which the funds will be presented to the university. Stay tuned to , and for details.

    To contribute, go to:

  • Sept. 11 conspiracy professor plans UWO appearance - Campus Greens sponsor documentary screening, Barrett's appearance

    A controversial UW-Madison lecturer who believes the U.S. government was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks will appear at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in late October at an event sponsored by the campus Green Party.

    Even before school begins, the visit is sparking debate and concern on campus.

    Kevin Barrett's Oct. 26 visit to Reeve Memorial Union will largely focus on academic freedom, campus Greens confirmed....

  • Loose Change Crew Events Schedule and Flyer

    This post will be stuck here until 9/11/2006 rolls around. Scroll down for any updates. So you're jumping from the future to the present, sortof...

    Click here for the flyer

    Friday, Sept. 8, 7pm
    St. Marks Church, 2nd Ave 10th Street
    Take the 6 train to Astor Place or R train to 8th Street

    9/11 As Pretext For War

    Speakers will include Alfons Olzsewski from 9/11 Vets For Truth, Korey Rowe, producer of Loose Change and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan War, Elaine Brower Member of World Can't Wait who’s son is currently in Iraq and Ralph Schoenman, from WBAI's Taking Aim.

    Saturday, Sept. 9th, 11:30am
    Union Square
    Take the N,R,W,Q,6,5 or 4 train to Union Square
    Outreach Action NYC 9/11 Grassroots Action

    We're calling for hundreds of people to come participate in a huge outreach action to leaflet at least 7 areas of Manhattan. We will gather by the George Washington statue at the south side of Union Square along 14th Street to pick up literature, and then spread out to areas such as Herald Square, the NY Public Library, Columbus Circle, Washington Sq. Park, and Ground Zero. Activists from NY 911 Truth will coordinate. Lets spread the city with truth.

    Saturday, Sept. 9th, 3pm
    Community Church, 40 E 35th street by Park Ave.
    Take the 6 train to 33rd street

    The Media, The Message, The Mandate


    Speakers will include Jim Marrs, Barb Honegger, Tom Foti, Howie Hawkins, Sander Hicks, Barry Chamish, Chris Emery and Barrie Zwicker.

    5:30 pm - 7 pm - Dinner break

    7 pm New York Stories

    We will hear from New Yorkers who were directly effected by the terrorist attacks of 9-11. You will hear stories from family members, ill rescue workers, survivors and the Chaplin who gave last rights at ground zero who all believe 9-11 was an inside job.

    Sunday, Sept. 10th, 1pm
    The Great Hall at Cooper Union, 3rd Avenue, 7th street
    Take the 6 train to Astor place or R train to 8th street
    9/11 Truth Breakthrough

    Speakers will include Judy Wood, Jim Fetzer, Jesse Richard, Kevin Barrett, Ian Wood, Faiz Kahn, Bob Bowman, William Pepper, Barb Honegger, Lynn Pentz, Carl Person, Les Jamieson, Ralph Schoenman, Jim Marrs and Barrie Zwicker.

    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm - Dinner break

    6:30 pm

    Come see Alex Jones, documentarian and radio talk show host, a sneak preview of the 9/11 film Loose Change Final Cut, and music by Immortal Technique for a night of truth at the Great Hall of Copper Union. This event is going to get everyone ready for the action taking place the following morning at Ground Zero.

    Buy your ticket in advance by calling 212-279-4200 or online at where our event is listed in the pull down menu as The 9/11 Truth Breakthrough Rally. Price of $12 + $2 service fee for the full day will include a free "Investigate 9/11" T-shirt that we ask all to wear the following morning on 9/11/06 at Ground Zero beginning 8 am to show solidarity with the demand for truth.

    Monday, Sept. 11th, 8am
    Ground Zero
    Ground Zero Rally For Truth

    We will gather at Ground Zero wearing black T-shirts saying "Investigate 9/11" which you'll be able to get on Sunday, with the purchase of a ticket to Copper Union.

    IMPORTANT: We must stress that our intention is to be there in the spirit of solemn solidarity with the victim's families. We want to be seen as respectful, concerned Americans. Also, we ask that in the event anyone tries to agitate or instigate us in any way into a negative confrontation, we make every effort to diffuse the situation.

    Monday, Sept. 11th, 4:30 pm
    St. Marks Church, 2nd Ave 10th Street
    Take the 6 train to Astor Place or R train to 8th Street.

    9/11 Truth Convergence and Strategy Session for 2007

    We'll gather back at St. Marks Church for food, entertainment, networking and 2007.


    I would like to insert a personal aside here. We at Louder Than Words will not tolerate or allow ourselves to be associated with violence or disruptive behavior. We are there to rally together under a common cause, while maintaining respect and dignity for the victims' family members and friends. We are not there to shout, or to start fights. We are simply there to attend, with 10,000 DVDs to hand out to anyone interested in the information.

    That's the best way I can sum things up. Bring a camera. Film everything. See you all there.

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