9/11 & Nazism

The 9/11 Truth Media Phenomenon is the most encouraging result of the War On Terror.
A true Citizens Intelligence Agency (CIA). A phenomenal citizens journalism movement, employing the latest in viral media & technology, which will be studied for generations to come by sociologists, political scientists, philosophers & even mainstream journalists & the establishment academics.
The problem for this movement is that 'we' need a few scalps & I believe that as the heat is being turned on the criminals involved thay will, inevitably, throw us a head or two.
It won't be a Rove, a Silverstein or a Giuliani but some lesser minion.
Let's face it, we're baying for blood.
If the 9/11 Truth Phenomenon is the growing thorn in the side of the WASP establishment, their mafia & Zionist assets, their house-niggers & left gatekeepers, then wait for the word - 'compensation' to start appearing in the mainstream media, this is the classic tactic by guilty organisations when faced with a threat to their very survival following their exposure as criminal. Nothing kills justice like compensation &, ask Samuel Beckett once said, "against the hand of charity, there is no defence!"
Witness the Nurenberg Trials.
Some truth regarding the rise of Fascism was revealed, some of the guilty & expendable were executed, yet every legal statute regarding governmental/international behaviour has been systematically dimantled with 9/11 as the excuse, (ie Gonzalez & The Geneva Conventions).
It is documented history that the European & American elite who funded & supported the Nazis moved their wealth, at least 9 months before the end of WW2. Vatican supported 'Ratlines', secreted away many of the Nazi military to South America &, Operation Paperclip ensured the survival of the top Nazi scientists in North America.
The old maxim that the Nazis never lost WW2 bit simply moved country is fact.
Maybe some day, historians will argue that had a Reichstag Truth Movement existed in 1933, Hitler would never have had his world war.
There is hope here, but the next few months will show whether Bush stages an Iranian attack to invade Poland.

Central vs. Citizen

What seems even harder for "busy" people to understanding the inside nature of 9/11, is understanding how an "Intelligence Community" can be set-up, run, or transformed into a tool of manipulation through selective moral malleability and compartmentalization.

For the new CIA to come into its rightful own, we have the old CIA as the model to help define our differences.

For those remaining within the Official Intelligence Community, with heart strings still attached to humanity.... your choices and chances are being quickly reduced for you.

Your continued silence and fear to act, through access, analysis and understanding of how this fuse can be pulled..... will be the very evidence used to judge you in the here and now, if not in the after-life-dream you cling to.

By Oath and human obligation, you are bound by true honor.... to disobey unlawful orders, think for yourself... and do the right thing.

Get to it. There is NO honor in this administration, and thus NO honor in a star on the wall promised to you.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Our Bush-Führer is giving a live 9/11 speech on tv right now...

Our Bush-Führer is giving a live 9/11 propaganda speech on tv right now! 12:45 pm EDT.

Sorry 1:45 pm EDT

Sorry 1:45 pm EDT



"Quack"..? Anyway, here's

Anyway, here's something to share with your fellow petit-bourgeois useless eaters over your next polite dinner party..
Noam Chomsky on Fascism, (in the context of discussing Global farting (warming), & Puke Oil) -
"Suppose it was discovered tomorrow that the greenhouse effects has been way understimated, and that the catastrophic effects are actually going to set in 10 years from now, and not 100 years from now or something.

Well, given the state of the popular movements we have today, we'd probably have a fascist takeover - with everybody agreeing to it, because that would be the only method for survival that anyone could think of. I'd even agree to it, because there's just no other alternatives right now."

on the subject of

on the subject of 'compensations'

they paid out compensations to victims families to try to shut them up since the very beginning.

You have to admit that the

You have to admit that the overwhelming evidence
of who is responsible for 9/11 has been kept
under a rock by the Bu$Hitler KKKrime Family.
As someone who speny most of his adult life as a
reporter in the miltary intel community, I know
every trick that can be played.
A less experienced person may not.
Real life experience has taught me that all of the
evil politicians repsonsible for the attack on
the Twin Towers must pay the price of their evil
and kkkorrupt ways. When all enlightened people
realize that Liberals, I mean, Progressives, are daring, they will finally see the light.