Paperless Electronic Voting Machines Must Be Stopped

Shocking election-theft testimony


Vote-rigging software written for Republican...


Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifies under oath before the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio (back in 2004)


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The Presidential Election Special Edition

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"The Next 911 Leaked".......
CIA PSY-OPS and the New World Order!!
Trading Freedom for "SAFETY"

For those American's who that still beleive in the Government's Conspiracy theory about 911, and are excited about their Government leaders make them secure from those evil, evil Arab's that the Government seems to never apprehend, stand by to be truly elated that after the next planned "TERRORIST" attack's on America their Government leaders are planning to remove all your GOD-Given Rights by implementing "MARTIAL LAW" in America!!
This time very conveniently the Government and Media will tell Us the Iranians have attacked America for Iran is the next planned "Target" for the Neo-Con's and the Internationalist "NEW World Order" Agents in our Government.

Our Organization has been given heads up that "Terrorist" events much worse then 911 are coming to a town or city near you. The Prospectus is that these "Terrorist" event's will give the "New World Internationlist" in our Government have been working for many years and that is to establish the crushing of all American's God Given Rights and to bring the American people racked with FEAR and TERROR will accept total "MARTIAL LAW" Yes this means military rule across America and the instalation of a Communist/Fascist system in America.

Wake UP America 911 was a Inside JOB!!

Ask yourself these following Questions?

1. Why did WTC 7 fall when it was never hit by a Airplane?

2. Why does it appear that the WTC were demolished by Bombs placed in the Building's?

3. Why was the hole at the Pentagon the size of a missle and not a airplane?

4. Why did the FBI confiscate all video footage at the pentagon the morning of 911?

5. Why did CNN say it looked like a military missle hit the pentagon?

Wake up America!!

John Gilbert
Veteran United States Navy
Gulf War 1 1987-1995