Scholars for 9/11 Truth Come to Colorado

The Science of 9/11, the Suppression of Dissent, and a Nation in Crisis:

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Come to Colorado

Steven E Jones, PhD, Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, who has published a scientific paper, Why Indeed Did The World Trade Center Buildings Collapse? exploring many of the controversial phenomena associated with the collapses of the twin towers and WTC 7 such as the speed and progression of the collapses, the plumes of gas and debris (“squibs”) observable during the collapases, the molten metal observed to flow from windows of the towers, molten metal found in the rubble pile, and how “superthermite” could have been used as a demolition agent. Jones will also speak about evidence of high-temperature sulfidation of steel from the rubble pile. All of these phenomena are more consistent with controlled demolition than with the official story of the collapses.

Kevin Ryan, chemist, worked for Underwriters Laboratories after 9/11 when they were under contract with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) to perform tests related to the performance of the steel in the towers collapses. Ryan was fired from UL in 2005 for publicly challenging UL’s conclusions and will speak about the questionable methodologies used.

Kevin Barrett is a PhD Islamologist and Arabist teaching at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His journey of exploration led him to co-found the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth in 2004 out of concern for future interfaith relations in the aftermath of 9/11. His exploration of the war on terror and 9/11 truth in his classes and public writings led to calls for his firing by a Wisconsin congressman earlier this year. Barrett is an articulate observer of the 9/11 landscape and a strong proponent of academic freedom rights.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Speak Out

Denver, Colorado: Saturday, October 28, 2-6 pm, Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall, Denver University

Boulder, Colorado: Sunday, October 29, 2-6 pm, Math Auditorium, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Speaker schedule: Kevin Barrett 2pm, Kevin Ryan 3pm, Steven Jones 4pm, followed by Q&A.

Donation: $6

Sponsored by Colorado 9/11 Visibility.

For details watch our website Note:

Seating is limited. Ticket purchasing available soon at our website for advanced reservations.


That's a great line-up.

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