Reaching Across the Corporate Aisle - Scholastic and ABC

In an effort to turn the upcoming ABC docudrama/miniseries "The Path to 9/11" into a propaganda success, Scholastic is teaming up with ABC by offering a "DISCUSSION GUIDE FOR THE CLASSROOM" to accompany the miniseries.

At the website you can find "Student Resource Sheets" and other helpful items that will assist teachers as they indoctrinate their students with the story embodied in the 9/11 Commission Report. A quick glance at the resource sheets reveals them to be rife with omissions. Thomas Kean is one of the key advisors to this miniseries.

Here's a bunch of stuff that isn't in the resource sheets.

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Pulling Out All The Stops

Today I was at Borders Book Store. I spotted the new and up-dated 9/11 commission report. I also spotted the Popular Mechanics hit-piece book on 9/11 truth. The only real 9/11 truth book I could spot was Ruppert's Rubicon. I guess the powers that be don't consider Ruppert's book a threat since he cut and ran. There were also tons of right-wing Ann Coulter type garbage. It seems to me they are pulling out all the stops trying to stop the 9/11 truth movement. Bad news for them, it is far too late. The truth is already out there. I know very few people who still believe the official fairy tail. Unless they pull another super 9/11 it is all over. Even then, that could backfire and probably will backfire on them................."Every Dog Has His Day."

Can you say Iran? Eeee-rahhhn. Very good!

The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in the Middle East. It is 636,372 square miles, making it the eighteenth largest country in the world. Iran has a population of about 68.7 million. Ninety-eight percent of Iran’s population is Muslim, with Shi‘a Muslims comprising 89% and Sunni Muslims making up 9%. The Shi‘a and the Sunni are the two main groups that practice Islam. For more information, see the term Islam.

The government of Iran is a theocratic republic, which
means that religious leaders control it. Iran is led by the
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who has been in
power since 1989. Relations between Iran and the
United States have been strained since the country
became a theocracy in 1979.The U.S. government has
deemed Iran a threat to the safety and security of the
Middle East and the Western world. Iran has long been
suspected of harboring and supporting terrorist
organizations in the country and abroad.Over the past
decade, threats of Iran’s nuclear capability have made
many nations, including the United States, uneasy.

And that, children, is why our next war will be in Iran. Can you say "World War Three"?

Dumbing Down Our Kids

Where is that quote from the Fox broadcaster about dumbing down our innocent children with nutty conspiracy theories?

this is seriously

this is seriously disturbing. i am NOT paranoid, this shit is for real. indoctrinating kids. first the comic book now this........

John the Revelator

I know this is off topic, but this video is a must:

great video. Coming Close to

great video.

Coming Close to a Breakthrough on 9-11?

It's Worth A Mention | September 3 2006

It appears the government is really starting to run scared about 9/11 now.

All kinds of counter claims are starting to appear in the MSM trying to rebuke the 9/11 'Conspiracy Theories'.

They haven't said anything new and they haven't done anything to prove or demonstrate their point that physical laws can be altered.

I have stated before that physical and natural law cannot be altered. It can only be enhanced and any counter physical force applied to change the end result would still have to follow the original physical laws as 'PHYSICAL LAWS CANNOT BE ALTERED'!

OT, low flying airplane video

just in case this could be useful here...

Boeing 757 Flyby - EXTREMELY close to the ground !


Would have sailed clean over the Pentagon with room to spare.
Now try that coming from 7000' in a tight turn and pulling to within 20' of the ground (not 100') and clip 5 light poles.

i think the planes were

i think the planes were clearly remote controlled. wonder why they were doing that test? : )

What are they teaching our kids?

where's Sean Hannity.........Sean..?

Well, desperate times call

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and let's face it...BOTH sides are now desperate. The 9/11 truth movement is on the verge of critical mass, and the Bush ad./Pentagon/FBI-CIA, etc. are probably gearing up for their next false-flag attack...not realizing that many more Americans will suspect them of being the orchestrators.
Big times are ahead folks, I'd say...spread the word far and wide, and most importantly...reach out to the left-gatekeepers who are STILL in denial about all this.

^ Agreed. That is why I have some survivalist preps

made and I would encourage others to do the same.

In regards to the blog topic,

government sanctioned truth/propaganda is one of the reasons why I'll never be a parent. I don't want to have kids only to have a corrupt system dumb them down.

Time tries to debunk 9/11 "conspiracies" - Fails miserably

Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away
Turns out, we need grand theories to make sense of grand events, or the world just seems too random

By LEV GROSSMAN,8816,1531304,00.html

Father Of 9/11 Victim Says

Father Of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack As Media Hit Pieces Continue
Emotional shell game accusation of 'disgracing victim's memories' doesn't jive anymore

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 4 2006

Another 9/11 family member has gone public to rubbish the conspiracy theory that the attacks were planned and executed by nineteen incompetent Arabs with box cutters who were getting drunk in a strip club the night before and barely even made it to the airport on time. Meanwhile, hit pieces against the 9/11 truth movement continue in the lead up to the fifth anniversary of the event.

A familiar emotional shell game on the part of the debunkers is to proclaim that questioning any aspect of 9/11 disgraces the memory of the victims. This tactic is clearly not working anymore especially in light of the fact that Bill Doyle, representative of the largest group of 9/11 family members - says that half now completely distrust the official version of events.