Why 9/11 Truth is Good for America

There are quite a few people in the U.S. military, intelligence services, media, and other jobs who suspect or know that 9/11 was an inside job, but are not willing to speak out or do anything about it. These people are acting as gatekeepers.

Yet, I am not talking about the perps or their co-conspirators and lackies. Instead, I am talking about the large group of people who sincerely (although wrongly) believe that if 9/11 truth is spread, it will weaken America.

Therefore, we have to come up with a list of arguments about why 9/11 truth will instead strengthen or even save America.

Because many minds are better than one, please submit your best, most persausive arguments about why 9/11 truth is good for America and why these folks should stop blocking 9/11 truth and start working for 9/11 justice.

How about... to protect the

How about...

to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

to prevent USA from becoming the next Nazi Germany?

to defeat Satan and his armies?

to show the world that the truth can come out and justice will be done in America?

I think one argument is to

I think one argument is to consider that the period of 9/11 until now has brought down the view of America worldwide to a level it has never been before, and although the Bush white house will be gone in January 2009, unless 9/11 truth comes out, the damage of the bogus war on terror will be locked into policy decisions for decades to come.

With 9/11 truth coming out, the anger and distrust of the U.S. that has built up over the last 5 years can now be encapsulated to the perpetrators and their regime. It will be a tough transition period when 9/11 comes out, and there will be serious repurcussions militarily, economically, and strategically, but it will be a resurgence and an upswing movement. "Emerging from the shadows" is a better position for America to be in policy wise, than "I wonder how long and dark this direction will take us".

News editor at The Watchman Report, www.watchmanreport.com, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

Maybe a little bit far fetched

but the exposing what rulers can do to us can overthrow all the evil things the rulers need to rule.

Poverty. Debt Slave creating interest loaded fiat money. Greed. Globalisation. War. Corruption.

It can bring to light that the vital interests of all mankind was another than all the rulers of the world have.

It can enlighten the biggest conspiracy this planet suffered for several thousand years- the idea of reign of a few for the good of all...

E.g.: I notice that more and more people awaken to the FED and fiat money issue. This is a very good sign. Other people go the same way of enlightning after leaving the Matrix.


Just in case elements within our Government decide more innocent civilians are expendable, I don't want it to be someone I love.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi


I don't want my children, if I have any, to grow up in a world that hates Americans.

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

My #1 Reason

Because if the truth movement is correct, then we have literal murderers running our country. When it comes down to it these people are criminals, and criminals need to be brought to justice. And who in America wants this country to be run by diabolical genius murderers?

The Fall of The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire fell because of bad leadership. If we continue on the path were on right now, our country is bound to collapse.


How do you see this collapse happening, and in which way do you see it benefitting the interests of the corporate globalists ?

Fire Sale

I'd expect it to take the form of another depression, maybe with some form of martial law thrown in for good measure to prevent any kind of mass mobilization demanding reforms like we saw in the 30's.

It would benefit the interests of the globalists because they would a) have an excuse to impose a more totalitarian form of government and b) be able to buy billions of dollars in reduced-price property, stocks, and other assets to be hoarded while their values increase in value after the depression passes.

No real speculation is even required here; it's a familiar historical pattern.

No Fire Sale!

Aaron's film needs to be absorbed.

After that, people need to educate themselves as to how to challenge the Banks "foreclosure".

Being kicked onto the street, the intended fate of the middle class for it's inevitable default on fiat credit, needs to be understood for what it is; an economic set-up and hit.

The usury employed by the banks needs to be called what it is; unlawful usury upon unconstitutional fiat.

Juries, common people, need to understand their fundamental prerogative to disregard the instructions of the "judge", and decide fairness and justice for themselves.

The Mega-Banks obfuscate. The Banks manipulate. The Banks have no right to do such things. A sitting judge which aids and abets has no right to sit. A judge which lends his weight to executive employing unjust force, has no right a jury can not nullify. A legislature untouchable through fraudulent voting, has no just domain to formulate law.

A constitutional crisis?.... sure looks that way.... but only if the jury does not educate itself.

If the jury exercises its ultimate prerogative, to set the judiciary straight..... then We most certainly have within our power.... to do the right thing.

because it will expose

because it will expose zionists, and thier genocide

My mail to coward John Zogby

Dear John Zogby!

Today a saw a news clip on the switzerland tv, called 10 to 10, interviewing John Zogby for commenting on 911 conspiracy theories.

http://www.sf.tv/sf1/10vor10/index.php?cat...&docId=20060904 (german language)

Your point was, that it was impossible to conduct a conspiracy of such a magnitude, because someone would have come out and blow the whistle. Now please read this.


There are dozens of whistleblowers, all ignored by the media, and you are complicit in this ignoring. The same goes for the story of WTC janitor William Rodriguez. Guess what? He heard, saw and felt the impacts of explosions in the North Tower, even before it was hit by an airplane. Rasantly travelling jet fuel, right? So, you never heard of it? Think twice why.

So come on, never use this stupid argument anymore. It was you who dismissed every other evidence which does not fit to the official conspiracy theory all of you parroted likewise 50 seconds after the second tower was hit- you were all been duped and are now cover up this fact...

Kind regards.


The reason's to expose 9/11

The reason's to expose 9/11 and bring out the truth are simple...

1.A government that has killed and lied to it's people is not worth preserving.....

2.REAL closure for the victims families...

3.Preserve the bill of right's and constitution...

4.Closure for the country if we can convict the traitors...

5.The U.S. and it's people will start to gain credibilty again in the world....

The first reason I put on the list should be the only one we really need...

I think the number one

I think the number one reason to expose 9/11 truth is to reveal how the war on terrorism is bogus, which will end the senseless killings around the world & and the lockdown of civil liberties in our country.

Ultimate Strength

Because ultimate strength can never come from a lie.

Because from truth in all things, is the only place lasting solutions can ever be derived.

Because if a person genuinely wants to protect the Earth, they need control of their own lives.

(With Russo's film and 9/11 truth, I was able to convince an environmental activist as to WHY all their efforts have been a waste, and how they can now envision success.)

Because of A:FTF and 9/11 truth, a person can envision true and lasting liberty for themselves and others they care about.

Because of truth, people can see the corruptibility and abject corruptness of the system that makes them impotent.

Because of truth, people are able to SEE instantly those who are worthy of leadership vs. those they used to think of as worthy.

Because of truth, people can see what is truly worthy of armed-to-the-teeth defense, vs. that which is worthy of destruction on account of its destructiveness.

Because of truth, people see the value and dignity in other people.

Because of truth, people WANT to live long and prosper.

Because of truth, people want a better world for all, because it even selfishly betters their own lot.

Seems to me, that the choice between a lie or truth would be easy. The ugliness of a truth is rather short-lived, compared to the prosperity which flows from facing it. The ugliness of a lie is far worse because it will eventually meet the truth and all the ugly lies hidden in between, anyway.

Fear is a lie, unless it is confronting fear itself. Face your fear, and truth with genuine safety patiently awaits on the other side.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

uh oh

Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement
Five Years Later Part 1: The obstacles we have overcome, the dangers we face

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 5 2006

The 9/11 truth movement is characterized by an increasingly credible veneer - largely thanks to the 9/11 scholars. As media attention builds to a deafening crescendo in anticipation of the fifth anniversary of the attacks, it is necessary to step back and distance ourselves from the more outlandish 9/11 theories and offset their damaging effects.

Advocates of the 'blue screen' or 'hologram' theory hold that the planes that hit the World Trade Center, or at least Flight 175, were ghost aircraft and that sophisticated image projection technology was used to fake the illusion of them entering the towers.

The evidence they present to validate this notion is the contention that Flight 175 should have "bounced off" the tower yet sliced through it like a knife through butter.

The vast majority of the evidence is supported not by scientific analysis of what one would expect to happen when a large commercial airliner impacts a skyscraper at over 500 miles per hour, but with grainy Internet videos and hastily interpreted statements made by news reporters at ground zero.

sorry if this has been

sorry if this has been posted already, but there is a 9/11 post by Kos (left gatekeeper, yes, i know) on Daily Kos today regarding the ABC 9/11 docudrama. check the comments on this thread: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/9/5/132543/3330

either every poster there is incredibly blind and compliant, or their editors are very skillful at keeping ANY 9/11 Truth comment out of their hallowed blogosphere.

flood 'em.

My 2 cent...

For what it's worth...


My Post reads: "9/11 was an Inside Job".

They've probably already removed it though...

Kos is more concerned about lame, corrupt Democrats

beating lame, corrupt Republicans in November's elections. He doesn't want to be bothered by the most heinous crime of the 21st century... and the coverup that followed.

"A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government" - Edward Abbey

Public Benefits of Government Conspiracy Theories

Public Benefits of Government Conspiracy Theories

By Rolf Lindgren

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com.

Dr. Kevin Barrett started a firestorm with his controversial conspiracy theory about 9-11. Lost in the firestorm is acknowledgment that government conspiracy theories have always fostered better government. It doesn't matter if the conspiracy theories are true. What matters is if people believe them.

Let's take a quick look at the benefits of some popular conspiracy theories.

* JFK Assassination Conspiracy:

JFK conspiracy theorists argue that the CIA plotted to kill Kennedy.

Benefit: More skepticism of secrecy in government, and more demand for open government.

Benefit: Because JFK captured the imagination of the public, millions of formerly apolitical Americans are now interested in politics.

* Governor Doyle Quid Pro Quo Conspiracies:

It's conjectured by many conspiracy theorists that the Doyle administration is secretly trading fat government contracts for campaign contributions. Wisconsin Governor Doyle denies this.

Benefit: More people are paying attention to what politicians do, rather than to what they say.

* The "Liberal Media" Conspiracy:

Many conspiracy theorists conjecture a vast network of media conglomerates plotting to elect liberal political candidates, rather than plotting to make profits like you'd expect in a capitalist country.

Benefit: More critical thinking about the media.

* 9-11 as an "Inside Job" Theory:

Dr. Kevin Barrett argues that the tragic 9-11 terror attacks were not orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden from Afghanistan, but rather by neocons in the Bush administration. The motive was to serve as an excuse to attack Iraq, double the military budget, and roll back our civil liberties. This theory has caused intense public debate.

Benefit: More skepticism of government secrecy.

Benefit: Millions of apolitical Americans are now getting interested in politics.

Benefit: More critical thinking about government.

Benefit: More people going to the Internet for information they aren't getting from the mainstream media.

Come to think of it, why would we need trials by jury, if there were no government conspiracies? Why not save money and just have the judge decide the facts?

Why have separation of powers in government? Why not save money and consolidate the executive, the legislature and the courts into one branch?

Why would we need habeas corpus if we had no government conspiracies? Can't we just trust the government to do the right thing?

Even if Barrett is wrong about 9-11, he's providing a benefit to the people of Wisconsin.

Rolf Lindgren is a Libertarian activist from Middleton, Wisconsin.

originally published: http://www.wisopinion.com/index.iml?mdl=article.mdl&article=4695

Rolf says:* The "Liberal

Rolf says:* The "Liberal Media" Conspiracy:

Many conspiracy theorists conjecture a vast network of media conglomerates plotting to elect liberal political candidates, rather than plotting to make profits like you'd expect in a capitalist country.

Benefit: More critical thinking about the media.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! this has been a most damaging myth, causing the already rightwing media to further placate the corprate/rightwing agenda. more critical thinking about the media? try more bashing and exclusion of anyone with a genuine liberal viewpoint. ever wonder why "liberal" is a dirty word now? because the rightwing MSM has made it so.

Eric Alterman-Liberal Media

One could say much the same about Ann Coulter, who has been exposed as a fabulist and fabricator so many times she deserves to have a wing named after her in the Liars and Lunatics' Hall of Fame (as soon as one is built). She somehow claims that Stone's career as "a paid Soviet agent" is not only "overwhelmingly documented" but also "confirmed" in "declassified Soviet cables." For such pathetic performances, she is praised by MSNBC's Chris Matthews as "brilliant" and invited to lie without challenge as frequently as she likes on his show. Remember, this is not Fox--it's CNN and MSNBC.




I am glad to see that you are thinking critically about the media.

Because you are aware of the "Liberal Media" conspiracy theory, you are now thinking more critically about the right-wing media.

"Benefit: More critical thinking about the media."

your missing my point man,

your missing my point man, the "liberal media" myth obviously didnt work on me, but sadly it works on most americans. this isnt a "good myth" or however you put it. this is very damaging. no benefit there.

RE: missing my point


I appreciate your comments.

Outside of some crazy right-wingers (who do not have any critical reasoning skills), I doubt many people buy the "Liberal Media" conspiracy theory hook-line-and sinker.

But I do believe that many people wonder if the "Liberal Media" conspiracy MIGHT BE TRUE, or believe the theory is A LITTLE BIT TRUE.

If so, these people will think more critically about the media; and that is a good thing.



i dont know man, i

i dont know man, i understand your trying to see the silver lining there, but i just dont see it. CNN is suppossedly the most trusted name in news, yet when was the last time you saw a REAL liberal on there? Donna Brazile is the furthest they can go. im sorry, but your not gonna hear anything radical from Gores former campaign manager. there is NO balance whatsoever. i think the myth of the "liberal media" is one of the most damaging myths in recent history. corporate agenda=republican agenda. not that democrats are not corporate scum as well, they are, but the media clearly likes the right more. you say if they believe the myth, its a good thing because they will think more critically about the media. yes, but in completely the wrong way. the media is anything but liberal and buying into that myth can only make a person less critical in my opinion. at that point they will depend on the likes of Limbaugh to give them the "whole story". and we all know how that goes.......

RE: don't know man

"corporate agenda=republican agenda"

I'd say Democrats benefit from the corporate media as much as Republicans.

Example: Bill Clinton

He had the media in his back pocket.

The national mainstream media's greatest bias is actually against Third Party candidates, including the Libertarians.

As the Polling Director for the Michael Badnarik for President campaign in 2004, I can tell you that trying to get the national MSM to cover anything a Libertarian candidate does is practically impossible.

Discrimination Against Libertarians Still Rampant in 21st Century

I would like to mention that I see many parallels between the struggle for 9/11 Truth to gain media coverage and Libertarians to gain news coverage.

Jim Fetzer has invited me onto his show Sept.21 to discuss this in more detail.

Third party candidates, especially Greens, Libertarians, and the Constitution Party are far more likely to embrace 9/11 Truth, than republicrats.

Bill Clinton was a centrist

Bill Clinton was a centrist democrat(remember triangulation,haha). he is an elitist, and they are clearly not always republicans, just more so. as far as having the media in his back pocket, again, any elitist will have that, but he had a much tougher time than W does with talk radio and cable news being dominated by the right. Bill Clinton was not/is not a true liberal and still the media was tougher on him. i know the congress is controlled by republicans, but you would think that illegal spying, illegal wars, torture, the constant urination on the constitution etc. would warrant talk from the media about impeachment, at least more so than a blow job did. you dont need to tell me the 2 party system is a sham and that both parties depend on it, but you have to admit its a lot tougher to be a liberal in todays media than it is a conservative/republican.it almost goes without saying that third party candidates would have the hardest time getting coverage. its tragic how hard it is for them to be taken seriously, or like you said to even be covered at all.i will never vote democrat in a presidential election(or otherwise for the most part).fyi, Rush Limbaugh is going to be on a new segment on the CBS news this Thursday called "free speech" to make a 4 minute rant. liberal media, HA.

Harball Focusing on Unanswered Questions of 9/11

Chris Matthews said that for the next week they would be focusing on some of the unanswered questions related to 9/11. Interviewing Drumheller about why Atta flew out of Portland, Maine.. "Was there anyone in the U.S. that knew about the attacks that aided the hijackers" is the next question they're looking at. Not expecting much from these hard-hitting investigative journalists..

oh god, this is the wrong

oh god, this is the wrong man to be doing an unanswered questions show on 9/11.

Power of USA does NOT lie in oil

Some of those who don't want to expose 911 probably are afraid about USA economy. It is not true that it is based on oil (and that is why the wars are going on) - it is based on people and their ideas!
And there are so many alternative methods of aquiring energy - concept cars, hydrogen cars - it is all in the reach!

The problem is that people from oil companies does not want the process of transeferring to alternative sources to begin. This transfer HAVE TO eventually occur - there is no other way. And the later this transfer comes, the more violent it will be. The later it comes the more power be in those owning oil companies and so EVERYONE will suffer, whole economy! It is very simple to divert from oil to partially other sources. The only thing that is needed is smart (not bloody war-costly one) politics. Those who rule have tendency to gather everything they can around them - this so WRONG, and will eventually turn against EVERYONE except those on the highest top unless we confront them.

This kind of politics - human directed - could be introduced during the process of revealing the truth of 911.
I am not talking about "changing" everyone in goverment - never! This kind of politics will emerge itself by promoting good, clever, humanly ideas and by fighting the evil. There's no better way to unite people in good than fighting together with evil. (This fact was even somehow used by the perpertrators of 9/11!)

One more thing on economy - it has been many times shown that good ideas bring income (not only power and rule!) (Microsoft, Google, for example the position of USA in the world can be thanked very much to the level of science)

Google maybe... but not

Google maybe... but not Microsoft.  Microsoft got to its size not be innovating but by abusing its monopoly and destroying any possible competition.  Much like the PNAC agenda.

right, but after all they had good ideas (... or stolen ideas :)

...so it is based on ideas. But you are right - Microsoft is now like PNAC - it is against us, users. Hopefully - there is Truth movement - Open Source :))

Oil is the power.

I disagree.

In many ways OIL *is* the power.

in order of importance:

1] money creation leverage. The US-ownership of the Iraqi Banking System allows gigantic money-stream to be created. Using the Iraq FUTURE OIL RESERVES as collateral you can imagine how much credit can directl created, and how much derivatives multiplication can iflate the money supply.
This is VITAL to keep the trust in the Dollar. The Dollar is vital to the USA. 911 was done because of this, Iraq invasion, the next thing HAS TO BE something that can leverage more money. Chemical and Bio attacks don't do it. They frighten the financiers too much. The US financial elite needs something safe. The current "small-terror-scares" drips help A LOT to keep it all going. There is confidence that it can go on.

But Bush and Blair MUST NOT LOOSE THE GRIP, or at least be replaced with another SAFE-COMMANDER.. this is a big worry.

Alternatively the finance system will have to get a shake-up that is good for the Dollar. This is a VERY BIG worry.

2] Oil transport and logistics security. The USA has a wonderful network of pipelines, refineries, tankers and Corporations, and the military bases to protect them.
9/11 has enlarged this asset-base considerably, and there is no serious threat to it. But it all needs to be managed well, the locals must be kept in the dark, the competitions held at arms length and worst of all ... no fuck-ups in USA-operations.

3) The Oil itself. To make wars, you need petroleum. Lots of it. It is a strategic resource.

IMHO the USA fucked up badly. Never before has the world's population been so painfully aware of the drag that the USA is on our common developement.


The USA has good scientists, but they waste their talents on private-ownership-creating research, because thats almost the ONLY place where there is money to be earned.
PUBLIC research, for the common good of human-kind, is not really up to speed.




You can roll up the USA and smoke it.

Do a reality check and observe the CURRENT ACCOUNT DEFICIT:


How in the world will you repair this?

How About...

Murder is wrong, no matter who does it?

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." - Gandhi

We need to get to the truth

We need to get to the truth about 911 at all costs.

If we are accurate about 911 being an inside job
everything will have to change. But this is good. The old system did not work. It became corrupted and eventually tried to even enslave the people financially and politically.

Everything needs to be massively changed. If people in the military, FBI, CIA and presidential branch committed 911 then we can plainly see the final result of the American system is complete corruption, not freedom. We need to evolve. Americans need to evolve.

As great as the constitution was it does not have any teeth. And as great as the constituion was its final result is a gorrilla war machine that is not afraid of starting an insane Nuclear war which will destroy our planet and mankind's future. This is BLATANTLY TRUE.

Exposing 911 should change our course completely.

Thru the upheaval that exposing 911 could bring about the following:
1. the exposure of all powers that promoted 911. THey need to be ousted thoroughly. From the least to the greatest. We need to investigate every corporation that has ties to it. Even disbanding 100 billion dollar companies if they are guilty.
2. the ousting of the private federal reserve. Since they are the cause of so much of our pain. Read Eustace Mullins book on the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Go to Aaron Russo's movie on the federal reserve.
3. the stopping of Genocide in Iraq. The stopping of the war in Iraq.
4. the stopping of lobbying.
5. a new constitution with teeth in it. THe demotion of the three branches of govt. They are easily corrupted so we cannot put any faith any them ever again. We cannot trust politicians. Eventually they will become corrupted. This is a fact.
6. a promotion of a people branch in the constitution.
7. 90% reductions in the budgets of the military and intelligence agencies.
8. Corporations become the servants of the people. This needs teeth. Mega teeth.
9. Mega street smarts put in out constitution. We take the lessons we learned the last 200 years and make a new constitution.
10. The mass media is broken up into a thousand pieces. Never will we allow such an abomination conglomeration to exist again.
11. We revisit our constitution every 10 years for improvements. Every ten years we break up the mass media again in a thousand pieces again. And we only let our military and intelligence budgets increase 1 % per year.
12. We go back on the gold standard. We get away from FIAT money.
13. We repeal the income tax.
14. We force the balancing of the budget. The US Treasury prints its own money where no interest is charged. It has to be backed by real assets. The US publicly regulates its interest rate. No private regulation by the federal reserve anymore. The people regulate the money supply. He who controls the money supply controls the country.
15. We have universal health care.
16. Home schooling their children is the rule not the exception.
17. We don't waste the first 18 years of our children's lives in meaningless education. We make education such that a child can earn a real wage by the time he leaves high school.
18. We promote individuality to the max.
on and on and on. You get my drift.

With the exposure of 911 we get a complete new start. Since the final result of the govt was absolute corruption under the old syste, we are forced to begin again but after an enormous amount of political street smarts have been experienced. We now know thoroughly that govts try to continually wage war to control the population. We now know, it is taught until the world is no more, that the govt commits false flag attacks. We have gained enormous street smarts in the past 50 years.

We should not be afraid this will weaken us. This will strengthen the whole world.

New recording of Popular Mechanics on Goyette

Recorded and edited it from a best off show of Charles Goyette.


It is imperative that the truth of 9/11 come out.

Look at it like this... if they can do this (and get away with it), what else will they do? What else have they done? Are you willing to leave the safety of your children in the hands of these madmen?

I'm not!

Keeping it real

The main reason why we must take care of discovering what really happened on 911, is because if we do not do so, we will become completely adrift from reality. For five years all of our politicians (with few noble exceptions), all the Generals, the leaders of our “intelligence agencies” and all of the corporate media, have consciously attempted to deceive the entire American electorate into believing an absolutely monstrous lie. And they have done this, in broad daylight, flaunting themselves in front of the United Nations, and encouraging other countries to join us in massive slaughter in pursuit of who knows what aim. For they have yet to say what their aim is in the middle east. I think, on the basis of the record, it is wise to assume that the present justification is a lie, like all of the lies that preceded it.

If we allow them to get away with controlling everybody’s view of events, they can blow up two of the biggest buildings in the world, live on global television, and get away with it. They can invent the most stupid, preposterous theory about 19 Muslim fanatics being able to pull off an operation of that magnitude with a couple of box cutters. And have everyone believe it. They can get millions of people to start name-calling like schoolkids any time someone suggests that this absolutely impossible fantasy is less than gospel truth. And if they can do that, what else have they done?

We stand on the edge of the abyss of totally controlled reality. All of the scientific advances since the enlightenment -- the development of the scientific method; everything we know about Chemistry and Physics and almost everything we know about mathematics; biology; medicine; engineering and history comes directly from our ability to perceive the world as it is. While our senses only access a tiny portion of available reality, the fact that we know that comes from our ability to accurately perceive the narrow band of reality we inhabit.

It is from this narrow ledge of perceived reality that we survey the universe, and if we allow that ledge to crumble, we will lose everything else, for sure.


and accurately put.
And great title.

I am surprised to see this article on "Buzzflash"

The site Buzzflash is a pretty good one, but they mostly stay away from 9/11 truth. This is an article written in a very unique way, http://www.buzzflash.com/articles/contributors/391 Perhaps the good folks at "Buzz" are finally waking up.

Sorry, I meant to say my last comment was off topic.

This is a very important thread, but I was just so surprised to see that article on "Buzzflash", I just had to link to it.

I'm thinking Bush himself

I'm thinking Bush himself could confess to 9-11 and stupid ignorant Americans STILL wouldn't believe it.
And if it ever DID come out that a small part of this govt carried it out, we'd probably deserve a carpet bombing from China, Korea, or Russia...and any other nation that wants to slap us.

Yup, I agree. In fact, as we

Yup, I agree.

In fact, as we all know, Bush confessed (twice) to seeing the first plane hit the first tower. And Rumsfeld said on at least one occasion the Flight 93 was shot down.

propaganda on PBS right now.

anybody watching PBS right now? Nova show on the "collapse" of the twin towers is on.

Because if they will kill you...

then do you really think they have a problem with stealing your puny little votes?

Some in the conservative movement don't even bother trying to come up with winning arguments anymore. They don't give a damn about debating the issues. Why should they? One recent right wing blogger said it best... "Thank goodness for Diebold in November."

I think that about says it all.

We are dealing with the most

We are dealing with the most sinister of evils:


This administration will take EVERYTHING away from its citizens if they continue to remain ignorant. There is no reason to believe that some day the perps will come to moral grips with themselves and stop doing what they crave.

They're already stealing your social security to fund the WOT. And what happened to the trillions of dollars announced missing on September 10th? Wake up people, you are being enslaved.

The whole system is setup in a way that, in the end, the entire middle class will be sucked dry with not a pot to piss in, or the freedom to anything.

This is why the truth has to come out. Tyranny will continue to get worse and worse, so long as you stand around and do nothing. And yes, sitting here posting on a message board is in fact doing NOTHING.

If 1/3 of Americans believe 9/11 to be an inside job, they why are there not MILLIONS PROTESTING in the streets!? I'm sorry, but if this is the complacency that will still exist when the majority of Americans know the truth, then those who do nothing deserve every damn thing the have coming to them.

It's good to expose & end false-flag terrorism worldwide!

Let's blow open 9/11 so that we can expose & curtail false-flag terrorism worldwide! Too many people around the globe don't understand how governments use false-flags, and how devestating they have been throughout history.

When the World sees the PEOPLE seek and demand

the truth, and demand justice and a return to sanity then a profound thing will happen. We will be seen as the paragon of humanity eschewing profit and power and evil for TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS which is where in our depths we all know we should be. We again can be a Beacon of hope unto the world, trusted, honored, and emulated.

I don't know where all dem hifalutin werds and thoughts come from? but maybe there's some truth to em'.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

"""When the World sees the

"""When the World sees the PEOPLE seek and demand
Submitted by Joe on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 10:51pm.
the truth, and demand justice and a return to sanity then a profound thing will happen. We will be seen as the paragon of humanity eschewing profit and power and evil for TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS which is where in our depths we all know we should be. We again can be a Beacon of hope unto the world, trusted, honored, and emulated.

I don't know where all dem hifalutin werds and thoughts come from? but maybe there's some truth to em'.

Spot on!!

Democracy needs truth

It is good because democracy is impossible without truth.

The gangsters and thugs running the US are a pack of inveterate liars who are in it for power and wealth, not for the good of the country or its people. Their "war on terror" is actually a "war of terror" on the people, a series of fake terror scares using patsies and held together with a transparent web of cellophane-tape lies, to justify fascism at home and war abroad.

In fact, the neocons are only the most blatant manifestation of a hopelessly corrupt system run amok. The US government, including the Republican and Democratic parties, is effectively a gigantic criminal enterprise in which political cronies skim billions in tax money through various scams, and intelligence and "law enforcement" agencies engage in activities such as protecting these criminals and running drugs.

What possible good could come from protecting a system like this? Clearly, exposing 9/11 will do more than hang the neocons. It will expose the rot at the core of the American system. It will be a cathartic experience for the nation because it will facilitate the grand housecleaning required to restore the constitution and purge the rot.

Cognitive Dissonance

> The gangsters and thugs running the US


> are a pack of inveterate liars

Right on!

> who are in it for power and wealth, not for the good of
> the country or its people.

Indeed! 100% evil.

> a hopelessly corrupt system run amok.

Exactly! Jail them all!

> a gigantic criminal enterprise

Lock them up!

> intelligence and "law enforcement" agencies
> engage in activities such as protecting these
> criminals and running drugs.


> What possible good could come from protecting a system
> like this?

We need the revolution!

> Clearly, exposing 9/11 will do more than hang the
> neocons. It will expose the rot at the core of the
> American system.

Yes, it cannot be reformed.

It is a hopeless situation. The rot is soooo deep,
only a NEW PEARL HARBOR potentially could change
our direction... oops, no I take that back.

> It will be a cathartic experience for the nation
> because it will facilitate the grand housecleaning
> required to restore the constitution and purge the rot.

Where does your sudden optimism spring from?

Isn't it a bit blue-eyed to think that 911-truth will
be the NEW PEARL HARBOR.. oops, no , the silver bullet,
the magic broom?

Do you see what I mean? The contradiction? THE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE that emanates from your fine words?

To Prevent Globalization

The Neo-Con evil agenda is spelled out in PNAC. (penned by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Jeb Bush to name a few.)

It outlined their plan for:

1) a New Pearl Harbor - aka 911 (Bush called 911 the Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century)

2) Massive Military Budget Increase - (Rumsfeld said of 911 - "Does this sort of thing convince you that an emergency exists in this country to increase defense spending?")

3) Dominance of the Middle East and American Foreign Interests ( ala Afganistan and Iraq... and VERY soon Iran)

4) To Keep Military Oversight of the Middle East Indefinately (a short war was a lie from day one)

5) To Engage and WIN THREE SIMULTANEOUS THEATHERS of WAR (it's not over by a long shot)

6) To Flex and Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons (it's not over yet)

7) A Manditory Draft - (in the works, and will turn us into a military policy state)

8) Dominance of Space and Cyber Space - ( kiss the internet good-bye)

They want a military dictatorship... do you?

r2r2h,only a bullsh*t artist

r2r2h,only a bullsh*t artist would concern themselves that much with semantics.Rice Farmer is being honest and expresses himself( herself?) perfectly fine.

reading-comprehension problems.

> r2r2h,only a bullsh*t artist would concern themselves
> that much with semantics

Looks like you have reading-comprehension problems.

Since we are ad-hominem:

Go back to the mall that spawned you.

For all others...

Think for 2c. What will happen when the world stops
supplying the USA with a 850b$ of free goods per year?

In other worlds. Who will lend the USA 2.5b$
EVERY DAY in the next decades... every day... decades.

Thats why 911 HAD TO BE DONE... and the terror-show
must go on.

Not a pretty outlook, eh?

Just think...

After Bush, you have Guliani to look forward to for the next 8 years.

either that or Big Sister

or a truth revolution...

If there is a group of

If there is a group of people who believe that exposing the truth about 911 will weaken America,they have an unhealthy sense of right and wrong. Civilized societies have to bring mass murderers to justice.And like other people have pointed out here,the truth about 911 will (hopefully) stop the shredding of our constitution-and the endless wars,the over-use of the military, the bankrupting of our treasury and our moral standing in the world,all of which has been brought about by the big lie of 911. The lie about 911 is what weakens America.
It's also pretty selfish of them not to consider the innocent Arabs that have been imprisoned and slaughtered daily since 911,which was used to "catapult the propaganda" of "Islamo-fascism".

We have undergone a coup

We have undergone a coup d'etat in the U.S.A. (of which 9/11's trauma was a _key_ psyop mind-trigger) and it's just getting uglier.