Religion and cults are tools used for manipulating.

WoaH! there was a post which the most mind boggoling post related to current events and apocalyptic writting of the new testament here:
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I am impressed by how cults that back up Bush admin could have used number 11 to chose names, people and events to execute plans, and how this could scare people that get deep enought to read such posts entirely.

Im also writting this to help my fellow truthers that might get scared with such post to understand the porpuse of such info.

I long investigated religion and its effects on society, and its known that is a tool used for control and inconsious manipulation of poeple's judgement. I dont mean that religion is all bad, it's been very useful to bring order into society and bring a psycological backbone to the mayority of the population of any given country, kindoms or empires to give them a reason to accept thier current situation, or given a motivation to thrive despite thier poor conditions.

Personally religion is a way to explain, situations, things and behaviors we dont understand. Kings, Emperors and secret societies needed ways to keep control of thier populations by releasing manuals or books, in this case bible's or manuscrips that focus on a all powerful being that at the end will bring justice to those that decide to believe in such idealism therefore backing up a story with such a powerful perception makes the bibles or books have solid backbone.

The human brain is capable of a immense diversity of feelings, behaviors, ideas and percetions that give way to Arts, sports, music, acting, personalities, imagination and so much more.
As you can see that there is are huge amounts of fuctions that our brain is capable of.
How will we make sense of all that our brain is capable and how we will organize the diferent personalities and lifestyles that humans have?
Religions, cults and the like, have been the natural response to all the chaos of human nature.

Each bible or book that belong to any give religion, has precise definitions to a huge amounts of behaviors of humans, and therefore have judgements or praise, depending on the moral of the book for each behavior. This texts have a huge amounts of examples of human situations, stories and events where they try to infuse thier judgment or use that as an example of something they will categorize as good or bad, depending on the values, morals or beliefs they want individuals, groups or whole societies to learn.

The Christian bible, which contains both Old Testament and New testament, along with the Jewish bible which only contains the old testament and the Muslim Bible, guide or whataver you want to call it, are the most detail texts in which its developers, had a strong insight into human nature and understood the most important behaviors and thoughts as to create text, that would bring specific order, discipline to the minds of those that are raised since kids unders heavy sposure of those teachings.

So in short Religion, cults and the like which try to give meaning to life, give a porpuse and try fill they void that most people have in their minds, they are accepted as explanations fo things that dont make sense to us, they give us confort by making us believe in a all powerful entity, that even if our of all life was to be a disaster, that at the end you will be given paradise where you will not suffer for eternity and the guilty will be punish forever.

The authors of the religions, didn't necesarely made religions for excluse manipulation with the focus to give power and authority to the group sponsoring the religion. Some religions like christian have extremily good morals, values and sense of justice that any civilize and rational society should have. It might have been written for good porpuse, but certian groups or secret societies could use this same informations to manipulate and control people, by disguising themselves and blending with the bible. Therefore they can get away with anything that they do, because they shield themselves with the words behind the bible or scripture.

I could point so many example how religions and cults mix morals or the situations of certain people to take advantage of them or get them to suppor thier group.

It is in our nature that we need to find a cause, a belief and a porpuse to make sense of our lives, religions and cults have been of use to keep society organized. I like to see the truth and not limit myself by any means. We do need rules, regulations and laws to mantain our darker side on control, but society has evolutionized, from kindoms and empires where there was not much information available to anybody, to more flexible societies, where we can share immense amounts of thoughts, ideas and data, therefore it is logical that control of nations by small families and societies is in it's last stand at keeping masive power and control over large societies and they trying thier hardest at using fear to keep people away from the truth.

We have to understand the influence of religions and cults on society, and how at all points in human history its been used for psycological confort or control of crowds, therefore we need to start outgrowing the need for them and still have the morals, values and principles that we need as a civilized society. I like to point out all this information because on how important is the roles of cults and religions on our current and past affairs. As in a recent post that claim the number 11 to be involved in a huge amounts of people, places and events sorrounding 911.

It is not hard to believe that the bush administration, groups and secret societies behind them or similar, have deep beliefs systems similar to a regilion or cult that motivates them to persuit power, manipulate and control societies and countries or as in the past kindoms and empires. The first step to defeat them is not throught force, but through understanding thier ideals, beliefs, modes of operation and specificaly EDUCATING OUR PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE AND MILITARY ABOUT ALL THIS INFORMATION. I know the manipulators are powerful, but not invincible, they have huge amounts of money and influence, but as you see they are still defeatable, since the need to cover 911 shows that they are not confident(cocky) or powerful enought to take out the United States, therefore they must mislead the public to avoid being discovered. They also try to weaken the country by spending more money that they get from federal taxes. The tax cut made by bush only benefits wealthy corporations, not the middle or poor class, which makes for most citizens, when state and local taxes have raised in contrast, elimitating any possible benefit by federal tax cuts. Public official like Bush, cheney, rice, rumsfield are just decoys but still part of thier network.

So it is easely perceived that Religion now a days is used to manipulate groups and countries for the benefit of a few that underestand on how to shield or divert attention from their opperations. Change happens with teamwork, first we have to understand the minds of those that we are up against, thier dynamics, the limits that thier beliefs impose, and we have to be ready to replace the infraestructure that they controled with capable workers.

I believe that certain secret societies, those that hide behind religions and cults, would use code words or set up names and events around certain dates, places to execute thier plans.
It is of no surprise for those that realize this to spot those attemps at scaring people with pre-organized narratives of correlating events which are clearly chosen by those who carry on the acts.

Let me tell you one more manipulation that dont require a cult or religion but its part of the branch of the control tree, the Bush administration is earning less federal money by cutting taxes and expending more through war. War expending only benefits those making the weapons and supplies. Local and state taxes have been force to raise to cope for the extreme lack of federal funding. They are trying to ge the country into a crisis, where people is more worried about securing thier pay and basic needs, giving them the opportunity to push all thier agendas by making believe the population that by supporting them and electing them its the only way to get out of the crisis. They are creating anxiety by making the country broke and using fear to get thier plans going. 911 and most of the terror plots that come on the media are used to scare people into supporting their wars, which by the way are debunked in websites such as this.

To end this post, Maslow's hierarchy of need pyramid says at first level we need to cover our basic needs such as shelter and food, second level is to secure our basic needs(need for security which Bush admin is exploiting), then our social needs, after that is our worries about our status(Which corrupt people worry about). Bush is leading us to worry about how do we secure our basic needs as a job, which feed us and pay for our house(shelter), therefore we are more busy surviving than worrying about what's happening behind the curtains.


Religion creates a false deity to defend at all cost.
and for the last 3000+ years the human race has been doing exactly that.
Religion in all its various forms has been THE leading cause for War, Death, Civil Unrest, Intolerance, Racism, Sexism, & Genocide than ANY other reason in all of human history, nothing else even comes close.
Religion is the most divisive thing that humans inflict on ourselves & I can only hope that someday maybe another 1000 years from now the human race will finally drag itself out of the dark ages and into the light of factual reality.
Assuming of course that religion does not destroy the planet long before that.

In defense of religion

Everything has been used to create control and influence over other humans, including money, science, and tribalism. Religion gets a lot of flak for being the cause of most of the world's wars, but it is even more basic than that, and I wish people would step back from the cliche and looking at things more honestly.

Almost all conflicts and wars have arisen for two reasons. First, is that one group of humans believe they are "special" and above other humans.

And secondly, there is a dispute over resources.

The first reason is often cited in terms of religion being a cause of it, but organized religion is just used, in terms of conflicts, as a construct to justify why one group of people is "special and above" another group. It may become the ralllying cry but it isn't the underlying reason.

And human desire to dominate over others does not come from religion either, although religion has definitely been used as one of the best tools to implement those desires. But when that is out of favor you get other justifications, like eugenics for example.

A lot of people naively think that if you took religion off the face of the earth you would take the problems of the world away but those underlying causes would still be present. The root isn't "my God is better than your God". The root is, "I'm better than you" and "I want to control and dominate you."

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community


All you wish, FACT is that it is RELIGION and all the myriad's of gods that humans for millennia have ignorantly believed in that is BY FAR the leading cause.

Why were people slaughtered by the 100s of 1000s by the Aztecs in sacrifice? Religion

Why were innocent women hunted down and burned at the stake because they were accused of being a witch? Religion

Why all the fighting today in the M.E? Religion

Crusades? Inquisitions? Religion.

What twisted Hitler's brain into doing what he did? Religion.

If you took religion off the face of the Earth you obviously would not cure all the ills of society but I can not think of any other single factor that would make more of a difference.

Once again, you fail to

Once again, you fail to recognize the fact that the underlying cause is not religion, but that humans want to dominate other humans.

Would the Aztecs not of killed hundreds of thousands if they didn't have one particular belief system or another?


The burning of witches at the stake was born out of fear and a desire to control, which is a more basic desire than any construct of religion. Fear is primordial, my friend. The desire to dominate and control is as well. It is in the reptilian brain, its not FROM religion.

You are putting the blame on the outer surface instead of the root cause.

Crusades? Inquisitions? From an idea that one group is more special than another group, and a battle over resources as well in the first case.

And Hitler, please. What twisted his brain was a racist ideology born from eugenics, not religion. Then the perpetrators deliberately TWISTED religion to fit their sick ideology. Study some history, please. Theosophical society, etc. There are tons of books and programs on the deliberate twisting of religion done by the Nazis. This is well known.

Once again, and a great case is the nazis and Hitler, the root cause is a feeling that one group is 'special' compared to another group. And this can come from science, religion, pretty much anything. When they don't use religion, they use something else. See Pat Buchanan, for example. He has to come up with some reason why the "Anglos" must be saved. If it were 50 years ago, he would try to twist the bible. Now, he tries to use justification through the 'merits' of how he sees the white race responsible for current civilization, as if that proves one group is more special than another.

You are barking up the wrong tree if you think that religion is the root.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

I have forgotten

More history than you will ever know.

You are in denial and your cognitive dissonance kicks in not allowing you to think rationally about religion.

I dont think so.

I know humans need values, principle and morals that many religions like the christian one have, but we dont need religion to learn those things, we need to stop idolizing priests and the like and choose our own decision, did you even read my post.

I know humans want to control humans with or without religion and cults, but its well known that religion and cults give porpuse to its members to use it to manipulate and take advantage of people than actually help everyone. Religion do help a great amount of people to find confort or and explanation to their current situation.

I dont like the idea that we have to idolize another human being for calling themselves divine or representatives of god, because that leads people to over trust them and not questions anything that they do, giving them too much room to do whatever they want, and if they loose their good will, they will certainly use it for their own self- interest, also they can get away with unlawful actions and shield themselves with the image they have potrayed to the group that they relate to.

Therefore as I stated in my main post, religion has been useful at most points of human life, but we have to outgrow it's use, learn from the values, principles and morals that they try to teach.

The money..who benefits?

Who benefits from war? especially an endless war? In order to have war,an attack is needed, or a false flag operation. 9/11 was the answer.We are now trying to find the evidence that would nail somebody in the quest for truth. But for the moment We are stuck in endless speculation about controlled demolition. A great majority of the evidence has been removed, enough so that both sides of an arguement can cause doubt in either case. So We need to look at something stronger,to build a better case in order to find the thread that would unravel the whole thing.
The motive for this endless war would is LOTS of profits,that is who would be covering their ass the most. But those who profit the most are the ones who would push the most for war.
Every war needs a financer, and who floats the money? The ones who float the money for the U.S. government are the private banks who own the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World bank, and just how many members of those and other banks are on the Council Of Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Conference, The Heritage Foundation, The Carlyle Group, and how many of the Mainstream Media owners are also part of this group of elitists.
Perhaps these names should be thrown out there on a regular basis since they are almost never looked at or reported.
IMO if a case could be made to fairly implicate them,they may slip up and reveal something that wasn't there before.