911 Citizens Court in DC September 11

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Monday Sep 11, 2006
at 8:00 AM

Washington DC on the Mall In front of WHITE HOUSE
1600 Pennsylvannia Ave
Washington, DC 20001
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On September 11, 2006 a call has been made for all Americans to join in Assembly to exercise your rights in DC. 1000's are on the way already. Stand up for 911 truth!


We have secured the March and Rally permit for September 11, 2006 and that will alter the plans somewhat. We will keep adding information to this specific page so come back to read this one often for the most updated information on the March, Rally and evening events for Monday 9/11.

This is the most exciting news of this summer. We will be in front of the White House bringing 911 in their face on September 11, 2006.

The Day's events are free to all who wish to participate peacefully in a huge event protesting the 911 wars, frauds, treason and murders surrounding the September 11, 2001 events. There will be no civil disobediance and no disruptive behavior tolerated. Federal Park Police will be in force to protect us. Bring your own banners and signs! This is the peoples event!

8:00 am Victim's Memorial at Reflecting Pond - This is non-organized and we will be there as Americans to pay respects and call for justice and prosecutions in the 2000+ murders that day in September 11, 2001.

9:30-11:00 LA Grand Jury Press Conference Edward R. Murrow Room

12:00 noon Kean-Hamilton Press Conference for some speakers

Those of us on the Mall at the Reflecting pond in front of the Capital must make our way down to 23rd and Constitution to rally for the March. We will canvas among the Camp Democracy people to join us and rally.

12pm Rally starts and the crowds will gather and get banners and such ready. Assemble at Constitution and 23rd street in Section 5 across from the Veterns Memorial.

1:30pm March starts up Constitution Avenue and will circle around 15th to Pennsylvania Avenue where we will rally and protest in front of the White House and in Lafayette Park South East Quadrant.

2:30 to 4:30

Bob Bowman
Dennis Morrisseau
Brian O'Leary
Alfons Olszewski
Morgan Reynolds
Dave Shaw

4:30pm Disperse for cleanup meals and chat.

6:30pm Meet at 911 Citizen's Court at AMC Mozza doors open 6:30pm

Please, tickets for the 911 Citizens Court at the AMC theater are very limited. Get them now at the 911 Eyewitness Store!

911 Citizens Court
Special Show and Conference
September 11, 2006 - Opens at 6:30PM
AMC Theaters Mazza Galleries 7
5300 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC

Doors Open at 6:30

7:00pm. 911 Citizens Court presentation:

7:30 pm Introduction of Evidence by 911 Eyewitness Rick Siegel
Dennis Morrisseau
Alfons Olszewski

8:00 pm Bob Bowman Keynote Address

9:00 pmDave Shaw, producer of 911Eyewitness presents, Hoboken Highlights Special Edition

10:00 pm Morgan Reynolds

10:30 pm Citizen's Court Evidence Discussion

11:00 pm Program Ends

11:30 pm Doors Close

The price of the ticket is for the AMC theater only. It is to offset costs of the venue and includes a DVD of the full 911 Eyewitness Hoboken!