09/11 Bloglines (09/05)

September 5, 2006
09/11 Bloglines (09/05)

San Diegans 4 9/11 Truth Invited to panel discussion on radio
ex st911-Wood's research "forced NIST to change story"
BBC: Nine held in Danish terror raids
Flight93hoax Blog: One Last Visit to the Flight 93 Crash Site?
"Spooked" on Pentagon: Contradiction in Wings
ScrewLoose Junk Science: "So Much for the No-Planers"
When is 2nd Place More Important Than 1st Place?...
UK Press Release: Was 9/11 an Inside Job?
Blogosphere on TIME/US News "9/11 Conspiracy" hype
9/11 Book author Martin Amis on Atta vs. Loose Change
Metroland NY/David King: (Loose Change) What Really Happened?
st911- Carger: 9/11 Truth Hits Main Stream Media
New DNA bid to identify 9/11 victims - Unison.ie
Guardian UK: Who really blew up the twin towers? (bbc)
Total Information Radio: Nico Haupt on 9/11 TV fakery
WING TV: American Free Press Conference in D.C.
Synchronicity 9/11 Show with Phone call to PopMech
9/11 Anniversary Protest Events Worldwide
st911- Michael Morrissey: What the New Zogby Poll Tells Us...
"What is That Sticking Out the South Tower???"
AM "9/11 Skeptics" coverstory- feedback
DailyMail UK: Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job'
LeMonde Scandinavian: Special Issue about "9/11 Truth"
09/10: DRG on BBC's "Heaven and Earth"
Fox Interview with 9/11 Truth "Candidate" Woodson
KansasCityStar: "Should Teacher be investigated for 9/11 Views"?
Under Fire, ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama
UK Paper: Official 9/11 Story Challenged
Jack Riddler aka Nic Levis: Enough of the Marvin Bush mythology
9/11 Truth in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper
9/11 Truth Campus Action: Plans for 5th Anniversary of 9/11
NY Post letters: Outrage about Photo Fakery with Kate Couric
More Terrorstorm Screenings in Austin, TX
Reynolds/Wood: Jonesville
USNews about Loose Change and "9/11 Truth" Movement
DC 9/11 Truth Protest permitted and under control
ScrewLoose attacks Fetzer as "shill"
Father Mychal Judge -SAINT OF 9/11 - MovieWeb
David Shayler outed himself as "no-planer"?
Broeckers.com: New Network on 9/11 Media Activism
TIME Cover 9/11 Conspiracies: Killtown and Serendipity named
Press Release: 911 Truth, Camp Democracy ...
Alex Jones on TalkSPORT in England
Peggy Carter/911blogger: Test Crash Airplane Pulverized
09/03: ny911truth warmup protest at Union Square
MUJCA news
ST911 rebuts the NIST - FAQ
"Disrespectful to the Victims"
SF Chronicle Readers: Is there anything to the 9/11 conspiracy theories?
ScrewLoose: Is David Ray Griffin a New World Order Shill?

You Forgot One...


"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

thx for this reminder.

thx for this reminder.
I actually listened to Jones on this sport talk show.

I added it now.
Alex Jones or Paul Watson can challenge me at any time in his radio show if they have the guts.

This photo of a screenshot of the CGI aircraft in a non-live footage by CNN actually also contradicts the simulated flight path in the live broadcast of WABC7.

Killtown and Dylan Avery on Stadtmiller

Killtown and Dylan Avery on Stadtmiller
September 5, 2006
09/05: Killtown + Dylan Avery on John Stadtmiller

By ewing2001

picked up at:

Today with Dylan Avery and Killtown
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Thanks for that Nico

That was an excellent listen it was nice to actually hear KT too. You should post that in a stand alone blog, it needs to be on the front page.