UK: Official 9/11 Story Challenged


A GROUP of Sussex people – concerned at 'anomalies' surrounding the official story of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 – have invited the chairman of the Britain and Ireland 9/11 Truth Campaign to give a presentation at All Saints, Lewes, on Tuesday, September 5.

Spokesman Andy Thomas said: 'We are in the grip of a global war on terror that has cost thousands of lives and is taking away some of our most basic liberties.

'A growing pool of experts are now challenging the official story of 9/11.

The implications of their research are explosive.

'If the events of 9/11 did not take place exactly as we have been told, then the entire basis for the war is called into question.'

The invited speaker, Ian Crane, has devoted the past four years to researching 9/11.

Added Mr Thomas: 'Ian will be presenting evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down with controlled demolition techniques, not by fire, as was World Trade Centre building number 7, which fell the same day, even though it was not hit by an aeroplane – an event often forgotten.'

Added Mr Thomas: 'The official report was a whitewash.

'Those who question 9/11 are all too easily written off as conspiracy nuts, but people should come along and hear the strong evidence for themselves.'

When the Express told Lewes MP Norman Baker about the meeting, he said: 'I have read some material which suggests that the version of events given to us raises some questions. There are inconsistencies that have yet to be explained.'

04 September 2006

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The MP mentioned at the

The MP mentioned at the bottom of the article, Norman Baker, is the former Shadow Environment Secretary who stood down to conduct his own private investigation into the death of former chief Weapons Inspector, Dr David Kelly.

He has been the victim of some highly dubious attacks on his computer files relating to his investigation according to this...

That's they way you do it!


Made for the media

Just as this chapel message from Wheaton College says,"She (Lisa Beamer) was made for the media."

If 9/11 truth

Is to survive and anything to really become of it, then it will be because of the rest of the planet taking charge and doing something about it.
The general public in the US are apathetic, uneducated, uninformed, being lied to by the MSM and currently are so wrapped up in political partisanship that I dont think most Rethuglicans would really even care if they found out positively that this administration was complicit in 9/11 and murdered 3000 American citizens.
Most would still support Dubya regardless what he does because he is a "godly man".

50% of the US population believes in Creationism over the Scientifically proven Evolutionary Theory, what more proof do you need?

Evolutionary Theory

You don't want to say a THEORY is scientifically proven. To say such things will only create a gap between 9/11 Truth and those who fall behind the Oficial Story blindly. It is important to remember that even our examples must be unbiased so as no agenda - minus to find the truth - can be attacked.

Great site, found it linked to infowars!

UK 911 questioned

I think we could use a lot of help from foriegners on this one. The people in South America are proving that Oligarchies can be defeated. Anyway it's encouraging to see people in other countries care about the 911 topic too. Thankyou people of Sussex.