A possible ally?

This speach is primarily about the Iraq lies, but I cannot imagine Mayor Anderson is not tuned up to the 9/11 truth with Steven Jones and BYU in his own city. Yes he says in the speach that 19 Arabs highjacked aircraft that day, but later in the speach he asks for truths about 9/11.
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I agree. Now what?

Sure, Mayor Anderson knows that the official story is bunk. Then again, I'm convinced that Colbert also knows. Now what? They won't go public with what they know until the current toxic atmosphere abates. I mean, can you imagine the kind of backlash they'd face in these times? I'm all for getting the truth out there, but in order to be most effective, some key people have to work behind the scenes somewhat longer than everyone else. Otherwise, all the players are known way too early and they're more likely to be shut-up by the powers that be under those circumstances. Secrecy and deception are what made 9/11 possible, but it bears mentioning that these things- when used properly, righteously and in moderation- will also be the undoing of it.
http://tinyurl.com/q9wdl A must-see for the uninitiated: this video will awaken them from their long slumber
http://tinyurl.com/s8rrp A must-read for believers of the official story: David Ray Griffin administers the red pill

Now what indeed

There is something to consider before we cast judgement on those who have not yet come to grips with this constitutional crisis...ask yourself if they have something to loose, and don't forget, the people that killed 3000 humans that day never had a problem threatening others and killing before. Imagine the terror some of these news anchors might be succumbing to. Do they have family? Why does someone like Jesse Ventura fade away, or Paul Wellstone die. The money changers are a nasty bunch.