Floor number plates survive supposed inferno capable of disintegrated tall buildings


This elevator sign out performed the core of the building!

The largest of the 47 core columns were 18"x36", with steel walls 4" thick near the base and tapering in thickness toward the top, and were anchored directly to the bedrock.

Making them one of the world’s largest heat sinks.

Apparently the heat was too intense for the steel columns and they all melted at the same instant, bringing down the building.

Maybe they should have made the core out of the same material this sign is made of. 


makes u think....

also check out this website I found. they have America freedom to fascism hi-res download.

This anon

is me.


Hey! dont post Aarons movie!! yet

why dontcha wait and let Mr. russo (a true Patriot) make some money with his movie! go pay to see it!

P.S. I heard he Delayed the movie release for some editing. and it would be in theatres very soon....about now I think.

Second thought?

I was able to capture the google "for screening purposes only" version and know no way to save, forward nor reload, as the link is now dead. HOWEVER.... those I have shown it too (from RAM), were clearly moved in deep and substantial ways. They now want to take everyone else they know... to go pay for it and see AGAIN at theaters... with a crowd.

There are literally billions of people who need to see this film.... with very little time to waste.

I will take the risk, and offer the dear Mr. Russo my sincere apologies, if by sharing this version or any other I can get my hands on, with as many people as I can talk into sitting down for two hours..... if by my action I injure that dearest of man-kind. In light of the material, it is the distribution industry (ignoring this film like a two-headed step-child) which will be short changed by not helping to distribute this film. Mr. Russo deserves vastly more accolade than any pile of gold could possibly represent.

(between us friends, I trust Aaron will understand if you share this with other people, so long as your greed to profit is kept in check)

Every time I've shown it.... the conversation extends until the last minute before kids need picked up at school, or the dog must be let out.

Considering the importance of this film, and your own risk to life and limb by OTHERS not being exposed to its contents.... I might even suggest you think again in this case of honoring copyright.

The more people you show this to, at any cost or not, the better chance Aaron has of real protection, genuine admiration, and deserved compensation for his efforts. Vast riches await him, either in the years to come.... or Heaven above (for those with faith in life after death).


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Freedom to Fascism

I really, really want to see this movie and I want to see it NOW. I tried to download it yesterday and Nero won't play it.

I also fully respect Mr. Russo's right to make money from this film. I guess I respect his right to control its release somewhat less.

Calm down,

If you have the file downloaded, here use this to play it..
http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ It plays just about everything.

If not, and you are haveing trouble downloading, wait a little bit. I'm sure somebody will have this video up for viewing sometime soon.


It would be cool if someone made a torrent

hint hint

torrent is up already

this has been torrent'd twice already:


i believe the ~400mb version is an mp4 and the ~600mb is an avi...

gotta love demonoid!



As a European, there is now

As a European, there is now way to get this movie legally, and probably never will be. I would pay for it if I could.

Russo's movie was in limited release about 8 weeks ago...

Was only showing in about six theaters in the U.S. I was lucky enough to attend the movie as it was shown in the city I was located. My understanding is that it is supposed to be in broader release soon. I expected this to already happen.

The movie was one of the most impactful that I have ever seen. The only problem was they played the movie from a DVD. The captions on the bottom of the screen were cutoff which was EXTREMELY frustrating when watching the movie. Hopefully they will correct this in the next release.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

great find!


"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

great find!


"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

this is the answer!!!!

this is the answer!!!!

I can't download it

Tried about 4 times today... each time the download stopped at about 100 mb.


I have firefox and I used the extension downthemall, and downloaded it in less then 20 min!!!


never tried that

I just tried a normal download ie "save file as"... Never heard of downthemall and don't know what it does but I'll check it out.

I would'nt make too much outta this.

It may have been knocked off and blown out the window when the airplane hit.

There's many such examples

There's many such examples that debunk the "inferno" tale, such as all the paper that was flying around. None of it was burned? and if it *melted* the columns, wouldn't we have seen the whole top of the WTC *glowing* red hot?

That was a silly post

Not convincing and quite stupid IMO.

That shouldn't be on the front page taking away real estate from evidence that means something.

That's like going to Hiroshima, finding any distinguishable object and saying a nuke didn't go off.

It may have been a silly

It may have been a silly post, but you never know what researchers might find useful.  The existence, and videos, of those number plates may prove valuable to someone.

Ya think?

That's like going to Hiroshima, finding any distinguishable object and saying a nuke didn't go off.

Like a basically undamaged piece of tin exactly where the nuke blew up, at ground zero so to say, were enormous steel columns turned to rubber?

Go Randi

Go Randi, now I love her even more, she is going all out on bringing Mike Malloy back, everybody tune in.

whas she saying? i like

whas she saying? i like Randi, shes no Malloy but she is pretty right on most issues.

Get this new Bush speech


"Quoting extensively from letters, Web site statements, audio recording and videotapes purportedly from terrorists, as well as documents found in various raids, Bush said that al Qaida, homegrown terrorists and other groups have adapted to changing U.S. defenses. "

Daily Mail (UK): Fury as

Daily Mail (UK):
Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job'

The 9/11 terrorist attack on America which left almost 3,000 people dead was an "inside job", according to a group of leading academics.


Quote from Prof. Prof. Christopher Pyle on demolition theories

This is from the article above:

"Christopher Pyle, professor of constitutional law at Mt Holyoake College in Massachusetts, has dismissed the academic group.

He said: "To plant bombs in three buildings with enough bomb materials and wiring? It's too huge a project and would require far too many people to keep it a secret afterwards.

"After every major crisis, like the assassinations of JFK or Martin Luther King, we've had conspiracy theorists who come up with plausible scenarios for gullible people. It's a waste of time." "

Here's the page to send him a response:


i sent him a reply

asked him how many man-hours such a project would take, if he's aware of the latest demo tech circa '01, and what's the maximum number of people involved that could still keep it a secret. Wonder if he'll send me a response...


JFK denial

If this guy thinks Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, and similarly dismisses 9/11 truth...then it just reassures you that 9/11 must indeed be a coverup.

hmmmmmm, reminds me of

hmmmmmm, reminds me of someone. his name rhymes with roam. (where you at udr2h2,hahahaha)

Letter I just sent to Chris Pyle

Hi Chris:

Two quick questions: 1. What happened to WTC 7 & why?
2. Please explain how, according to FEMA, a 600,000 lb steel girder is 'pancaked' and flies 420 feet SIDEWAYS and impales itself into the American Express Building? Go here for a hi res image: http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/1772/wtcphotowithoverlay3uh8.jpg

That's one mighty 'Sourdough Pancake'.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


MSNBC > Most 9/11 recovery workers suffering

One of the things that I absolutely hate about certain mainstream coverage of these issues -- inparticularly by MSNBC, as I see them employ this tactic frequently -- is that they have a tendency to use deceptive photos like this with a person smiling -- or as that picture shows -- the man looks like he's smiling/grinning while he's blowing into the equipment doing the test. But it's only the way his facial features appear during forceful exhalation.

I notice this tactc being employed a lot in certain mainstream coverage. It's like a subversive way of trying to lessen what's being presented, by showing those who the story is about smiling or looking happy. It's like they try to make it appear as not that big of a deal.

"look reader, the person in the picture is happy, you can see that, can't you? They're smiling, they have a grin. Don't worry about it. The story isn't that serious. Now skip to the page about American Idol."

Instead of something like this photo , which the New York Post Online Edition was brave enough to show.

I hate it!


Most 9/11 recovery workers suffered lung ills
70 percent of WTC responders developed symptoms, major study shows

NEW YORK - Nearly 70 percent of recovery workers who responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center have suffered lung problems, and high rates of lung “abnormalities” continue, a new health study released Tuesday shows.

Doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center, which conducted the study, said the results prove that working in the toxic gray dust at ground zero made many people sick, and some will likely suffer the effects for the rest of their lives.

“There should no longer be any doubt about the health effects of the World Trade Center. Our patients are sick,” said Dr. Robin Herbert, co-director of the group that investigated the long-term effects from exposure to dust at the site.

The study, the largest involving health issues linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and is to be published Thursday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, just days before the fifth anniversary of the towers’ collapse.

'World Trade Center cough'
It focused mostly on what has been dubbed “World Trade Center cough,” which was little understood immediately after the attacks but has become a chief concern of health experts and advocates. It also found that lung ailments tended to be worst among those who arrived first at the site.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg later said there was still no direct proof that exposure at ground zero caused the illnesses.

“I haven’t seen the Mount Sinai study, but I don’t believe that you can say specifically a particular problem came from this particular event,” Bloomberg said at a separate event to announce the city’s own Sept. 11 health initiative.

Findings highlighted by the Mount Sinai study include:

Almost 70 percent of World Trade Center responders had new or worsened lung symptoms after the attacks.
Among responders who had no health symptoms before the attacks, 61 percent developed lung symptoms while working on the toxic pile.
One-third of those tested had abnormal lung function tests.
In lung function tests, responders had abnormalities at a rate double that expected in the general population. Those abnormalities persisted for months and in some cases years after the exposure, the study found.

The findings are based on medical exams conducted between July 2002 and April 2004 on 9,500 ground zero workers, including construction workers, law enforcers, firefighters, transit workers, volunteers and others.

The hospital has been the focal point of New York research on Sept. 11-related illnesses, and thousands have sought treatment there.

The report comes as public concern over the fate of ground zero workers has risen. In a class action lawsuit against the city and its contractors, 8,000 workers and civilians blame Sept. 11 for sinusitis, cancers and other ailments they developed after the attacks.

The doctors were joined by New York politicians who prodded the federal government to extend funding for research and treatment programs. They also charged that environmental officials failed to issue necessary warnings about the health danger.

“Our government was not telling us the truth,” said Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. “The air was not safe to breathe. It was obvious that the air was hard to see through, let alone breathe.”

Dr. John Howard, who was appointed by the Bush administration in February to coordinate ground zero health programs, said the findings buttress earlier work done by city researchers.

Tracking long-term effects
Gov. George Pataki signed legislation last month that expanded benefits for workers who became sick after toiling at ground zero, but Bloomberg objected to the laws, saying they were unfunded and would cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bloomberg said the city’s plan being unveiled Tuesday would “build on our track record of supporting those who supported us in the months after 9/11,” according to an op-ed piece by the mayor in the Daily News.

A House committee plans to hold a hearing on Sept. 11 health issues this week.

The city-run World Trade Center Health Registry is tracking the long-term effects on 71,000 people, including those who lived or worked in lower Manhattan at the time of the attacks and the months of cleanup.

Just last week, New York City health officials issued long-awaited guidelines to help doctors detect and treat Sept. 11-related illnesses — medical advice considered crucial for hundreds of ground zero workers now scattered across the United States."

since that "Bobby" whitewash is coming out soon......

Evidence Showed Shots from the Rear

by Pat Shannan

The murder of Senator Robert Kennedy, who surely would have been president, was even a more mysterious crime than the assassination of his brother nearly five years earlier. The documented evidence in the first Kennedy murder was buried for 75 years, although much has surfaced through private investigation during the past thirty-seven. But the biggest secrets of the RFK murder lie locked in the most secure vault of all - a man's mind.



Who gives a crap about a stupid sign. I want to the perps of this crime crucified.