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Wisconsin: Large-scale WMD/Pandemic drill set for Sept. 8 (same day as Detroit "dirty bomb" drills)

Pandemic Tabletop Exercise on Sept. 7 in North Dakota- Major drill on Oct. 5

Statewide pandemic flu drills in Minnesota Sept. 14

False Flag Alert: Dirty Bomb terror drills Sept. 8-9 in Detroit, MI

Virginia: Massive Flu Pandemic drill Sept. 7 (same day as Chicago terror drills)

Boston, MA: Terrorist drills Sept. 17 to simulate "Dirty Bomb," coordinated explosions

Bank of England, London FX, CLS bank plan financial outage terror drill Sept. 26

RED ALERT: Terrorist attack drill Sept. 7 in Chicago, IL-

San Diego, CA "Seahawk 06" naval war games, disaster drills from Aug. 21-Sep 4

Major disaster drill at fairgrounds in Holbrook, AZ on Sept. 22

War Games

Macedonian, US soldiers to hold two-week joint exercise Sept 9-23

Third stage of Iran 'Blow of Zolfaqar' war games start Sept. 2, simulating attack along Azerbaijan

Navy-CFFC exercise "Solid Curtain 2006" on September 6

NATO/UK-Kazakhstan joint training exercises Sept. 9-24

Pakistan, US to stage joint naval and anti-terrorism exercises Sep 4-6

Indian Air Force war games Sept 4-27, focusing on "future wars"

Iran plans new war games to begin Saturday, Aug. 19- Running for five weeks

ALERT: Nellis Air Force Base Hosting Red Flag Exercises Aug 10-Sept 2

US-African EAC Joint military exercises Sept 20-30

STRATCOM Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled Oct. 24–Nov 8