News Footage From Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Could All Be Fake

The fake "War on Terror" is being driven by public opinion it seems. Whenever the mainstream media televises their propaganda events from the Middle East, Americans seem to stand behind it.

We have no proof that any of these "videos" are of real events...


People need to understand that ANY video - EVEN LIVE VIDEO - can be fake. This article from Technology Review explains all the details about realtime, live, on-the-fly video manipulation, deleting/editing/inserting prerecorded footage into live feed as it's happening.


The technology is very real! The article also discusses that fake videos could be on the evening news to alter world politics. This is an extremely serious issue.

Bombs going off in the Middle East, Americans being kidnapped, etc. could all be fake.


Regardless of what people think about 9/11 and the NPT, this is an extremely serious issue.


Anything we see on TV news- ANYTHING - could be fake!


People should be made aware