Pace University 9/11 Town Hall Meetings

Calling all New York Truth advocates and agitators:
Pace University will be hosting televised "town hall"-style meetings this week to mark the much-heralded Five-Year-Anniversary:

One needs to RSVP, which I imagine will be enforced due to the televised nature of the event.
This looks like a great opportunity for advocates and researchers to sow some seeds of skepticism and suspicion.
Just remember that a search for the Truth does not "insult the victims." We are all victims of the trauma and the deception.

Staying on Pace

Wasn't Gov. Kean, chaimran of the Commission, President of Pace?

Kean and Pace

Kean is currently on the National Board of Advisors for Pace, but I haven't confirmed that he was once President, although it's certainly plausible.