Pentagon - Black, Upside Down "U" Shaped something or other!

Anybody else see an upside down "U" shaped black, sooty marking/signature, as seen from this IKONOS satellite image taken on 12 Sept. 01 by the US Govt? Web link:

go to second row of images, second image from left (9/12/01 date)


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Yeah, that is weird.

Yeah, that is weird.

That is fire damage

It's fire damage from the jet fuel fires buring along the roof before being extinguished.

I would have just posted a hi-resolution image(s) taken from on the Pentagon roof, on the morning of 9/11, but the image resource is no longer available. I have contacted the webmaster at the website that they were located, in an attempt to find out if they're available elsewhere.

I'll post them if they provide them.

It is a burn pattern, from jet fuel fires burning along the roof on the moring of 9/11, before they were extinguished.

Jet fuel, from what jet? Where's the crash debris?

OK, jet fuel fire. Got it. But wait...

How does jet fuel appear without evidence of a jet. No wings, no fuselage, no tail section, no engines, (no, not A3 Sky Warrior's engine) no evidence, no skid marks, no black box, no seats, no barf bags, no bodies, no dna, no surveillance tapes, no debris no accountability. And don't forget that the 'jet fuel' you are postulating went to the right, then magically made a hard right 90 degree turn (much like the postulated airplane which would have had to execute a 330 degree turn at 530mph decending 7000ft in 2-1/2 minutes - pulling very high g forces) to FIND IT'S MARK. Oh yeah, let's not forget about these crack Saudi pilots could barely fly Cessna 172!!! Go Hanni!!! You Rock!

NO TRACE of FLIGHT 77 (as reported by CNN LIVE on 9/11) "There are no large tail sections, no wings sections, a fuselage...).

Oh yeah, the jet 'vaporized' the entire plane, but the Armed Forces DNA Evidence Lab could identify over 184 of the 189 people at the crash site. Hmm, magick is afoot and them molecular biologists are a missin'!

Wee Haw, Billy Bob, we got ourselves a conspiracy goin' on.

The government can do better than this conspiracy theory. Care to take another crack at it?


Maybe consider changing your

Maybe consider changing your screen name from kenkneeb to kenknoob.

Most of your "points" have been dismantled ad nauseum. I won't even spend one single second bothering with them.

If the webmaster from the site provides me with the images, then I'll show you.

Have you seen the hi-resolution images taken from on the Pentagon roof on the morning of 9/11, showing the fires burning on the roof, in the exact places that are burnt in the Ikonos satellite pic? I doubt it.

Have I seen the hi-resolution images taken from on the Pentagon roof on the morning of 9/11, showing the fires burning on the roof, in the exact places that are burnt in the Ikonos satellite pic? Yes.

Need I argue or discuss this fact any further? No.

Facts Please

Your name calling is disheartening and against this board's rules. Please stop it.

The 'dismantled' points you referred to are not mine, and as such, your 'ad nauseum' comment is wasted here.

STAY FOCUSED: Where's the wreckage? Where's the proof? Where are the security camera tapes? "The only truth we know about 9/11 is that we don't know the truth about 9/11". If the gov't can't produce proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they had nothing to do with the events of this "New Pearl Harbor", they are suspect. PERIOD. No transparency equals suspicion. Suspicion equal distrust. Distrust equals questions. Ah yes, questions, we the people, have questions, but the gov't isn't talking. Simple question, Qui Bono? I do want to hear your cogent thoughts and factual information.

I love my country but I fear my government and that's a good thing according to the founding fathers. But then who cares about those dissenting radicals and their philosophies when there's other countries to conquer. Hey, what's our oil doing under their sand anyway?

Proof please. Show America the actual black box, the security tape, crash debris befitting an airplane crash scene, SOMETHING more than insulting our intelligence with 5 frames after 5 years at the Pentagon; unless of course they are hiding something.


"""Most of your "points"

"""Most of your "points" have been dismantled ad nauseum."""

ya right.
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