9/11: a 7-Man Job

Re-linked in light of the following erroneous claim by Time Magazine:

"what are the chances that an operation of such size--it would surely have involved hundreds of military and civilian personnel--could be carried out without a single leak? Without leaving behind a single piece of evidence hard enough to stand up to scrutiny in a court? People, the feds just aren't that slick"

9/11: a 7-Man Job

1,000 Government Agents or 19 Foreigners

Why is it that deniers all think that 19 foreign civilians with limited English skills can plausibly do a job that the deniers constantly claim would take hundreds-if-not-thousands of operatives wielding positions of influence within the world's most powerful military-intelligence apparatus?

I think because Americans

I think because Americans think in terms of movies, and this is like star wars or any other big action movie.

Excellent point, Mr.

Excellent point, Mr. Id.

Further, why won't people accept that "the government" is not entirely transparent, and exists in very compartmentalized factions?

Or, why don't people remember Iran/Contra, or countless examples of rogue networks working within the government, networks that are now public record?

Very Good Point

Its important to use this counterpoint if someone spouts the thousands of people bs. Its crazy how people perceive the alledged hijackers as these commando rambo warriors capable of anything. But when it comes to our countries own special operation soldiers, they need hundreds of people helping them to do a job some cave dwellers can easily pull off. It really boils down to people believing what they want.


Weak argument. There is no claim to 19 arabs overcoming the military and demolishing WTC. The official story doesn't rely on a sophisticated network to pull it off because were all so incompetent. Also the easiest way to pull off an attack like 9/11 that appears to be an inside job is if it wasn't an inside job. Que Bono? Que wants to destroy Iran and Syria with our missiles? Que has the most foreign spies on U.S. soil? Que believes they control America? Answer those questions then start pointing the finger the right direction, the answers become obvious, the rabbit hole gets very deep very fast.


The official story is'nt possible, the US is waking up to that reality.

There are ways of keeping people silent

Probably only a few people had a hand in the overall planning of 9/11, but clearly an operation of this size and complexity would require the cooperation, to one degree or another, of many people. Some of those people probably were not fully aware -- or not aware at all -- of what they were getting into; they were just following orders. Others probably knew they were involved in a false-flag attack, but did not realize that it would bring death and destruction on such a scale. So I suspect there were many levels of participation, and that, when all these people are added up, it's a considerable number.

Now the problem posed is, how do you keep all those people from talking? Assuming that many people know at least part of the puzzle, if even one of them talked it would blow the lid off 9/11. Chomsky and other left gatekeepers argue that keeping all these people quiet is impossible, and therefore Bush's story must be true.

Well, that is simply crap. First of all, I would imagine that most of those involved in planning and/or executing 9/11 knew it was a false-flag operation, and that if anyone talked, they would be strung up by their heels for high treason. What's more, it's not hard to imagine that most or all of these willing participants were on the take, and benefited somehow: payola, promotions, women, vacation homes, secret offshore bank accounts, and what have you. Obviously, there is little possibility that these people will talk because they'd be incriminating themselves. Life in prison or even the death penalty is a strong deterrent.

What about the people who participated unknowingly? After all, it is likely that some of the people charged with certain tasks were just doing as they were told, and did not know -- until that fateful morning -- what they were assisting. Further, as the Bush regime tells one lie after another in its lame cover-up attempt, surely many people such as NORAD personnel and air traffic controllers would realize they'd been duped or used, and that the cover story couldn't be true. Wouldn't these people be likely to talk?

The answer is no, and the reason is simple. We have all seen what a vicious and vindictive regime has taken control of the US. Anyone can see what might well happen to those who talk. Even those who feel a patriotic need to spill the beans must fear for their lives and those of their loved ones. Even if a person decides to talk at the risk of his or her own life, there is the knowledge that it could be the death sentence for their loved ones.

Further, I'm sure there are ways to keep people quiet which we cannot even imagine. Blackmail is a well-developed weapon.

Another consideration is that potential whistleblowers must surely realize that getting their message out would not be easy, and they might sacrifice their lives for nothing. After all, let's say a whistleblower spills the beans to the mainstream media. Would they run the story? Not on your life! There are probably dozens of potential whistleblowers out there who are eager to tell their stories, but are daunted by the challenge of getting their messages out.

In consideration of these factors, the argument that 9/11 could not be kept secret does not stand up.

Extremely well stated, Rice Farmer!

Excellent analysis!!!

If there was a "sticky"

If there was a "sticky" section to this site, I'd say that Rice Farmer's analysis would most certainly be eligible for such an honor. I'm sure there are countless scenarios where this analysis was needed but wasn't available. EXCELLENT points made as well as incredibly articulated. Thanks Farmer! I hope someone saves it because it really is an invalueable (and relatively unknown) piece of information.

Rice Farmer

Rice farmer offers a very good analysis of the 911 coverup. Thanks and be sure to eat brown rice (organic) to save the environment at get your daily vitamins!

Thank you Rice Farmer

Please do recall that we have examples of whistleblowers: Sibel Edmonds and Anthony Shaffer. They don't necessarily think 9/11 was an inside job, they only wish to tell what they know. And what did they get for trying to do so? Gag orders. Prevented from testifying to Congress or speaking to the press. Edmonds fired. Shaffer suspended and investigated on petty charges (stealing pens!). Years later, they still can't talk. A clear message is sent to anyone else considering telling their small piece.

We already have the living examples of what your common sense reasoning tells us must be so. Thanks.

reviewing old arguments, always good for public outreach

This argument (couldn't keep it secret) comes up partly because a controlled demolition takes more planning than the hollywood movie fantastico story line of airplanes blowing up buildings with the help of daring super villains. It also comes up partly because boggled minds will grasp for any reason to believe that the US government wouldn't kill Americans. Remember cognitive dissonance? It plays a role, leads to excuse-making.

However historical precedent can be used to counter. For instance the Manhattan Project involved thousands of people yet was kept utterly secret. Also the stealth bomber, a more recent & familiar example, was operational for 10 years before the US public heard of it. There are other examples too, choose your favorite.

c-ya @ ground zero next week ;-)

The importance of motivation

Correct! The key to keeping secrets -- even big secrets -- is to properly "motivate" the involved people. Participants can be motivated in various ways: patriotism, self-benefit, loyalty, what have you. In the case of 9/11 it is fear: fear of what would happen if discovered, fear of what would happen if one talked, fear of your loved ones being "disappeared" or "accidented" if you spill the beans... This fits in so perfectly with the Bush regime, as the whole mechanism is fueled by fear. The populace is instilled with the fear of a trumped-up terrorism threat, activists are instilled with fear by arbitrary and brutal police, the government constantly harps on the dangers of "Islamofascism" and "mushroom clouds" -- everything is fear, fear, fear.

It's a cheap trick, but it works.

In the case of Motivation

Maybe it is patriotism. But patriotic to what country?
Imagine the threat that many Israelis are made to feel by the Zionistic propoganda machines that portray the Islamo-fascists in neighboring countries as a direct threat to their survival.